Enchanted Scepters

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Enchanted Scepters is an early point and click adventure game, released in 1984.

It was created with the World Builder adventure authoring system released to consumers in 1986. The player must find the four fire, earth, air and water scepters hidden across the Kingdom, and return them to the Wizard. The gameplay was much like a Text Adventure; the screen showed a picture of the room the player is currently in and to the right was a description of the room. This description mentioned any items that could be used or picked up, but to do that the player must click on the item in the picture. The pictures changed as the player moves to a new scene. There is no movement in the picture, but enemies were inserted when encountered, accompanied by sound effects. The player could then choose from a drop down menu whether to flee, and which way (north, south, east or west and occasionally 'up or 'down'), or to fight, and with which weapon.

The game is archived at Macintosh Garden and can be emulated on most operating systems with Mini vMac. An unofficial walk-through guide to the game is hosted at gamewinners.com.

Tropes used in Enchanted Scepters include:

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