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Layla, Nina, Brooke and Chloe

Eerie Cuties is a webcomic created and drawn by Gisèle Lagacé which started on started on June 1, 2009 and follows the adventures of Layla and Nina Delacroix, two vampire sisters, at Charybdis Heights. So far they have met a French teacher with a possessed arm, a young succubus, a Catboy, a Werewolf and a masked janitor. As with her previous works, the comic is a mix of slice-of-life and sitcom set within a school atmosphere, most of the jokes being typical of a series set in high school, but in a supernatural one.

It's co-written by both Gisèle Lagacé and Dave Zero1, with colors done by Miguel Marques in the first volume. With the shift to full page black & white manga style, inks (and other inputs) by Shouri.

The Hellrune Coven got a Spin-Off strip, Magick Chicks. After her transfer to the succubi-only school (Tartarus Academy), Chloe got her own spin-off too - Dangerously Chloe.

See also character page.

Tropes used in Eerie Cuties include:

Brooke: At school, my face got all red when I saw Kade half-naked in bicycle shorts.
Layla: Well... Anybody's would've...
Brooke: A-and when I see Chloe changing in the locker room...
Layla: Oh, c'mon. Even I'm jealous of that pair.

    • Kissing Layla seems to have made her realize that she's attracted to her. She's an emotional wreck and confused out of her mind as a result and it probably doesn't help that the entire school probably knows now after Blair uploaded footage of it to his youtube. Later she mentioned her crush on Layla when she thought no one (except Blair) hears.
  • Bifauxnen: Brooke Lynn.

Ninao: Oh noes! Blair turned Brooke into a boy, too!
Brooke: I'm...I'm still a girl.
Ninao: (lifting Brooke's skirt) No, you're n- oh wait, yes, you are.

Tiffany: Mother, Father, I, Tiffany Winters, swear that I, Tiffany Winters, will make you proud.

Ace: I should be looking for a way to turn back into a - boy. Oooooh, boy...
Layla: Are you and that mirror gonna need some alone time?

    • Brooke is a victim of this when she wears Ace's old uniform. Too bad that mirror is in the middle of the boy's locker room.
  • Distracted by the Sexy:
    • The Ninaganger sure reacted strongly to a wet Kade in bike shorts.
    • The reaction Ace's father had back when Ace had to write that report during vampire history month.

Ace's Father: (Snatches Ace's textbook away) Vampires!? Is that what they're teaching you at this school!? How dare they - Who's this?
Ace: Thats the vampire queen I need to do the report on!
Ace's Father: Can Daddy help? ♥

"I don't wanna be a girl! I liked being a boy!... And my clothes don't fiiiiiiiiit!"

    • The Mind Is a Plaything of the Body: Played with by Professor Twigitt: Ace's new heterosexual attraction to boys? Genetic, apparently. Ace's equally new desire to go shopping for cute clothes? "I've never had those urges. That's just you."
    • Long-Haired Pretty Boy: Apparently, the orb of Tiresias doesn't actually change anyone's hair, so when it's done its work there's a few guys with very girly hair and a lot of girls with very boyish hair.
  • Genki Girl: Nina.
  • Genre Blindness: For being a Slayer, Tiffany has little idea of how one becomes a vampire. Or what she does in general (like what sort of a sword she grabbed).
  • Genre Savvy: Though not in the way that could help.

Tiffany: Vengeance shall be mine! Wait... Not "vengeance"... What's the one heroes get? Oh right. Justice shall be done!

Brooke: I saw you checking out his butt!
Nina: Hee hee! You said "butt"!

Cerise: Sorry! Panicked! (thought ballon: Better you than me.)

Nina: D'you kiss the snake too?

    • Also:

Ace: That doesn't make sense.
Layla: Your face doesn't make sense!

Cess: Wouldn't it be neat if we became the school's new alpha females?
Chloe: Whatever for?
Laura: Well, someone has to!
Cess: And you don't want it to be somone stuck-up like Lay- (Layla appears behind them)
Cess and Laura: Laah!! La, la, la, we're singing a merry tune!

Blair: GIRLS! Not DISCO!

Adora: You can be a 40-year old MILF, an adorable 9-year old, or a 25-year old grad student with perky C-cups.