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Season 1

Show Within a Show

Tom recruits Dana as his producer for the show and tries to come up with a way to explain how Show Within a Show works without just talking to the camera.

Freudian Excuse

Tom and Dana discuss Zack's bad relationship with his father as an attribution to the shooting failures.

Terrible Interviewees Montage

The cast has interviews with various people in search of a new female character.

Dumbass Has a Point

Tom's horrible, horrible opening for the show leaves him with 24 hours to design a new one, and is aided by Zack, who apparently knows the ins-and-outs of After Effects.

Unresolved Sexual Tension

Tom and Dana discuss how to demonstrate some Unresolved Sexual Tension. Which leads to an awkward conversation with some Unfortunate Implications.

Psycho Ex-Girlfriend

During filming, Tom has to fend off Shannon, his ex-girlfriend and tries to convince her that they are no longer a couple. It doesn't work. And Tom's own behaviour does not help.

Walk and Talk

Dana tries to get Tom to explain the script for this weeks trope, while Tom tricks her into into actually acting it out. Dana is less than impressed.

Romantic False Lead

Tired of Shannon's violent tendencies, Tom starts dating Alyssa, one of the interviewees from the auditions earlier. The dating ends with disastrous consequences.

Did You Think I Can't Feel?

Tom finally breaks up with Shannon while Dana confronts him on his lack of ability to write scripts for the vlog, which he admits to along with his need for Dana's help as a producer.

Mysterious Employer

In the first season finale, Mr. Administrator threatens to cancel the web show, unless Tom and Dana create something of transcendent beauty.

Season 2

Always Someone Better

Our heroes must deal with [citation needed], a rival vlog that's so superior that even Mr. Administrator would rather watch it.

The Ace

Tom and Dana try to talk Stephen "Ace" Tonti, the host of [citation needed], into becoming their rival In-Universe. However, Ace has other ideas.