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Danny Antonucci design the characters based on the Seven Deadly Sins.

  • Eddy/Greed- Is a money-loving conman who'd do anything for himself.
  • Ed/Sloth- Rarely does anything truly important besides helping Eddy in his scams.
  • Johnny/Envy- Closest and only "friend" is a hunk of wood and has a tendency to steal other people's belongings.
  • Sarah/Wrath- The most emotionally violent and abusive character in the show next to Eddy's brother and solves most of her problems through violence.
  • Kevin/Pride- Very cocky and full of himself, likes to show off for the fun of it. Easily provoked.
  • The Kanker Sisters/Lust- Sees and calls the Eds their "boyfriends" and will do anything for them.
  • Rolf/Gluttony- Occasionally eats meat and even has a personal meat locker.
  • As much as this troper wants to agree with this theory, a considerable amount of errors must be pointed out anyway. Ed is really a super hard worker because of all the grueling manual labor he does, and just because he's too stupid to think for himself doesn't mean he's lazy he's just well stupid. In that case all of the severely mentally challenged kids in the world are lazy. As for Johnny it would really help if you provided some examples to back up that previous statement, because all of the characters are shown doing a little plundering of their own and what does him owning a hunk of wood have to do with the sin jeaousy(Envy). Rolf just like Ed is damn good laborer just like Ed and one of the many examples is when he carried a whole goat just to plow his veggie field; how does this contradict the statement about Rolf being a glutton, because the more active you are the higher your nutritional needs are and Rolf does a TON of work right so there for his nutritional needs are going to be greater than your average human. One of the ways one commits the sin of gluttony is eating more than their body can handle, Rolf eats a lot but he doesn't eat more than he can handle, the reason he chooses meat is because it's probably high in nutrients. Other besides allllllll of that this trope sounds pretty unjossable.
  • Envy is a sin in where you steal something from someone else.
  • True, but nothing significant has been stated to prove that Johnny 2X4 embodies Envy.
  • How about loosely based on?
  • And????

The series is South Park All over again for kids

Both are based on the Author's real life.

  • Kids Are Cruel in both series.
  • Sarah is a younger, more hateful Shelley Marsh.
  • Ed is an inverse of Stan Marsh. (Ed is the Cloudcuckoolander, Stan is the Only Sane Man)
    • Both are tormented by their sisters
  • Eddy is Eric Cartman if the jerkass status was fake.
    • Both had to put up with their older brother's crap. In Cartman's case, Scott Tenorman. Interesting to note that it's Cartman that's the Complete Monster instead of Eddy.
  • Edd is Kyle Brofloski and Kenny McCormick.
    • Both Edd and Kenny have something hidden.
  • Kevin is the closest thing to Craig.
  • Jimmy is...Butters? (Ambiguously Gay)

Johnny grows up to be Nny

The craziness, the imaginary friends, the giant head… It can't be a coincidence.

  • I believe you

DD and Ed are the main characters in video of Crazy *** Wants to Hit Me, a couple decades on.

The two fit very neatly together if you look at the video as a distant, unhappy future in the same universe as the Eds. As would likely be inevitable, sometime after the series ends the three Eds gradually go their separate ways. Maybe ten or twenty years later, Ed and Edd suddenly run in to one another again for the first time. Edd, gradually driven to a state of near paranoid schizophrenia as a result of his overactive brain and already plentiful neurosis, doesn't recognize the adult Ed and is absolutely terrified of what he perceives to be a large, muscled and violent man trying to get his attention. Ed tries to jolt his memory by showing him all the scars he gained during Eddy's schemes, but is met with more distaste, which drives him in to a desperate rage that culminates in the titular assault.

  • The art style of the video is reminiscent of a much more mature and flowing Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy, and the characters look similar.
  • The main character has been confirmed by the Word of God to be named Eddie.
    • If that's supposed to Joss this, remember that Edd could be short for Eddie.
      • Actually, it's short for Eddward. Though, it could be Eddy with a different spelling for it.
  • Ed is never that angry and even if he was, he'd never hurt his best friend. Ever. The main character acts very much like Double D, and the Crazy *** was very similar to Ed...up to the rage scene.
    • Then there's the fact that the crazy guy has a gap and the short guy doesn't. Double DD had the gap, not Ed. Besides I really doubt Edd would ever forget Ed since we see them in the future as old men living in the cul-de-sac and Edd is clearly not paranoid schizophrenic.
  • For all we know, that took place in a "what-if"/parallel universe, where something happened to the Eds that got them seperated. But yea, Edd could've became paranoid to the point of memory-loss.
    • And he changed his name from whatever memory he had left, notice that he was walking on the streets alone by himself and looking at parents with their children.

Kevin became a star football player in high school, screwed up his life real bad, and ended up marrying the slutty, lazy Lee Kanker.

They now reside in Chicago. Kevin changed his name to Al, while Lee, aka, Margaret Lee Kanker/Wanker (her family was never good with names), took to calling herself "Peggy".

  • That's the best theory ever!

Eddy is the reincarnation/alternate universe counterpart of Charlie Brown.

They're both the Butt Monkey of their respective universes, even at the times when they're not doing anything particularly bad. They also both never seem to get what they want, no matter how close they get. When they do, it's either a rare case of Throw the Dog a Bone, or the much more common Yank the Dog's Chain (Charlie: Kicking the football, Eddy: Jawbreakers.)

  • And the main hint would be the shirts.
  • That would explained why we never see the adults (sans Eddy's Brother)

Kevin and Nazz are close friends

They spend so much time together and are so close that it is as such. The "affection" Nazz had for him in The Movie was actually a side effect from the Post-Traumatic Stress inflicted by the Noodle Incident and her possible affections for either Edd or Eddy were formerly negated by said incident.

Edd's hair is in lolita-styled curls, or something equally delicate and feminine

How else could a 12-year-old kid be so embarrassed, and his friends laugh so much at the same time? Obviously, it was his mother's idea.

  • The only reaction we've ever seen (to an off-screen reveal) was:

Eddy: Geez Louise!
Ed: Cool!'

Eddy: My eyes! They're burning!
Edd: You stop that!
Ed: Does it hurt Double D?
Edd: Oh, shush.

    • Well, if you think real hard, it could mean anything.
  • From what I've heard on the fansites, a plausible idea is that Edd's hair is covered in hairpins that his parents force him to wear to make his hair 'organized'. After all, he did take a hairpin from under his hat in 'Will Work For Ed'. And a metallic head would certainly make Ed say "Cool".
  • Maybe he has Bishounen hair.
  • In the movie, Ed asks "Does it hurt, Double D?" when his hat is removed, which just makes things even more confusing. And in this particular instance, Edd is not very embarrassed by his lack of hat, and instead acts as if Ed and Eddy are overreacting to whatever is under there.
    • Here, I'd probably assume that he's too annoyed and tired to care.
  • Curlers, then? Supports the 'girlish curls' theory, and also makes a certain amount of sense- its very neat. Ed would think it was 'cool' because it makes him look like a MUTANT ROBOT! And It * would* look like it hurts... those things are scary.
  • Possibly the first episode where the hat gets removed, Ed, after seeing what's under there, prances around with a skull on his head saying:

Ed: I am dead from the neck up.

Edd has a tattoo.

