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  • Ellis and Nadie discussing their "knowledge" of Japan in episode 15.
  • The episode where Nadie ignores Ellis much of the time to socialize with Ricardo, and everybody assumes that they're a couple and that Ellis is Ricardo's child from a previous marriage. Ellis spends her time seething in jealousy, and when Nadie tells that they should take a shower before dinner, Ellis simply throws off all her clothes, leading to Nadie's flustered "not together!"
  • Ellis picks up a salad fork to fight off the bad guys. Nadie tells her it probably won't be enough...so she picks up a second salad fork and says "Two."
    • This incidentally is a tongue in cheek reference to a very dramatic scene from Noir to which this series is a spiritual successor for, where an olive fork was actually used as a deadly weapon.
  • Theres also Ricardo in cat ears.

Ricardo: Meow.