Engine Sentai Go-onger

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(Counterclockwise) Miu, Hant, Renn, Sôsuke, Saki, Gunpei and Hiroto.

"Pressing forward on the road of Justice!"

Engine Sentai Go-onger is the 32nd program in the Super Sentai series, which aired from 2008 to 2009.

Including the earth humans live in, the Human World, there are 11 Alternate Dimensions altogether.[1] Three Engines from the Machine World crossed dimensions in pursuit of the three Ministers of the Gaiark, a machine clan which thrives on pollution. They're found in the Human World, which the Ministers plan to conquer through pollution. Finding out that they can only stay in their giant forms for a small period, the Engines' navigator robot, Bomper, recruited three people at a racing circuit to become the Go-ongers to fight together with the Engines. They're soon joined by two more people who see them in action. Some time later, a pair of ESPer siblings connected to Engines also appeared: Though they had frictions initially, they joined the crew as well.

Vehicles and racing are chosen as the themes for the Rangers, and the motif is about Ecology; the three Gaiark Ministers represent land, water and air pollutions respectively.

Originally unintended to be contractually bound to its US version, Go-onger was... weird. The series took a sharp turn to comedy, sacrificing a significant plotline for Running Gags, Character Exaggerations, and overall tried to be much Lighter and Softer than an average Super Sentai title. For many, this came off as a polarizing shift in the wake of the dark and story-heavy previous series. It didn't help that people weren't informed beforehand about the series being a deliberate attempt at comedy. The incorporated Green Aesop was also seen by some as a bit preachy (though it was for the most part Played for Laughs). That's not to say it's all bad; there are many moments where it's genuinely fun, funny, or both, especially when looked past the seemingly childish premise. It also plays a lot of Japanese Media Tropes, in particular Super Sentai tropes, very often, even to the brink of parody.

And remember: This series is comedy. We're supposed to laugh!

"Adapted" for American audiences as Power Rangers RPM.

The Rangers


Go-On Wings

  • 7 - Hiroto Sutō / Go-On Gold - "Philosopher": The older brother. A no-nonsense Genius Bruiser. The Rival to Go-ongers, but particularly to Sōsuke.
  • 8 - Miu Sutō / Go-On Silver - "Lovely Sensation": The younger sister. Warms up to the others sooner than her brother. Has BST with Sōsuke.

The Engines

  • 1 - Speedor:[2] A race car. Sōsuke's partner.
  • 2 - Bus-on:[3] A bus and Renn's partner.
  • 3 - BearRV:[4] A BearRV. Saki's partner.
  • 4 - Birca:[5] A motorbike.[6] Hant's partner.
  • 5 - Gunpherd:[7] A police car. Gunpei's partner.
  • 6 - Carrigator:[8] A trailer. In joint partnership with Hant and Gunpei. Talks like a samurai.
  • 7 - Toripter:[9] A helicopter. Hiroto's partner.
  • 8 - Jetras:[10] A fighter jet. Miu's partner.
  • 9 - Jum-bowhale:[11] A jumbo jet. Hiroto and Miu's mentor.
  • 10 - Kishamoth:[12] A steam locomotive. The head car of the Prehistoric Engines.
  • 11 - T-Line:[13] A bullet train car. The middle car of the Prehistoric Engines.
  • 12 - K-Line:[14] A bullet train car. The final car of the Prehistoric Engines.
    • The K-Line and the T-Line may also refer to the K/T boundry


  • Land Pollution Minister, Yogostein: Leader of the Ministers.
    • Hiramechimedes: Yogostein's vice-minister. Fiercely loyal, and in return, Yogostein values him more than anything.
  • Water Pollution Minister, Kegalesia: The sexy Dark Chick.
  • Air Pollution Minister, Kitaneidas
  • Prime Minister Yogoshimacritein: Yogostein's father and the true Big Bad of the series.

Tropes used in Engine Sentai Go-onger include:

Recurring Super Sentai tropes

"This one is ours! Last Corner! Steering Open! Change: Handle Baster! Blaster Soul: Set! Handle Blaster: Target Lock! G6 Grand Prix! Go-On!"