  • Hence why Ed asks "Does it hurt?" when he sees Edd hatless in the movie.
    • That actually makes some sense. Edd got a tattoo in rebellion to his parents and they force him to wear a hat to cover it up because they don't want people believe they let their son have a tattoo.
  • alt. DD was tired of being the prodigal son, destined to do great things and in the process went far off the deep end and got a tattoo of something extremely unerasebly derogatorily gross. Then in his shame he came back to intelligence harder than ever.

Johnny is autistic.

Hence his social awkwardness.

  • Actually both Johnny and Ed act like they have Asperger's Syndrome, though Johhny is higher functioning.
  • Even Double-D acts like he has Apserger's. Higher-than-normal intellect, no social skills, adamantly sticking to routine, comfortable with only specific people, highly values personal space...

Double D is Obsessive Compulsive.

Well, we all know that. Although I think his behavior is actually more consistent with obsessive-compulsive personality disorder, which is commonly confused with OCD. OCPD does typically stem from an obsessive need for control, and control is certainly not something Double-D gets very often.

Ed has Tourette's syndrome.

  • "Gravy!"
  • "Buttered toast!"

This show takes place in the '80's

They watch videos instead of DVD's, do their homework on typewriters, listen to records/cassettes, have video cameras the size of shoe boxes, only one computer was ever seen in the entire series and it was a very primitive one, Kevin used to have a mullet...need I go on?

  • The creator did say that he wanted the show to invoke a timeless feel.
  • Well, Rolf was probably the only one with a typewriter, as he's...Rolf.
  • I think I saw a modern computer in Cool Hand Ed.
  • Further proof. In the movie Double D comments on an ad being from ten years ago. When they visit the location that the ad featured, a calendar is dated 1978.
    • Over ten years.
      • Then the show takes place in the 90s.
  • There's a "Peach Creek Diner 2000 Best Eater" cup in the movie, Rolf makes a comment about the late nineties and in one episode we see a store clearly show something about it being around since 1999 (1998?).

Ed, Edd, 'n' Eddy and The Brothers Grunt take place in the same universe.

They're both created by Danny Antonucci. What else?

  • Going by that logic, That must mean that The Simpsons and Futurama take place in the same universe. Or King of the Hill and Beavis And Butthead.
    • Well I can actually see those cartoons taking place in the same universe since they'd go along with each very good. But while we're at it, let's say that Beavis And Butthead also takes place in the Ed, Edd n' Eddy universe as well since they had a cameo appearance in The Brothers Grunt.
      • King of the Hill, Bevis and Buthead, and Idiocracy, a live action movie, then?
        • Why couldn't The Simpsons and Futurama take place in the same universe? They're a thousand years apart, but that just makes it easier. Groening and the other writers don't have to worry about any inconsistencies between the two because they're so far apart, because they can just blame them on the fact that it's the future.

The events in 1+ 1 = Ed were all just a dream by someone.

Well... this troper didn't want to use the whole "it was a hallucination by X."

Matt Groening is one of the writers in this show.

Lets take a look at what we got here:

  • Ed has yellow skin. The cast of The Simpsons has yellow skin (mostly).
    • No, Ed's skin is just so filthy that the dirt and crap covering his skin makes him look yellow.
      • Proof? This was jossed in the episode where Eddy makes Ed 'cool'; the first thing they do is give him a bath.
      • Also, if he was covered in dirt and grime, how can we see his freckles?
      • Those aren't freckles, those are acne.
  • This and the Simpsons are both the longest lasting original shows of their respective networks. Said networks are both very cancel-happy.
  • Hey, if Family Guy can have a WMG about Michael Moore being a writer, then why not?

Jib is...

A kid with an item that makes him invisible. He also has a thing that lets him talk to someone (Ed) without being heard by anyone else.

  • Jib is a Spy in training. He's in possession of the Cloak & Dagger.
  • Jib is that zebra that keeps calling Candace Kevin.
  • Jib is an invisible clone of Ed who communicates with Ed through the telepathic bond that clones tend to share. Ed has turned invisible in "Cool Hand Ed," and also made a clone of himself in "They Call Him Mr. Ed." True, both episodes aired after Jib's appearance, but it's still not out of the question for him to have combined the two, especially considering that Jib seems to be about Ed's height, and also has his strength.

The characters (besides Plank) are made of some sort of rubber.

Which could explain their high resistance to pain and the awkward way they move.

Edd has a hideous scalp deformation.

He keeps the hairpins under his hat because they're useful, not because he has any hair. The hat stays on his head so tightly because it's squeezed over the squishy masses of flesh covering his scalp, and Ed has been shown to think gross stuff is cool before.

The show is a caraciture of the Beat literary movement

Rolf is Jack Kerouac, since both came to English as a second language (Keruoac first spoke French Canadian); also, as Rolf is generally out of the kids' cultural loop, so did Kerouac diverge from the rest of the Beat movement. Ed is Neal Cassady, since if you look at a picture of Neal, Ed's hair is like a cartoon of it. Plus Neal was referred to as "the Great Holy Goof," so individual he was, and Ed is just that. Edd is Allen Ginsberg, the intrepid one. Eddy's brother is the the enlightenment the Beats were looking for. The Kanker sisters are the reading public, so taken with the Beats when they first came out. The movie underscores the Beats' drive at all costs to get enlightenment (it's even like On the Road), and when the Kankers drag Eddy's brother back into the trailer near the end, that's the masses finally getting, by a dumbing down, some semblance of what the Beats tried, and partially succeeded, at getting whole.

Edd has a permanent case of hat-hair.

Because he wears his hat all the time. How it started is a bit chicken-or-egg.

Ed is from the Simpsons canon.

He's the only one with yellow skin and doesn't have a chin.

Eddy's an alien.

Why else would he be pink?

  • Perhaps because he's too pale, and the sun makes him pink?
  • He's sunburned, notice that his body is pink but his eyelids and around his eyes have a paler complexion; he probably wears sunglasses while he's tanning/burning. That one episode where they all got sunburned was him just getting a worse degree of sunburn.

The entire Cul-de-Sac is a bizarre science experiment.

Basically, they've contained a bunch of kids with serious disorders in a small enclosed area and filmed it, and we are viewing the results. This would explain why we never see anyone else, even in school. As for the parents, the kids could just be imagining them (though we do catch glimpses of parents and relatives in a couple episodes) or the parents are part of the experiment as well, since they're obviously as crazy as the kids.

Ed Ed N Eddy exist in the same universe as Fosters Home for Imaginary friends.

The one episode in which Ed creates an imaginary friend is pure evidence of this, which explains why it could beat up Eddy like it was real. Ed just made him invisible because of a movie he saw recently. Once the friend was booted out he wound up on a bus heading to Fosters, where he was never heard from or seen of again.

  • Another support of this theory is Plank, he may look like a piece of wood Johnny drew a face on, but in reality he really is a wood-like imaginary friend who communicates telepathically only with Johnny, due Johnny sharing his distaste of everyone else.
    • This is further evidenced by one episode where, in one scene, Johnny's head is stuck in-between two tree branches. The Eds offer to free Johnny for a quarter and proceed into Johnny's kitchen to get some soap, whereupon Johnny demands that Plank goes to. Naturally, the Eds destroy the kitchen and Johnny, even though he couldn't see what had just gone on, says to plank, "They did WHAT!? WHERE!? Ohhh... get me down from here!" which would seem a clear indication that Johnny is capable of gathering visual information from Plank in some respect, which could lend credence to a number of WMGs, including the above.
  • The 3 main characters also had a cameo in an episode of FHFIF.
  • Also the Cul-du-Sac is actually decently close to Foster's and has a fair few Imaginary Friends. If you can count Fusion Fall as being even remotely canon that is.

Underneath Edd's Hat Is...

His brain. A deformity damaged his skull, and his intelligence is due to an over-sized brain. Therefore the hat is double-purposed: one, to hide this deformity (though as noted above, Ed thinks it's cool), and two, to protect his brain. It can be assumed that the hat is made out of a light, but very powerful material, and acts as a skull-replacement of sorts. Or, alternatively, Edd is so weak in the series because all his strength goes to holding up this hat.

  • I have been a huge believer in this theory ever since it was revealed that Mojo Jojo's helmet serves this purpose.
  • That's what I've always thought too. It would certainly explain why B-Horror movie loving Ed finds it 'cool'. Also, I recall once watching a different show on Cartoon Network and during the credits, an announcer came on advertising Ed, Edd, N Eddy (is there a name for this practice?). The voice was apparently trying to get Edd to take his hat off for school picture day and continually badgered him until Edd presumably did so. At that point, the announcer shakily told him to put it back on.
  • I may or may not have something to support this theory. In one of the Flash games available on Cartoon Network's site, DD has a victory dance where he whirls around and throws his hat in the air. While it's quick and hard to spot, if you look closely, there are a series of lines on his head that might be hair, scars, exposed brain, anything, really. If it is hair, the mystery of why he's embarrassed is solved: he's as bald as Homer.
    • However, that game wasn't made by the company that worked on the show, thus not cannon.
  • Given his absurd intelligence for a boy his age I always assumed it was concealing a rather large brain. Eddy would be very disturbed by seeing a giant veiny thing on a guys head and that is something that Ed would find cool.
  • This would also explain why Ed asked, "Does it hurt?" An exposed brain bursting through your skull sounds like it could be pretty painful...

All the Kids in the Cul-de-Sac are Potential Eva Pilots

The Cul-de-Sac is a facility created by NERV to find candidates for Eva pilots. The kids are unaware they're being watched. Many of the kids were orphaned after the Second Impact, explaining the lack of parents. (Quite possibly the some parents were scientists in Antarctica; most likely Edd's parents.) The prime candidates are Sarah, Johnny, Ed, and Rolf.

Danny Antonucci was lying about Plank not being alive

I mean, come on! The number of coincidences necessary for Plank to be fake just breaks the Willing Suspension of Disbelief. For example, why would Johnny (while simultaneously imagining to be Plank) special order a steamed lobster with butter, but not special order for himself? How did Plank (as just a hunk of wood) leave Johnny and end up in a speeding wagon? It just makes no sense.

  • Well, he did lie about the blond hair thing....
  • And in the movie Plank is seen driving a bus down a highway, no hands or strings helping.

Johnny is Kira.

Plank is actually a clever cover-up so that he can speak with his Shinigami freely.

  • Alternatively; Plank IS a Shinigami who's possessing a piece of wood.

Johnny has Psychic Powers and Funny Schizophrenia.

Specifically, clairvoyance, telepathy, and telekinesis. All these powers are used by the Plank persona, which exists parallel to and simultaneous with Johnny's own.

Plank is made from the wood of Stump.

They both have the exact same stupid grin, and both entities are Companion Cubes that have shown evidence of being alive.

  • And the Log Lady's log comes from the same tree.

EENE's universe was created by the Cartoon Network Invaded Aliens

The Cartoon Network Invaded Aliens (that also appeared in FHFIF, MGPiaM, CL, and GAoBaM) created the cul-de-sac and school, and the 12 characters that inhabit it, and in the episode the aliens appear in, they're reclaiming their property.

  • Plank is probably their spy who's influencing/controlling Jimmy.

EENE is in the same universe as the Kids Next Door.

Double-D is either related to Numbah 2, or is a former agent who never had his mind wiped upon hitting puberty.

  • That's confirmed due to the Billy And Mandy - KND crossover.
    • The being in the same universe, that is. Not Edd being a KND.
      • Billy (?) calls the Eds, showing they're in the same universe. The KND appear in that episode, thus being in the same universe as BNM.

Edd has a scar under his hat.

His hat was originally a comfort thing, or possibly had something to do with his blond hair. He gained a scar from the "dodge-ball incident" and refuses to take off his hat.

The Noodle Incident scam from The Movie was a magic show Gone Horribly Wrong

See the box that Nazz had on her at the start? The one that was broken in half at her waist? It looks like a box that a magician would use to saw a woman in half. The rest of the injuries were various other unexplained tricks that went wrong.

Most of the other people in Peach Creek are literally invisible.

Their School apparently has no one in it but them. We even see the teacher's desk, which apparently has no one in it, even during class. In one episode, Ed befriends an invisible person named Jib, who affects those around him, so he can't logically be just imaginary. If this is true, the invisible people still have shadows, which explains That One Where they play football. The ones we know that aren't invisible are Eddy's father, Ed's mother or grandmother (whose arms are shown in the Season 5 premiere), & Eddy's brother, who's shown in The Movie. Also, if this is true, then Eddy's mother is one of the invisible ones, because in That One Where she throws him out of the house, we see objects flying at him from nowhere.

Ed is a Reality Warper, more specifically, he's God.

He just doesn't know it, his ridiculous mind has created the Cul-De-Sac and the rest of the world, and because of his absentmindedness, the physics of this world are also ridiculously screwy, there are also days when his powers grow ridiculously out of control, such as 1+ 1=Ed, where the laws of physics were literally falling apart. Nobody else knows it either.

  • Seconded. Episodes in which his powers have manifested, in order:
    • 1 + 1 = Ed, as mentioned above—Ed's curiosity makes the laws of physics fall apart.
    • Who Let the Ed In?--Ed's new imaginary friend Jib turns out to be real, as Eddy learned the hard way.
    • It Came From Outer Ed—Ed manages to summon a bunch of crows with the power of Evil Tim.
    • The Day The Ed Stood Still—Ed puts on an alien monster costume and manages to take method acting to new levels, becoming the monster.

Ed is the Alternate Universe Counterpart of Haruhi Suzumiya.

Counting down the list:

Now, concluding from these statements, who else shares these traits with Ed? Haruhi, Duh! Why I said that they are Alternate Reality Counterparts is because of differences:

And the MOST Obvious:

  • Ed is a Boy, Haruhi is a Girl

Concluding with this, Ed MUST be the Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy Reality's version of Haruhi.

Someone should do a crossover Fic!

Eddy's Brother got off easy.

There's no telling what Ed's Super Strength would do, applied directly to a Glass Cannon like him. Ed can carry a house for goodness sake! Not to mention if the stress of seeing his friends harmed brought out Pissed!Ed or Edzilla again...

  • It would have been cool if a pebble is in Ed's shoe again and takes his anger out on Eddy's brother.
    • This should have been a plot device.

The TRUE reason for why Eddy's Brother is a Complete Monster is..

...that he at some point while he still lives in Peach Creek & possibly before his younger brotherEddy is even BORN, he, during his high school days, discovered the Fort Peach Creek History book which contains the infomation about his & Eddy's ansectors founding the very hometown that he was born in, which make makes him proud & happy about his families most possible accheivement, Until he figure out that his ansectors lost full ownership to Lord Kanker, the Kanker's family ansectors. As a result, He became a cold-hearted, sadistic, kid-torturing, possibly rape-loving,Girl harming,possibly psychopathic, Possibly Kid-hating, Sociopathic, Nilhilistic Jerk Jock who not only spends his time on Peech Creek physically abusing kids, girls & possibly everyone else that he gazed on either out on anger of how his family ansectors lost their ownership to his hometown, vengence towards those who, in his mind, acttually supported/benifriend the kanker relatives, make sure that no one can stand up on him AT ALL in any manner, &/or For the Evulz, but he, in a possile sense, DESPISE ALL FORMS OF GOODNESS TO THE BOTTOM OF HIS HEART & SOUL as he believes that goodness is responsible for having Lord Kanker challenge his ansectors in poker for the ownership for Peach Creek & sucessfully wins, which resulted him refusing to define ABSOLUTELY ALL FORMS OF POSITIVE MORALITY & GOOD REASONINGS TO THE MOST LOWEST LEVEL, Believing that Being Cruel, Jerkass Behaviors, Extreme sadistic streaks, brutal abuse, & even dirtiest sexual capibilities are the "true" forms of respect, & even go as far as building a huge criminal army of pschopathic maniacs to take over all of peach creek just to restore his family honor, all while embracing all that's Pure Evil & destroying all that's deemed Pure Good.

    • We're talking about Eddy's brother, not Sasuke. JK. Seriously though, that theory is Insane Troll Logic.

The Eds will be the cul-de-sac's primary defense against The Gourd.

Eddy was truly contrite about the things he had done in the series in the hope that people would like him. Thus he, Double D, and Ed will take up the task of fending off Johnny until he reverts to his normal, less harmful brand of crazy.

The cul-de-sac is a sort of cursed grounds; those who lived there and died before they got to grow up are stuck there on a different plane in a purgatory-esque state.

  • Rolf was first to arrive; he immigrated from the old world to the neighborhood (it didn't look like it does in the cartoon), died in 1903 after being trampled by a rampaging bull, and kept his animals and his old-world farming sensibilities from that time.
  • Jonny had no friends so Plank became his imaginary friend. He died in 1922 after a long battle with tuberculosis. He kept Plank along with him.
  • Eddy came next in the 1930s. His scheming nature stems from his experiences during the Great Depression, doing anything to get what little money he can. He died in 1939 when he drowned in a river.
  • Sarah and Ed came next in the late 40s. The cul-de-sac now sort of looks like it does in the cartoon, preplanned developments were popular then. Their mother was a hard worker and Sarah learned her attitudes from that. Ed just shut it all out, becoming preoccupied with the comic books and movies that were cropping up and becoming popular with kids during that era. They both died in 1953, perhaps in a car accident.
  • Nazz was next, a flower child of hippies in the late 60s. Died in the summer of 1979 when an escaped serial killer raped and killed her and her family.
    • Nazz is also the name of a 1960's psychedelic garage band, further supporting this theory.
  • Edd, the son of two controlling business people, prone to abusing him and giving him his meek and introverted style. Died in 1986 of a gas leak that gave him a head wound which never healed / scarred horribly, which is why he always wears the hat.
  • Kevin's father was abusive as well, so he would ride his bike to escape and bully others because that's all he knew. When he died after his father beat him in 1999, he shut out his father's old identity, pretending that his life now was with a father that gives him gifts and stays out of his way.
  • Jimmy is last, died in the early 2000s, probably of leukemia.
    • Jossed. Since the series started in 1999, Jimmy, like Kevin, would've had to have died in the 90s
  • The Kanker sisters are the guardians of the cul-de-sac, there to trip anyone up anytime someone gets the notion to venture too far away.
    • That doesn't exactly explain brutally attacking the Cul-de-sac when they lost their ship in a bottle; if they were guardians, they probably wouldn't care about that, unless it was some sort of Artifact of Doom.
      • And not to mention the whole thing was jossed by the movie, which they traveled out of Peach Creak/cul-de-sac.
      • Actually, them traveling outside of Peach Creek would be them taking a small journey through Purgatory into Hell (Eddy's brother's place). They then repented all their sins and went to Heaven. Johnny stayed in Peach Creek (Purgatory) because he didn't repent his sins.
    • This is possibly the most depressing WMG I have ever seen. And with some refining... it could make sense.
      • ...Fic please?
      • Seconded.
    • Wait, so Ed Edd n' Eddy is Angel Beats!?
    • Good News Everyone! There already is a fanfic on just this idea. Ed Edd and Eddy fic/creepypasta

The boomerang wasn't really a boomerang, but rather one of Doof's many -inators

He made a personality reversal-inator to flipped Perry's personality to join his side. However it backfired horribly, leading to various events that lead it to the cul-de-sac.

The boomerang was created by Discord

It would make sense because it made Jimmy, Sarah, and the Eds complete opposites of themselves.

  • If it was made by Discord, should'nt the Eds already meet the ponies? Why are they not here yet?

Eddy's brother tortured/physically abused and raped/sexually abused him

...He was at least 18 when he left and Eddy 2 - 4.

  • 50% confirmed. (The former yes. The later.... possible, to say the least)
    • The latter would explained why a 12 year old boy is implied to have a porn addiction, showers with his clothes on, and freaks out when someone strips, especially when feet are involved. (I remember reading somewhere that one of the signs of sexual abuse in children has a knowledge/won't shut up about/have an interest in sex)
      • That would also explain why he freaks out whenever someone touches him.
    • Both, or either, could explain his bravado facade too.
  • It might explain his reason for choosing Ed and Edd as friends, too. They have different kinds of Parental Abandonment (yes, I know that we never see any of the kids' parents but it's canon that Double D communicates with his parents solely through sticky notes and Ed is The Unfavorite) and Eddy doesn't feel comfortable around adults.

Plank is the Security Blanket of an incredibly shy invisible kid.

To use a Buffy example, think of when she was invisible and used the little spheres to show where her face was, and give some expression and the idea of where she was looking. Plank is the same way, but Plank got tired of facing the board different directions all the time and now mostly leaves it next to him, in his lap, or against the backrest of his chair.

Plank is an agent/tool of The Gourd.

The Gourd is a Cosmic Entity who sent Plank to try and undermine Earth's defenses. And has been trying to get Johnny to help him complete his mission, inadvertently. Plank may not even be his real name, maybe its something unpronouncable. He may have morphed into a wood plank or uses hypnotism to make the kids think he's a plank, his true form is probably something horrifying. Plank's "family" and "friends" are other agents (similar to the Blue Beetle scarabs). Ed probably knows the truth, which is why he's afraid of them.

Chunky Puffs are hallucinogenic.

They are also addictive. That's why Johnny is so crazy.

  • It would help explain 1+1=Ed.

The Hanky Panky Hulaboo is a Subversion or even a Take That at Shipping and Crack Pairing

Here we have an episode where randomly formed crack pairings abound and Rolf clears the mess up. Pairings are not the objective of the canon and the producers just played with the fans' obssession for pairing everyone with everyone.

Ed's mother is - or at least was - an alcoholic.

Ed's retardation and jaundice (yellow discoloration of the skin) are both symptoms found in children whose mothers drank heavily during pregnancy. It would also explain his neglectful upbringing, and probably Sarah's.

The Eds are kid-friendly parodies of the characters from Stephen Hunter's "Dirty White Boys"

Ed is Odell, Double-D is Richard, and Eddy is Lamar. The Kanker Sisters are a collective parody of Ruta Beth.

Plank is under the same magic as the Toys from Toy Story.

It'd make perfect sense, as Plank DOES seem to be alive at time. He's the most rebellious of those under the magic, so he always takes opportunity to be alive. Jonny is the only one aware of this magic, so this is why he is able to communicate with Plank.

The Kanker Sisters aren't really in love with the Eds.

"Nagged to Ed" notwithstanding. After this episode, the Kankers decided that the Eds were nothing special, but also realized how much fun there was to be had in tormenting them.

It's mainly a dominance thing. As stated several times in the series, the Kankers believe men are weaker than women and should cater to them. Perhaps this is due to their mother's attitudes (alluded to in "Ed Overboard", I believe?), but in any case, there's no denying the Kankers are in total control here, and they love it.

That's why the Kankers were so repulsed by the Eds in "A Twist of Ed." If the girls truly had crushes on the Eds, they would have welcomed their advances from the start- but they don't. They run, because they are no longer in control. Only when Eddy reveals his fear do the Kankers call the Eds' bluff.

  • Alternately, they're actually a bunch of closeted Yaoi Fangirls Shippers On Deck who thought the three Eds looked cute together, so they decided to abused them to scare them off the opposite sex and may fall in with one another.[1]
  • Possible, but that doesn't explain Marie's jealousy in May I Have This Ed? when Double D gets to dance with Nazz.
    • She's either the only exception to it, has Become The Mask, is that good of an actress that she can fake jealously, is actually outrage due to Het Is Ew, but ends up appearing to be jealously, or is jealous over the other one.
  • The feelings the Kankers have for the Eds throughout the series seem to be more lust than love, other than in the movie, in which they do show concern for the boys.

Plank's a girl

And only Jonny knows this. Plank kept her true gender a secret because she felt that most other woman in the cul-de-sac were temperamental nut-jobs that either needed to get laid or have a serious spanking for their petty actions.

Jonny agreed to keep it a secret, partly because she's quite the Manipulative *** around him, partly because he didn't want people teasing them being a couple, when in reality they're Just Friends. Mainly the former.

One or more characters smokes dope

Johnny 2X4 is such an obvious stoner it's not even funny.

Peach Creek is located somewhere in the Southern US

This is probably the most tame WMG on this page, but while rewatching Big Picture Show, it does make some sense. Over the course of the movie, we see peach tree groves, a swamp, and the Eds' journey ends at a boardwalk amusement park by the sea, so it should at least be somewhere near the coast.

Rolf is from Gimelschtump

Well,it would be an odd enough country for Rolf to hail from. I mean, one of his folk dances involves brutally beating up all involved. It might be that that Country is just full of sadists. Both Rolf and Doofenshmirtz have similar accents, minus Rolf using third-person; which might be due to being younger and less used to English.

Edd is in fact a prepubescent 12 year old girl and hides "his" hair under that hat.

Its completely plausible. He's got a squeaky voice, very hygienic, more mature than others his age, and is very shy. Edd could be short for Eddina, an embarrassing name, and thus shortened it to Edd. The nickname "Double D" is also a pretty good indicator. It could also be chastising her for being a late bloomer in an ironic way. Edd simply decided that instead of living like a shy girl that never goes outside, to instead hide her identity and just be one of the guys. The fact that other girls are attracted to "him" could mean they are confused lesbians/bisexuals or that Edd's disguise is just that convincing. Edd herself might be confused herself as she is at a very important age in terms of physical and psychological development.

  • When they meet Eddy's brother, he asks "Hey why does your girlfriend have a sock on her head?" when referring to Double D.
    • Well, the Eddina part is jossed; it's been stated to be Eddward.
    • Can't be. Edd's taken off his shirt before, he's male.
      • They're children. Girls that age don't develop those yet, is a late bloomer, or, ironically, flat chested.
      • Still, it's pretty much Jossed. Nazz is (presumably) the same age and Sarah is younger. Both have been seen wearing a bikini and a one-piece swimsuit, respectively. Edd? He's wearing swimming trunks.
    • Maybe he hasn't developed breasts yet? He's only around twelve.
      • No, it's jossed. In the third episode the Eds went to a swimming party where they were wearing Eddy's brother's swimming trunks. The trunks snapped off and the three Eds jumped into the pool naked. Ignoring Ho Hay claims, the other Eds would have seen his junk and would've at least shown some shock. Well, maybe they are just good friends and the other Eds are hiding it. That's what your thinking right? Well, Ed would definitely have reacted and probably let it slip that Double D was a girl. He's that absentminded. Eddy would never be able to keep that secret. He couldn't even keep Edd's middle name, Marion, a secret for more than a minute. Besides, Marie would have felt him up enough to figure out a secret like that and she definitely wouldn't be able to keep her mouth shut either for disgust, arousal, or just plain cruelty.

Edd is a Transsexualism

The FTM kind.

The "wigs" at the end of Quick Shot Ed represent the Eds' natural hair colors

Ed has been proven to have red hair. From the looks of it, Eddy has either black, blue, or brown hair (he also has had his hair styled "normally" at least once and it was shown to be blue and there's no evidence that was a wig or the result of hair dye). Edd is debatable but he has been shown with blond wigs before.

Eddy secretly bullies all the kids in the Cul De Sac.

Besides being a mooch for money, Eddy might have a hidden double life as a violent yet still-petty crook. He actually has a pair of Brass Knuckles which he uses out of sight to harass and intimidate Rolf, Jimmy, and Sarah. At times out of camera, he physically bullies Ed when the more peaceful and resolved youth are not around. Sarah, Jimmy, and Rolf have a secretive fear of Eddy. Except Kevin is a major exception, Kevin is actually a protagonist who has zero issues with Ed and Edd. But he obviously has zero tolerance to the sight of Eddy with them, he wants to have a probation put onto Eddy for what he did to Jimmy. If you are wondering how Jimmy gets the out of place bandages from, Eddy is most likely responsible. I personally believe Eddy does this because he knows there is much more strength in mind with his brother- Who is never around for pretty much a lot of his life.

    • Confirmed in "Every Which Way But Ed." It was a scam gone awry when Jimmy ate a bowling pin that looked like a pastry horn.

The Jawbreakers are Karma charms.

Think about it, if the three characters are always wanting money for Jawbreakers, they never run into luck. But the fact the other ones do get such large balls (no pun intended) of processed sugar and the Eds never do brings up an interesting question- are the Jawbreakers some distant form of Unobtainium? For that matter, what if they have some Karma enchantment? Because Eddy always commits acts of greed and prudent competitiveness, he either never gets a Jaw Breaker or freakishly loses every one he obtains. This goes to the other two as well.

  • Double D should still get his then. Just being friends with the Eds isn't sin enough to give bad karma. Also Kevin gets as many free ones as he wants since his dad works at the factory. I doubt Kevin of all people has the best Karma.

Ed psychologically and physically abuses Sarah.

Think about it, Ed could actually be sick of Sarah's bad attitude, when he met Eddy, a new influence was put upon him. Ever since the first episode aired it was around the time Ed had displayed ludicrous behavior with Sarah. This happens usually in his basement which he can manipulate the elements of it however he pleases. With this advantage, Ed can lock Sarah into the basement without the stairs being available, the bathroom door locked, the bed taken away, and the TV taken too sadly. His parents are always away at some science fiction conventions, every other Monday that is. That episode where Ed is grounded reiterates every action Ed had done to Sarah onto himself as punishment by his parents. Ed currently undergoes some cheap Psychological therapy.

