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Reason: Appears to be a defunct project that got a lot of discussion but was never actually implemented. The linked TVT Forum thread has over 2000 posts and stalls out with a "So where's the programmer at these days?" message from 2012..
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Dystropia is a troper gaming project which started in Yack Fest. Tropers were encouraged to present themselves as a fighting game character. It wasn't long before the possibility of this happening got some imaginations flaring. Furiko Maru, an unofficial organiser, made a different thread for it where most of the already-participating tropers are currently discussing how this might work.

Right now,[when?] the game is in pre-production. The team requires a few people who could animate simple fighting-game sprites. General programming assistance (language of choice is Python at the moment) is welcome, but not strictly necessary; any and all tropers willing to contribute are encouraged to visit the thread.

Version 1 is designed to be bare-bones and simple. Madass Alex is slated to compose for v2.0.

Has no relation to the game Dystopia.

Tropes used in Dystropia include: