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Endstone is a fantasy webcomic set in a extremely strange Sword and Sorcery version of the United States of America. Where the "higher animals" are humanoid in shape, and the heroine Kyri is a deer -- really. Where there are combined beauty salon/blacksmithies. Where magical stones can be "rocked" by the talented, the stoners, including Kyri, her estranged husband Jon, and their daughter Colindra ("Cole").

The reason they are estranged is that Jon tried to use one to destroy the world. But there are hints that this might not be a bad thing.

Presented as a comic book.

Starts here.

Tropes used in Endstone include:

"Gaze into the world as it should be Jon."
"Deep in your soul you have always felt there was somethine 'not right' about your life, yes?"
"You are really an overlord. A man of great power that no mortal can touch...
"You are...