Plank was the result of homesickness.

Johnny never was a suburban boy, he was always a light wooded area cabin boy. In fact the last name spills this very fact clearly. "2x4" implies that Johnny was born in such an environment. Plank's existence actually comes from the intact emotion of Johnny because he had failed to entirely cope with moving on. The wood it comes from was a perfect log taken away from the cabin.

  • Plank's parents could've been the rest of the log.

Double D's a bisexual.

He seems to have an attraction of some sort with both girls and boys, so this might explain it.

Eddy's father is related to his brothers twisted personality

The few times he's mentioned and "seen" he seems quite easily angered.

Kevin's brought-on dislike for Eddy is all because of his brother

It's almost obvious. When Eddy's brother still lived at home, I think he gave Kevin the most bullcrap, as it's implied he bullied the cul-de-sac kids when he was around. Through the torment and fear, Kevin grew to absolutely loathe Eddy's brother. After he left, and Eddy more-or-less acted just like him, and the fact alone that he's his brother, Kevin had outright hostility towards Eddy. He seems to tolerate Ed and Edd just fine most of the time, but seems much more irritated when Eddy's around. Even when Eddy hasn't done anything, Kevin will poke fun at him; 'Your Ed Here' is a prime example.

However, after he saw that Eddy got the abuse far worse than he ever did in the movie, he changes his mind. Already knowing how much of a monster Eddy's brother is, he is able to understand what Eddy is going through. One of the core reasons, in my mind, that Kevin accepted him in the end, was because he realized Eddy's situation and saw that he wasn't truly like his brother. He was a victim, far more of one than any of the others that were bullied by his brother were.

  • T.T
  • Makes sense, note Kevin's reaction to the possibility of encountering Eddy's brother; both times it's total fear. He's the only one of the kids who has this reaction other than Eddy.
    • Well, them and Rolf. Rolf is the oldest and probably the strongest or second strongest kid in the neighborhood. He could just lack Kevin's narrow view point, which is sort of ironic, which is why he is more tolerant of the Eds. He even calls them 'Ed boys' like a pet nickname. Rolf is downright terrified of Eddy's brother and when he stands up to him in the movie, Rolf pushes Kevin forward to join in. It was as if Rolf needed backup to keep his courage. This is the guy who jumped off a cliff into an oncoming train in a battle against Eddy for a merit badge.

Ed and Sarah's father is Johan Liebert.

It explains of how come Sarah is bossy to Ed as he is trying to corrupt her.

Edd actually did catch onto Ed and Eddy's sticky note prank.

He somehow figured out it was them and not his parents writing those sticky notes some time before the end of the episode. Therefore, his creepy behavior towards the end of the episode was really revenge, which he revealed to Eddy some time after the end once he felt he'd tortured him enough.

    • Would make sense, wouldn't be the only time he took revenge on them for pranking him.

1+1=ED was all one bad acid trip.

I don't know where they got the acid, or why, but it really puts the plot of the episode into context, doesn't it?

Ed is really a mutated Ork

Think about it. He has a low IQ, and stuff he does often happens because he thinks it should happen. In the episode where they become obsessed with a balloon, he pulls on Eddy's slingshot, which causes his hairs to become a propeller, which makes Eddy able to fly.

Eddy is/will be Matt.

Same addiction to their respective selves, same wanting money, same crazy fashion sense.

Edd is an Eldritch Abomination.

The hat? It's to keep him in A Form You Are Comfortable With. Luckily for Ed and Eddy's sanity, after wearing for years Edd has some control over his body, so all they saw was a "weird" structure in place of his scalp. If the hat is left off for too long however, Edd will revert back to his true form. Similar headgear can be used,but they can only restrain the weirdness for about a day or two.

Ed has mental retardation.

Just look at the way he acts and talks. Edd feels sorry for Ed and makes Eddy hang out with him and Ed to be nice.

  • But Ed and Eddy were apparently already friends before the two of them met Edd, as seen in the flashback episode.

Eddy's Brother didn't leave on his own

He was thrown out by his parents for bullying Eddy and being horrible to the other kids. Makes sense really.

Peach Creek wasn't founded by Eddy's ancestors, but by him through Time Travel

Come on, you've got to admit that the resemblance to him is incredibly uncanny and that 300 years would probably erase that. What probably happened was that he, through some bizarre accident, got sent back in time and got stuck there. Despite not wanting to change the timestream, he ended up marrying some Puritan chick and having a bunch of kids, eventually losing a bet with the Kankers' ancestor. 300 years later, younger Eddy's family ended up moving there. Either 300 year old Eddy is from an Alternate Universe or he caused a Stable Time Loop.

Sarah had a Heel Realization at the end of The Movie

Seeing Eddy's brother beating him up caused her and the rest to accept the Eds. At first it seems she's having a Double Standard, since her abuse of Ed is similar, except she actually does care about him to some degree. Seeing this done by someone else to another person made her realize she was treating Ed just as badly and she accepted them because of it.

Rolf was born in Dusseldorf

The Eds are Alvin and The Chipmunks

Lovable naive one: Ed/Theodore; nerdy voice of reason: Edd/Simon; show-offy cool guy who loves attention: Eddy/Alvin.

Edd is the son of the Warden and the Mistress.

It's canon that after being bitten by Spanish flies at the Superjail ball, the Mistress forced herself on the Warden and slept with him. Because she was so turned on, she neglected the thought of using protection and accidentally gotten pregnant with Edd. After the baby was born, she neglected him because it brought back memories of the Warden and told Cherice to deal with him. Cherice raised him herself, which is the reason why Edd is so organized and soft-spoken instead of insane and sadistic like his parents. While still an early toddler, the Mistress forced Cherice to get rid of Edd because he was beginning to look more like the Warden. Cherice left him in a small, quiet cul-da-sac alone in a house, where he grew up with little to no recollection of his early childhood in Ultra-Prison. However, Cherice continually sent Nova to his house in secret early in the morning to check on him and leave a small sticky note with little messages written on them.

    • Umm actually it can't happen. I mean as revealed in the second season finale, Alice apparently still has a part of "Big Al" left in her and it's between "her" legs if you get my drift. However I dunno if the Warden is aware of it But Jared is.
      • Uh, actually the Mistress is not Alice. She's from Ultra Prison.

Edd has green eyes, Eddy has blue, and Ed brown.

Season one, the comics, and the cover art for games and DVDs have a big problem with coloring in the Eds' "excitement rings." Many times in season 1, Edd and Eddy's excitement rings are colored in gold or purple. There's also a split second in 'For The Ed By The Ed' (season 4) where Eddy's excitement rings are colored red, the first time he jumps on his hat out of rage. Generally, the title cards don't show the Eds and just show undisclosed people's body parts, so the multiple eye colors I'm referring to may just be "title card characters" who don't exist in the show. Ed's eyebrow and eyeballs were in a glass in 'A Glass of Warm Ed's title card [dead link], though, in which his eyes are brown. 'Smile for the Ed' reveals that Eddy has blue eyes. 'The Eds Are Coming [dead link]' features three sets of eyes peering through a fence. Since there are 3 sets of eyes and 3 Eds, and one set is brown and the other is blue, it is assumed that the green set of eyes is Edd's.