  • Combination Attack
  • Crossover: Go-onger vs. Gekiranger, the first theatrical installment in the Vs. Series. From this point on, all the Vs. movies premiered as part of the Super Sentai Festival held every January.
  • Custom Uniform
  • Eyecatch: The eyecatch is the five primary Engines shown in a race and BOMPER as the referee, with the viewers told to make a guess who wins. After the break, the winner is shown and that mecha says a short catchphrase. In GP Final, everyone wins and everyone makes a catchphrase altogether.
  • Finishing Move: "This one is ours! Last Corner! EngineOh - Go-on Grand Prix!"
    • "Gonna run you through! Final Lap! EngineOh - GunBirOh Grand Prix!"
  • Five-Man Band
  • Home Base: The Ginjiro:[16] Also Bigger on the Inside, given the number of people, mecha, and pieces of merchandise they're able to fit in there.
  • Humongous Mecha: Go-onger currently holds the highest record in Super Sentai for multiple mecha combination in-series:[17] GunBir G12 composed of 12 pieces.
    • A Mech by Any Other Name: The Engines.
    • Combining Mecha
      • Speedor + Bus-On + Bear RV = Engine Oh
      • Birca + Gunpherd + Carrigator = Gunbir Oh
      • Toripter + Jeptras + Jum-bowhale = Seiku Oh
      • Kishamoth + K-Line + T-Line = Kyoretsu Oh
    • Transforming Mecha: Go-Roader GT; the only one and the only non-mainline one.
    • Mecha Expansion Pack: The "Engine Busō" system, in which Engine Oh uses other Engines for new weapons or upgrades.
      • Engine Oh + Birca = Engine Oh Birca
      • Engine Oh + Gunpherd = Engine Oh Gunpherd
      • Engine On + Toripter + Jeptras = Engine Oh Jetoripter
      • Engine Oh + Gunbir Oh = Engine Oh EngineOh
      • Engine Oh G6 + Seiku Oh = Engine Oh G6
      • Engine Oh G9 + Kyoretsu Oh = Engine Oh G9
  • Idiosyncratic Episode Naming: "GP"[18] for episodes. The first two characters in the titles are Kanji, and the rest is in Katakana.
  • In the Name of the Moon: Pushed way Up to Eleven: The Rangers,[19] the Engines,[20] the villains and - wait for it - all the Humongous Mecha including Go-Roader GT all have their lines. Short version? EVERYONE.
    • First, the Rangers:[21]

Sōsuke: "Mach Full Force! Go-On Red!"[22]
Renn: "Just Correct! Go-On Blue!"[23]
Saki: "Smile Blooming! Go-On Yellow!"[24]
Hant: "Doki Doki[25] Delight! Go-On Green!"[26]
Gunpei: "Dash Dynamic! Go-on Black!"[27]
All: "Pressing forward on the Road of Justice! Engine Sentai Go-Onger!"
Hiroto: "Break the Limit! Go-On Gold!"[28]

Miu: "Sparkling World! Go-On Silver!"[29]
Both: "Take Off! Go-On Wings!"
    • Then the Engines:[30]

Speedor: "The highway star with a full tank of courage! Engine Speedor!"
G12: "The safe ride gallant and pure! I be Engine Bus-On!"
Bus-On: "The tough girl of charm and guts! Engine BearRV-ya!"
Birca: "The easygoing dreamer! Engine Birca here!"
Gunpherd: "The hard emergency dispatch! This is Engine Gunpherd!"
Carrigator: "The giant chieftain![31] Engine Carrigator-de gozaru!"
Toripter: "Flying free and tricky! Me Engine Toripter!"
Jetras: "The silver air master! Engine Jetras!"
Jum-bowhale: "With me, everything is first class! I am Engine Jum-bowhale!"
Kishamoth: "Full speed ahead from the ancient times! Engine Kishamoth arriving!"
T-Line: "Ascend![32] The Engine of wishes,[33] T-Line!"
K-Line: "Descend![34] The Engine of light,[35] K-Line!"

    • And the Ministers:[36]

Yogostein: "The ground dried and fissured! I'm[37] the Land Pollution Minister, Yogostein!"
Kegalesia: "The water murky and defiled! I'm[38] the Water Pollution Minister, Kegalesia!"
Kitaneidas: "The atmosphere tainted and black! I'm[39] the Air Pollution Minister, Kitaneidas!"

    • As if the concept hasn't been lampooned enough already, Yogostein, Hiramechimedes and Happa[40] Banki struck the final blow in GP 17.

Yogostein: "The one who hatefully pollutes the land! Earth Pollution Minister Yogostein -nari!"
Hiramechimedes: "I gain a flash of brilliance through pok-pok-ping![41] Earth Pollution Vice-Minister Hiramechimedes!"

Happa Banki: "No. 1 ruffian of Earth Pollution! Happa Banki!"

