Econ Stories

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Econstories is a Web site providing infotainment related to economics. So far, they've produced two 10-minute rap music video features.

Fear the Boom and Bust introduces the rivalry with John Maynard Keynes, the superstar, dragging the under-appreciated F.A. Hayek to a party the night before their presentation. In the first half of the rap, Keynes presents his economic model as the uptight Hayek looks on and is somewhat ignored. Hayek presents his response, which segues to the next morning with Keynes hung over from his economic binge.

Fight of the Century picks up with "round 2". Shots interchange between a courtroom hearing and a boxing match, both pitting Keynes and Hayek as adversaries. Hayek seems to win the boxing match but Keynes, presumably the reigning champion, is helped up by the referee and declared the winner.

Tropes used in Econ Stories include:

Keynes: Say it loud and say it proud. We're all Keynesians now.
Hayek: Prepare to get schooled in my Austrian perspective.

  • Badass Mustache: Keynes and Hayek have magnificent ones.
  • Boring but Practical: Where Keynes lays out his model in digestible soundbites, Hayek has more trouble with this. In the first video, he's the designated driver while Keynes is the life of the party and the next morning, Keynes is stuck in bed hung over while Hayek is up, dressed and ready for business.