  • Edd is a redhead, Eddy is a blond, and Ed is a brunette.
    • Actually, Ed is a redhead [dead link]. Eddy has been shown to have either blue, black, or brown hair. Edd...Don't ask.
    • This would be an excellent theory, but Ed has blue-green eyes [dead link] in The Luck of the Ed. It could be the glass though.

In-universe, all pieces of wood are sentient.

Danny Antounucci said it himself that Plank was just a piece of wood... but Plank has been seen driving a bus, amongst other things. Considering the way the rest of the Ed, Edd, n Eddy universe works, planks of wood might as well be sentient beings.

Edd is an alien.

He was sent to the cul-de-sac to research humans. His extreme intelligence and engineering ability is because his species are smarter than ours. His obsession with politeness and organization is partially based on the strict standards of his home planet and a (failed) attempt to blend in with other humans. His parents are still on the home planet and communicate with him using hi-tech text-messaging devices disguised as sticky notes. To disguise his appearance, he created a robotic body. In order to get in and out of it, there is a large wound like hole on his head that he covers up with his hat. Plank is a secret agent from another planet who are enemies with the Eds. Plank disguised himself as wood to stop Edd. Plank uses some sort of mind ray to get the others to also go against Edd. Ed and Eddy are unaffected because there friendship is too powerful. At the end of the movie, all the kids are able to break free of the mind ray except for Johnny due to his large exposure to Plank.

If the sixth season would have continued instead of the movie, the Eds' luck would have gradually gotten better.

Already, in the two shows, we see that, while Ed, Edd, and Eddy don't get the happiest endings, they're happier than before. In "May I Have This Ed", they're the only ones who GET a happy ending, and although they DO end up locked up in "Look Before You Ed", it's heavily implied that they're going to get out soon. This is after "A Fistful Of Ed", where Eddy fights back against the Kankers. The show, if gone longer, would also focus on the other kids more; notice how Jonny got his own subplot in which he and Plank tried to catch Nazz in a season 5. The Kankers also seem to be changing; instead of jumping the Eds, "May I Have This Ed?" actually showed them as far less threatening and actually WANTING to impress the Eds. (Marie trying to make Edd jealous with Eddy?) All-in-all, it would have become more about all the kids, leaving the Eds with more happy endings.

Double D has a foot growing out of his head...

Hence the sock.

The Cul-De-Sac kids actually learned about Jimmy's friendship day act.

Hence the reason he became The Chew Toy for the rest of the series.

Kevin's last name is Spencer

Well as soon as he reaches age 14 he's gonna start wearing a black baseball cap and become an Chain-smoking Alcoholic Sociopath. He's already starting out this way since he's sociopathic towards the Eds.

Kevin is in love with Eddy

His bullying is to hide his feelings since 12 year old suburbanites are hardly the most tolerant people in the world.

  • But why would he be in love with Eddy?
    • You don't choose who you fall in love with.

Double-D's father is Adrian Monk

It would fit. Double-D even said his father wears a suit.

  • And his mother is...Monica Gellar? Obsessive about cleaning, good cook (apparently Edd's mother is good at making pie). Maybe scientists run in the family, with Uncle Ross being a paleontologist.

All humans in-universe are made of some sort of rubber

It would explain not only the character's high resistance to injury, but also the odd way they move.

Ed is an Alternate Universe Superman in his adolescence

They share several of the same powers. It could even explain Ed's interest in the supernatural.

Ed is a Dean wannabe

It'd explain the jacket.

The whole entire series leading up to the "Big picture show" was a Xanantos Gambit planned by Danny Antonucci for the Edds the whole time.

It's possible that the movie already existed or at least was thought up of way before it was made apparent to it's viewers, hell it's possible the movie and/or the whole entire series was created when EENE was introduced. The plan was simple if you look at it through the creator's eyes. Give the Edds a rough time during the series and make it end with them on top; talk about irony. Very early in the series the edds had adequate reasonable luck but as the series went on it gradually got noticable worster, very prior to the movie it got better and the movie came. Whether the movie plot forever changing the Edds lives was intentional or not it was one hell of a XG, and there lives were on the line too. I'm not trying to use the lord's name in vain but cartoon creators are god to their cartoons, and most cartoon creators want the best ending just like our God, unless they are insane or not 100% sane like horror film creators.

The reason Kevin hates Eddy

Because of a Barber Shop scam that went horribly wrong. In "Which Way But Ed," it was show in a flashback that he had a mop of hair. In that same flashback, Jonny had some hair too. Sometime between then and the first episode, Eddy shaved it all off as part of the scam (and Jonny happened to be one of his customers).

  • That actually sounds about right.
  • OUUUUUU something to add. Edd is such a genius, creating a mind wipe is not something completly unbeleivable, right? Well maybe, Double Dee was the one to get test the barber shop scam first and after everything went horribly awry, the humiliation of havin the most FVCKED UP head in all the culdesac caused him to create a mind wipe to spread as far as the culdesac. The reason his hat is aloud in school is because over the course of him making the mind wipe he had to go to school where the teachers had already witnessed his accident, and decided that it was for the good of everybody if he left his hat on.
  • I also have some, or one, idea on the barber shop accident, explaining why even after DD tested it, everyone else tested it too. He, DD, bred a bacteria that would eat away at your hair, and dead skin on your head, when it got low enough. When the height was reached you would wash it out. Everyone saw that it was working so wonderfully, so they all got on board to get their hair eaten to the perfect length, when things went bad. The Bacteria had a taste for live skin, and would not wash out so easily. By the time the anti bacteria had been made from the remains of the existing bacteria, it was too late for DD, but not everyone else. BAM

Ed and Eddy grow up to be Vyvyan and Mike

Let's face it, that's pretty much who they'd be when they grow up. Okay, sure, Vyvyan's a LOT more violent than Ed, but all Ed needs to develop that is a sudden burst of testosterone from teenhood.

Ed is a Pokemon fan

Just thought I'd throw that out there.

The pig in the picture feeding her piglets was Wilfred's mom

In "Wish You Were Ed", Rolf motivates Wilfred to run faster by replacing the carrot with a picture of a sow feeding her piglets. Wilfred's response was to run at the speed of a launched rocket, which means that the sow was his mother.

  • Hard to imagine what else it'd be.

Ed was grounded in "Three Squares And An Ed" for destroying Mr. Yum Yum in "It Came From Outer Ed".

Both episodes air together, with the latter episode going first. Jimmy was attached to his bunny Mr. Yum Yum and Sarah got so mad at Ed for destroying the thing that she told their mom.

In the late future the series will be brought back to life somehow.

It's a perfect waste of a plot point to just kill the series after making all those successful episodes and making a super awesome movie like that, which got so many ratings. Only God know what could become out of EENE in the future. All the ideas from the series could be recycled into a completely new yet similar series or out of sheer mind shattering irony more EENE episodes will be made. A lot of viewers bring in money and that's what EENE got, so danny antonucci or cartoonnetwork can't afford to let the long running series rest in piece. The point is that movie wasn't the end of Ed,Edd,n Eddy.

Eddy harbors all the seven deadly sins at once.

