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  • Let's just say that a couple scenes in The Movie are bound to make you go "aww..."
    • I'm surprised nobody's mentioned how the Kankers immediately went to "their boyfriends" aid when they heard that the kids were out for their blood. I thought it was sweet that they went through all the trouble of capturing them and even presenting them to the trio. Also, when Eddy's Brother starts abusing Eddy, Lee is so infuriated that her sisters need to hold her back. Marie even gives out a shocked "Double D!!" when Edd is smashed into the ground for defending Eddy.
  • The ending of "A Fistful of Ed" where Eddy actually defends Edd from the Kankers, telling to back off because he had a rough day. Eddy than acts shy about it and gives his friends hot dogs to shut them up. Eddy not only for the first time defended his best friend, but also subverted the Butt Monkey ending that they usually would get. It leaves me with a warm fuzzy feeling whenever I see it.

Eddy: (angerly) Everybody happy?!
Ed and Edd nod.
Eddy: Good.

  • This same episode also has Jimmy realizing that Edd is NOT the violent thug the other kids made him out to be since only a truly sensitive soul could crossbreed such a nice flower. Jimmy then decides to hear Double D's side of the story.
    • Even more heartwarming? This was the same person who got all 3 of the Eds in trouble and got away with it. Now, he is kind, caring, and childish as usual.
    • I'm probably in the minority, but I thought Ed's misguided attempt at protecting his baby sister Sarah was adorable, even if it WAS against the innocent Double D.
  • The episode "See No Ed" where the kids (except Kevin) are worried about the Eds when they couldn't find them. Jimmy confesses that this was what he had wished for every birthday and feels guilty about it.
  • The Episode "Fa La La La Ed," where Ed brought the Christmas spirit in July, had this memorable exchange:

Double D: * weeping in shame*
Jimmy: Double D? * holds out piggy bank* Merry Christmas.
Double D: Why, thank you...but I couldn't.
Jimmy: * pauses* But it's Christmas.

  • A specific example from the movie, seeing compulsive Neat Freak Double D getting absolutely filthy without a moment's hesitation to try helping his friends during the quicksand prank combined a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming with a Tear Jerker.
  • The Ending of The Movie is one of the sweetest in the series. After Eddy explains that his jerkish tendencies come from years of abuse from his older brother and only wanted to have friends, and admits to being wrong about everything he's ever done, the other kids swarm him...and start praising him. That's right, after what happened in the beginning of the movie, going on a cross-country chase just to beat them up, with one little declaration of his low self esteem they forgive and forget. Even SARAH in the background gives her older brother a hug!
    • Another part of this is the bit between Double D and Eddy after Ed knocks out Eddy's brother with the door, Eddy reveals why he acted the way he did and realizes that he was wrong and goes on to ask Double D when he'll learn his lesson which Double D responds that he just already at that moment has learned by realzing it and admitting it.
    • After finding out that Eddy's brother is a total Jerkass who likes to torment as well as physically harm Eddy for his own sick pleasure, the kids from the cul-de-sac gang up on Eddy's brother and fight him to save Eddy.
    • And at the very end, everybody sings the Friendship Song. If you listen closely, you'll hear that even the Eds (Yes, even Eddy) are singing along.
  • The metaphor behind the ending of I Am Curious Ed, where Sarah and Jimmy leave all the birds-and-bees madness to just go be kids.
  • Another great scene is earlier in the movie. Eddy has one of his biggest Kick the Dog moments which drives Double D to decide to abandon him. After he and Eddy argue over this, Eddy actually breaks down sobbing and admits that it's his fault nearly all of his plans have failed, and that he can't blame anyone, including Double D, for hating him, since he doesn't even like himself. Double D is moved and forgives Eddy, cheering him up and points out that, despite his flaws, he still considers him to be his best friend. Aww.
  • In 'Duelin' Eds', Double D says he's going to make cupcakes for Eddy; Eddy's smile of appreciation is seen for a second before Rolf interrupts.
  • Probably a minor one, but in the flashback-episode 'Every Which Way But Ed', Nazz's flashback reveals that she used to be very overweight, and yet the flashback shows the other kids hanging out with her and everyone is completely nice and accepting towards her. I don't know if it's YMMV, but considering how mean people can be, I thought it was quite sweet.
  • Doubles as Heartwarming in Hindsight, but in It's Way Ed, after falling behind on the latest fads, Double D tries cheering Eddy up by pointing out that fads go in a cycle and that they'd be back in style. Ten years after that episode aired, The Movie premiered, and I think you can figure out what happens there.

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