Tropes specific to Engine Sentai Go-onger

  • Achilles in His Tent: or rather, Yogostein In The Banki Chamber mourning the death of Hiramechimedes.
  • Actor Allusion: or in this case, Voict Actor Allusion, as the voice of Carrigator also voiced the comic relief crocodilian monster Yatsudenwani from Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger.
  • Affectionate Parody: Of Super Sentai tropes while being a Super Sentai itself—just like one from 13 years ago—See Fleeting Demographic Rule below.
  • Aloof Ally: Hiroto and Miu.
  • And the Adventure Continues...
  • Anime Hair: Sōsuke
  • Ascended Fanboy: Hiroto is a Gattai[43] maniac.
  • A Worldwide Punomenon: The series is very, very rich when it comes to puns.
    • Scoop Banki in GP 3 mistook the place he's supposed to strike for a hill.[44]
  • Backronym: At first glance, Bomper's name sounds like a twist of "Bumper", especially because the vehicle theme. But then we find out that it actually stands for "Born-to Outerdimension and Mechanic × Pitcrew-type ENGINE-support Robot".
  • Bad Boss: Yogoshimacritein, who fires through two of his Quirky Miniboss Squad to hit the Go-ongers. He even denounced his (dead) son as a useless failure.
  • Base on Wheels: The Ginjiro.
  • Batman Gambit: GP 22 is basically about Hiramechimedes and Hiroto trying to out-gambit each other. Pretending to be exiled by Yogostein, fatally injured and all, Hiramechimedes tells the Go-ongers that he wanted to race Hiroto to Hellgaille Palace as his last wish. Hiroto accepted, and knowing him awfully well, had everything prepared. Hiramechimedes finally outwitted them, but there's one thing he didn't calculate about: Go-ongers.[45]
  • Benevolent Boss: Despite being the villains, the Gaiark Ministers are surprisingly nice. Their monsters may lose to the Go-ongers' tactics and have to retreat, but if they did well, they praise them. Now that's a boss.[46]
  • Beware the Nice Ones: The Go-ongers may be simple, gullible and headstrong Idiot Heroes who can't do not plan ahead, but it's not an advisable course of action to take advantage of them. Hiramechimedes learned it the hard way.
    • Played straight in GP 13: the Yakuza boss' daughter is a Kawaiiko who's a closet Delinquent.
  • Boring Invincible Hero: Averted painfully for Sōsuke as an Aesop. In GP 8, while helping Speedor recover from a bad rust, Sōsuke kept believing that a miracle will happen, since they're the heroes; nothing happened. In the end, he decided to make miracles happen, rather than waiting for them.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: Done blatantly in GP 45, where the Go-Ongers thank the viewers at home and wish them a happy new year.
  • Butt Monkey: Hant.
  • Catch Phrase: "Go-on!" for everyone; perhaps even too often.
    • "KanKan - Checker Flag!"
    • "Go-onger - Touchdown!"
    • Sōsuke, Renn and Saki in particular; Their catchphrases "Mach", "Zubari" and "Smile, Smile." make their way into their daily conversations more than any prior Super Sentai character's possibly could.
    • Hant and his "Doki doki". Not as often as the other three, but that's not saying much.
    • Hiramechimedes' "Pok-pok-PING! I just had a flash of brilliance!"
  • Chekhov's Gun: The giant gear in the Gaiark base with their symbol on it: Humorously named "Deus Haguruma Gear".[47]
  • Chekhov's Gunman: Averted with Nigoru. He's introduced as if he might be to Kegalesia as Hiramekimedes was to Yogostein, only to die shortly afterward and never be mentioned again.
  • The Chosen Many: There are countless other Engines in the Engine World which, from how they look, seem perfectly capable of anything the hero Engines can do.
  • Clip Show: GP 45 partly.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: Hant. Oh god, Hant.
  • Comically Missing the Point: This one conversation excerpt from GP 26.

(Voice): Young lady. Please receive my love.
Saki: Could this be... a sudden confession?! Oh my.
Miu: This is too sudden... I have to consult with Ani.
Nigoru: My beautiful... Bearrv.
{{[[[Beat]] Silence}}]
Saki: So Go-onWings is the one you're confessing to?
Miu: Hey! That's not what you should be surprised about. Look, it's Nigoru!
Saki: Oh, right.

Jum-bowhale: "Attenshun puriisu!"[49]

"Circumference Ratio: Pi Beam!"
"Isosceles Right-Triangle Slash!"