Let's see he's very greedy and will do anything no matter how underhanded for material gain, he's gluttonous believe it or not because of his jawbreaker obsession, it's not the fact that he loves them so much, it's the fact that he is willing to place jawbreakers above everything even his friends. He's envious because he hates it when someone haves something he wants, and he usually covets other's fortunes. He possses wrath because he has very little patience and is very quick to pop off when something irrates him. He's lustful because of his non-sentimental infatuation with nazz. He possesses the evil pride because he thinks very high of himself and of course he is very proud as he is portrayed. Finally he almost never helps his friends with work despite it being his idea making him a very lazy individual meaning he embodies sloth as well.

  • His Jawbreaker obsession and his means of getting it proves otherwise to being the embodiment of Sloth.
    He, along with every male in the culdasac, wants nazz, so Lust isn't definetly proven, yet.
    Greed or Gluttony, which are you going with? Gluttony doesn't stick, considering we haven't even see him get a taste. Maybe he just really wants another taste, after his brother hoarded them all from him. Where as greed definetly sticks. He gets a crazy look in his eye when holding a few quarters.
    If you're really enterested in how sinful Eddy is check this out. You may find that it was written almost completly about him, particularly 9 in the movie, and 13 when he had that zit.
  • Contradicting your so called contradiction Eddy does possess all of the seven deadly sins not just some of them.

Sloth- He does possess lazyness, despite the fact that he wants jawbreakers and devises schemes to get them he doesn't put any effort to make his scams work other besides operating them after his friends have broken their backs creating them, and he is not willing to just work for money; he would rather con than earn money. Lazy people want just like hardworking people and their desires for what they want doesn't make them any less lazy.

Lust- That's why it's non-sentimental. One more thing just because everyone else is doing something wrong doesnt mean it's right.

Gluttony- This one could be debated however, but more or less he posseses this one too. Not to sound funny or anything but Eddy does look a little chubby, he's not exactly skinny.
-I want to agree with you but I could only find one picture of a shirtless eddy, and he doesn't look fat to me, only the slight pudginess of any child that doesn't execise.P.S. how'd you like how similar those sins were with Eddy's overall personality, On Point, right?

Edd is The Incredible Hulk.

I mean, in O-Ed Eleven and Big Picture Show, he gets mad at Eddy and pushes him rather hard. -So the entire Ed trio is dangerous, then?

The edds are part of the Inception team.

That is why everyone is hostile towards them for apparently no reason. They were sent there to extract something, in this case a material possession, at first everyone feels pretty neutral towards them because they possess a low profile. When people start catching on to their intentions they become very defensive; to prevent them from extracting their mission object, in this case the succulent jawbreaker. They edds want more than to suck on this giant morsel of a sphere they want to officially claim it as there own. So the illusion people in the town take what ever measures neccesary to prevent that. In the very end the illusionary protectors of the jawbreakers fail and surprisingly submit to the extractor's which are the edds.

== The Boo haw haw special is an allusion of Jeepers Creepers part 1 ==. The whole entire plot seems to mirror that horrible movie. The boys piss of the monsters(neighborhood kids) and Darry and Trish off the movie leave off their scent for a blood thirsty carnivourous freak of nature in his lair. So both the main cast made it so they could be hunted down like animals. In the middle of both of the show the Edds and Darry and Trish spend time trying to go somewhere while trying to fend of their malicous pursuers while having a little bit of fun at the same time. At the end the main casts off both of the specials are cornered in an inescapable fix, one of the members off the main cast is spared(Ed and Trish) while the unlucky victims meet their demise painfully offscreen.

  • As for the Eds, considering that it was a cartoon and that there were episodes after that they probably lived after their ordeal in that hole. Instead of death they just suffered a concusion that anyone would suffer after taking a serious beating.

Plank is an Artifact.

The world's first sentient artifact. He is a telekinetic, can see through the eyes of anyone who holds him, and can telepathically communicate with anyone. He drains power from those who hold him, causing his power level to rise, while Jonny's intelligence and sanity slowly deteriorate. A side effect of holding him is granting some level of immunity to other artifacts, like the Hypnotizing Wheel (Though he himself isn't immune.).

The cul-de-sac is in a unique area of the universe wherein the laws of physics are much less consistent.

Explaining all of the crazy stuff that happens in the show, while at the same time explaining why that stuff doesn't always work. Ed is the only one who is fully aware of this fact, explaining why most of the antics originate from him. As for why the theory states just the cul-de-sac and not the whole universe, Double-D is highly confused by the workings of the laws of nature in his neighborhood, even though someone like him would have a perfect understanding of physics, so if the whole universe worked like that, he'd be more familiar with it. On top of that, the cartoon antics happen with somewhat less frequency and magnitude the farther the characters are from the cul-de-sac.

  • Alternatively it's simply just cartoon physics.

Edd is bipolar.

When he's worried, he's "really" worried. When he's sad, he's "really" sad. When he's happy, he's "really" happy. And when he's mad... you get the picture.

Ed, Edd, and Eddy is either the reincarnations of the Three Stooges, or each of their great grandsons.

Think about it, Eddy is the leader who makes the silly schemes, not to mention slaps Ed around mostly, like what Moe does. Edd is the middle man who is often dragged along, and has no say in schemes, and is mostly the sane one in the group like what Larry is. And Ed is that one odd guy that makes no sense and does idiotic stuff and takes mostly everything literal, like Curly.

Eddy is George and Ed is Lennie from Of Mice and Men.

If Edd's hat is taken of in veiw of the audience, reality will break and the world will explode.

Well, this IS Wild Mass Guessing isn't it?

The scam from The Movie...

I'm just surprised nothing on this is on here yet. I've heard a few on other sites, most popular being either some kind of magic show, a zoo of dangerous wild animals, or something involving robots.

Ed's Mom is just as bad as Eddy's Brother and as mean as Sarah used to be.

That's why Ed's dad never steps in; he's as afraid of his own wife as Ed used to be of Sarah. The only difference is that while Sarah changed for the better at the end of the series, I doubt Ed's mom will treat the poor lump any better.

Sarah's parents are scared of her.

Knowing about Sarah's super-strength and her bossy attitude, they sank to their knees to do what Sarah says (including grounding Ed); which is why

Ed, Edd and Eddy aren't really Danny Antonucci's Author Avatar.

He just likes to say that to get attention.

The show takes place in a temporally unstable part of the universe.

It explains the inconsistent dates (1978 was ten years ago, 2000 was a while back), and the presence of things that don't normally coexist (The usage of both typewriters and modern computers.). It could even explain the shaky-at-best physical laws of Peach Creek if the cul-de-sac is explained as spatially unstable, as well.

Nazz is Obfuscating Stupidity.

If Nazz is a Dumb Blonde, then how DOES she get better grades in school than lazy Eddy? And what about when she quoted something from some government law in "Will Work for Ed"? Plus, she calls people out for being mean, just like Double D does with Ed and Eddy. I'm guessing the dumb act is some game Nazz is playing with the kids of the cul-de-sac.

  • Getting better grades than EDDY is not exactly difficult. And calling people out for being mean doesn't make you smart, it just makes you a caring person. As for quoting government law, while it certainly makes her LOOK smart, it doesn't neccessarily mean she IS smart (Though you might have a point with that one.).

Kevin is Compensating for Something.

Does anyone notice his unhealthy obsession with the word "DORK"? Well that pretty much explains it now doesn't it?

Ed is a recarnation of SpongeBob SquarePants

Edd is a Homunculus

There's an Ouroboros tattoo under his hat.

  1. Oh come on, the thing they chanted at the start of "Nagged To Ed" can't purely be Accidental Innuendo.
  2. Edd is a Time Lord.