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Sandbox for Radar here.

  • The episode where the boys take care of Rolf's two rabbits. By the end of the episode, there are so many bunnies that they flood the street. The sight causes Double D to say:

Double D: Oh my... It seems Mr. and Mrs. Rabbit have been practicing their multiplication tables....

Eddy: What's that thing?
Edd: It's called a sextant, Eddy.
(Ed and Eddy laugh uncontrollably. It takes Edd a minute to realize why)
Edd: *embarrassed* Oh my.

    • At the end, when Eddy's Brother is defeated, the Kankers drag his unconscious body into his trailer for some "mouth to mouth". Keep in mind that the Kankers are preteens while Eddy's brother is an adult.
    • And this from a bit earlier: when Eddy shows everyone his brother's trailer.

Kevin: No way!
Rolf: Could this be true?
Lee: Get in line, girls.

  • There is also an episode where Nazz is babysitting Eddy, but the title characters are under the impression that she's dating him. This makes for some funny implications concerning some of Nazz's lines:

Nazz: So... dinner by seven, and in bed by nine... easy.

  • One episode is called "Take This Ed and Shove It".
  • EEnE also got away with Edd saying some variant of "Good Lord!"
  • In "Home Cooked Eds", the Kanker Sisters invade Eddy's house while on vacation, and at one point a terrified Edd says something along the lines of, "I fear they're becoming amorous..." He then whispers the meaning into a confused Eddy's ear, and the Eds quickly flee the house, screaming in terror.
    • Let's not forget the gem in "Home Cooked Ed", how did the censors missed it?

 Marie: Hey, are these real leopard-skin undies?

    • Later, when Eddy and Kevin are trying to push the trailer to each other's side of the fence, the Kankers mention it feels like the vacation their mom took. Considering the things said about her character, it could give disturbing images.
  • We also got this from "Who, What, Where, Ed":

Eddy: [who frightenly looks like a pimp] I'm doing a survey and...
Lee: Our mom's not home.

  • Pretty much every scene ever involving Jimmy, whose sexuality has been called into question several times (though not on the same scale as The Larry 3000 from Time Squad).
  • A Cartoon Network bumper had Ed dating Daphne from Scooby Doo where Daphne was uncomfortable with Ed's talk about "Double D".

Daphne: (Looks at her chest) How am I supposed to compete with that?

  • The episode where Eddy's mom is cleaning the house and he asks Ed to hide his magazines is one 11 minute long giant middle finger to the radar. At one point he says that his (older) brother gave him the magazines, at another he thinks Ed hid them in a sewer and Edd mentions that the smudge would render them unreadable. Eddy's reply? "It's the PICTURES I'm worried about!"
    • Also, there was this:

Eddy: I'd tell you I love ya, Ed, but I ain't that kind of guy!

  • In "See No Ed", Nazz's pants get ripped off in an accident at "Chimp Wurld". But that's not crap past the radar. What IS is Kevin's response.

Kevin: Awesome...

    • Earlier in the episode, on seeing a street covered in bananas, Jimmy says "I've never seen so much fruit in one place!"
    • Later in this same episode, Rolf is covered in the food. He states: "The weight of these bananas is crushing Rolf's apples!" One can only hope he's either using a bizarre term from his homeland, or talking about an Adam's apple (that protrusion in the throat that appears in males)...
    • AND Edd gets totally stripped - by Eddy - at the end...and you hear him complaining about losing his underwear.
    • A similar case happened in Big Picture Show, where her pants fall off after getting knocked in the air by Kevin's bike.
      • Also in the movie, when we see the kids in various states of disarray following the unseen scam, Nazz is clearly wearing a box -- and only a box.
  • At the beginning of "To Sir With Ed", it is implied that Ed is humping Double D's leg off-screen while pretending to be a dog.

Edd: I mean, Ed was finally going to- * gasps* Please let go of my leg, Ed.

  • In one of the later episodes, while at school, the Kanker sisters are giggling and huddled around a large textbook labeled 'Anatomy'.
  • One of the episodes have shown a sticky note that says "don't touch yourself."
  • In the episode "Hand Me Down Ed", a mysterious boomerang causes some of the kids' personalities to change hilariously. When Ed holds it, it he becomes a TV Genius. When Eddy holds it, he becomes maternal. But when Double D holds it? He becomes a stripper. [1]
  • Also in "Hand Me Down Ed", another classic example of Ed's inappropriate babble. When Eddy first touches the boomerang and is acting mommy-like...

Edd: Eddy, motherly?
Ed: And he didn't even show!!

  • In "An Ed Too Many": Sarah is pestering Double D who had climbed up onto a fridge for safety. Sarah looks at the magnetic letters on the fridge briefly. If you were to use the 'A' twice, you would be able to form the word BASTARD out of the only visible letters.
  • "I am an Ed-i-pus, 'cause my name is Ed."
    • He was actually trying to pretend to be an octopus.
  • They got naked A LOT in this show...
  • In "If It Smells like an Ed", the boys are trying to prove their innocence of messing up the Friendship Day celebration by comparing shoe sizes of the other kids with a footprint they found. In order to get Kevin's shoe size, Eddy tacks a picture of Nazz in a skimpy swimsuit onto the front of a fence to distract him. It works.
  • "Run For Your Ed":

Rolf: Rolf's giant wiener will fetch a pretty penny at the market, yes Victor?

  • In "Scrambled Ed", Ed, Eddy, Sarah, Jimmy, and Kevin are fighting over the (sleeping) Double D. Jimmy and Sarah want to play doctor with him. Jimmy says a doozy of a line during the fight:

Jimmy: I want to take his temperature!

  • In "1 + 1 = Ed", Ed saws a circle into the sky and sees the Kanker sisters having a bubble bath. Afterwards, Eddy sniggers and asks him "Did you see anything?".
    • OK, apparently Eddy only wants to see the Kankers when they're naked? I blame his brother.
  • In "Pop Goes The Ed" Nazz has a pool party and the Eds decide to show up... IN SPEEDOS! About halfway through the episode the speedos fly off and the Eds spend the rest of the day and night in the pool. The tiny pool. Naked. Right next to each other.
  • In Robbin Ed, Eddy begins a costume change to confront Captain Melonhead/Johnny, and throws off his underwear and a pair of fuzzy dice. Think about that for a second. What could someone with an inferiority complex possibly be using a pair of fuzzy dice for?
  • "Ed Overboard":

Eddy: I'd swear, but standards won't let me.

  • In "A Case Of Ed", Kevin is grounded to his room (for reasons unknown) and Ed and Eddy take advantage of this by annoying him without fear of retaliation from Kevin. One of the pranks Eddy pulls on Kevin is exposing his lower region to Kevin.

Ed: (giggling at this) Oh ho ho! I am turning into a werewolf Eddy!

    • There's another example during this episode; while Ed is "diagnosing" Double D, Eddy comments:

Eddy: Did Doctor Ed give you the rubber glove treatment yet?

    • Let's not forget Eddy's fishing stunt removing the clothes Kevin was wearing through the mail slot.
  • I cannot for the life of me remember which episode this is, but the Eds knock a cow over onto Rolf. He screams "MAMA! A bandage for Rolf!" before:

Rolf: Never again... will Rolf put his keys... in his trouser pockets...

    • This is from "Ed, Ed and Away", otherwise known as the Great Balloon Chase.
  • This troper can't recall the exact episode, but the following exchange is made in one:

Ed: Beans, beans, they're good for your heart, the more you eat, the more you-
Eddy: Shut up, Ed.

    • The episode was "Tinker Ed".
  • In "Who, What, Where, Ed" (the Chain of Deals episode), Ed asks Rolf where chickens come from. Rolf says he'll show Ed exactly where, as he holds up a chicken and starts to turn its backside towards Ed. Edd cuts him off, saying "Eggs come from chickens, Ed!"
  • Let's not forget about THIS [dead link] little freeze frame gesture the creators slipped into the episode "Nagged to Ed".
  • As the Eds hide from the kids under Eddy's bed in "The Day The Ed Stood Still", there sure are a lot of tissues, used or otherwise, to be found.
  • There's probably several moments in "A Twist of Ed", but what the troper remembers the most is when the Kankers were running away from the Eds. They get in a closet, and Ed was in there making a seemingly suggestive comment.

Ed: It's dark! Hahaha.

    • Double D offers them the chance to snuggle under his 'blanket of amore'.
  • From "Look Before You Ed" Eddy says this little gem.

Eddy: What's winter without a snowjob. Get it? SNOW JOB.
(Double D frowns disapprovingly but then succumbs to an amused smile)
Double D: Yes, well that was clever. Snowjob.

    • Earlier on in the same episode, Ed shoved a snowball down his pants.
  • In "Little Ed Blue" Edd and Eddy are rifling through Ed's room and Eddy comes across a magazine called "Chicks Galore" and opens it up...to find that it's pictures of baby chickens, much to his annoyance.

Double D: I didn't know they made magazines like that...

    • The scene in question had a zipper sound effect.
  • In "Rent-a-Ed" after breaking a pipe in Johnny's house while trying to fix it up the Eds decide to convert it into a sauna, Rolf really enjoys it when suddenly his towel blows off revealing he's not wearing anything underneath, everyone reacts in shock or disgust except for Jimmy who curiously says "Ooh!"
  • Eddy gave Rolf the bird in "Ed in the Bush". Or would have, if he had a middle finger.
  • During Eddy's story in "Once Upon an Ed", Kevin is a chimp, Rolf is rendered a stick-thin simpleton, Jimmy is a baby, and Nazz... is inexplicably in a bikini.
  • When Ed wakes the other two Eds up early because he thinks it's a school day in "Cleanliness is Next to Edness", Eddy angrily throws him out of his bedroom. When Ed pops up at the window and complains, Eddy tapes one of his magazines to the window. Ed's grin says it all...
    • Not to mention Double D ends up at Nazz's house, she points him to the shower, which is full of her underwear.
    • Later in the episode it is possible to see what is featured in the magazine Eddy taped to the window (As can be seen here [dead link])
  • In "Quick Shot Ed", while they are browsing, Edd finds a magazine...that opens up a centerfold. But it turns out it's just a picture of a Praying Mantis.

Edd: Perfect specimen.

Eddy: Oh yeah!

    • Later in the episode, Jonny and Plank are seen taking a bath when Eddy takes a picture while running from Kevin. Who allows that many people in the hallway during bath time… and with the DOOR OPEN!
  • Everything about the Kanker sisters' warped romantic pursuit of the Ed boys is pretty much what Moral Guardians would consider Black Comedy Rape (albeit a TV-Y7 version of it).
    • Of course some episodes suggest that some of the things the Kankers do to the Eds isn't G-rated. Doesn't help that the word amorous has been used to describe them...
  • The Valentine's Day Episode featured this gem:

Jonny: Look, Plank! Jelly hearts for Valentine's Day! (begins to poke the jelly hearts, then Plank apparently says something) Holy cow, buddy, of course I washed my hands! Where do you think they've been?

  • From "Know It All Ed":

Eddy: I'm the king of the castle and you're a dirty a-

  • Edd and Ed tackle Eddy*


Jonny: Me and Plank are next, nurse assistant Double D! (He pulls down his pants.)
Edd: (shocked) Good lord, Jonny, make yourself decent, man!

  • There was a reason why both Double and Eddy paused in “Shoo Ed”

 Ed: I forgot to wear underwear guys.

  • In “High Heeled Ed”… well, this

 Eddy: We'll make a scam for them; we just need to find our sensitive side.
Ed: I found my sensitive side 'cause it has a rash.
Eddy groans.
Edd: (uneasy) Thank you for sharing that with us, Ed.

  • In “Sorry Wrong Ed”, Eddy gets stuck in the coil from his bed and Ed climbs into the very same bed with this gem…

 Ed (as he enters the bed): I know where you’re going with this Eddy. Nightly Night

  • In "Ed... Pass it on", there's a scene in the bistro scam, Ed was suppose to serve turkey, instead he's completely naked. The censors were either sleeping or blindsided by that... as in... HOW DID THEY MISS THAT!
  1. And true to the trope, the hat was the only thing that stayed on him at the end of the episode.