Yogostein, Hiramechimedes and Happa Banki: "In the name of Earth Pollution, we'll eliminate you!"

  • Single-Stroke Battle: Yogostein's last standoff against Sōsuke.
  • The Smurfette Principle: While averted within the team once the Go-on Wings joined, it is played straight among the Engines, with Bear-RV being the only female (despite Toripter being voiced by a woman, he is male). As well as Kegalesia among the Gaiarc, of course.
  • Soap Opera: One Go-On Seminar has Saki mentioning that she follows Korean Drama. A more blatant reference appears in the episode where Miu infiltrates a high school, which has a Drama Club attempting a Korean drama performance, complete with Bae Yong-Jun impersonator.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": The Go-ongers and Go-on Wings' "civilian" jackets are loaded with Gratuitous English, leading to some normal looking names (Sôsuke,[73] Saki, Gunpei, Hiroto, Miu), some "OK, I'll give it to you" names (Renn), and then Hant. Despite the fact that his name was plastered in front of viewers faces for 49 episodes, some English language fansubbers still decided to go with the direct romanization of his name "Hanto".
    • The official spelling was probably chosen so that the names would divide symmetrically on either side of the zipper: SOS/UKE, RE/NN, SA/KI, GUN/PEI and HA/NT
  • Stealth Hi Bye: NES can make his own Engine Soul appear in other Rangers' changers at will.
  • Stealth Pun: The word "Engine" is actually written with two Kanji in the official title: "Flame" and "God/Deity".
    • Don't forget Hiroto's constant boxing exercises - he's clearly a bantamweight.
      • Possibly a stretch, but Kegalesia with her everpresent tap might count...
    • Also, Carrygator forms the shoes[74] of every Engine-Oh combination he participates in.
  • Straw Vulcan: Hiramechimedes is a the straight example, being the smartest person among Gaiark.
    • Hiroto's strategy of reading his opponents stopped working when Hiramechimedes becomes crazy, and thus unpredictable. Naturally, it took Sōsuke's equally unpredictable antics to match him.
  • Super Sentai Stance: Spoofed in GP 14 by Hant; he physically set their bodies to the usual pose.
  • Suspiciously Similar Substitute: In the Where Are They Now? Epilogue, which reveals that Saki now works in a bakery, she encounters a customer who looks eerily like Kegalesia (and is also played by Nao Oikawa) ...
  • Sweet Tooth: The reason Saki's non-dessert recipes bomb: Too much sugar.
  • Team Chef: Renn; though his cooking is limited to egg-based meals due to budgetary constraints.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: Saki and Miu.
  • Too Soon: Shortly after the Go-on Wings' debut, some guy committed a murder using a dagger. As a result, the toy version of the Rocket Dagger was called Rocked Booster, and the show avoided using the word dagger for a while (as a result, the Wings would avoid calling some of their attacks).
  • Training from Hell: GP 14 has Sōsuke and Hant going through this.
  • Tsundere: Miu and Hiroto.
  • Unobtainium: Bikkurium,[75] the substance which enlarges the Bankiju when they're KO'd.
  • Verbal Tic: All the Engines have one each, and they use theirs pretty often all the time. But it's a bit arguable with the Prehistoric Engines, because they don't speak.
    • Bomper's "Bom Bom!".
    • Renn adds "-su" to every sentence he speaks. But he drops that when in his household.
    • Birca has a handful of gratuitous foreign phrases, mainly italian, in addition to his usual one.
    • Even the Ministers: "-nari" for Yogostein, "-(de) ojaru" for Kegalesia, "-zoyo" for Kitaneidas.
      • They mixed up each other's Verbal Tics in GP 7 while instructing the Literal-Minded Bombe[76] Banki what to say via phone.
      • During the Dino Engines' debut arc, Speedor actually takes offence at the Drill Banki's Verbal Tic 'Dori', for being one letter away from 'Doru'. A few eps later, the same thing happens with Jetras and the Engine Banki (see Hilarious in Hindsight above).
  • Villainous Crossdresser: Hiramechimedes's Camp Gay older brother Kokorootomedes takes this trope to its wackiest, complete with pink wig and heart-based attacks.
  • Where Are They Now? Epilogue
  • Widget Series: Oh god, where do we start...?
  • Wholesome Crossdresser: Granddaughter Hant.
    • In one episode, Gunpei wants Hant to wear a dress and pose as his girlfriend in order to stop Gunpei's mother trying to arrange a marriage for him. Apparently, Hant makes a better girl than the actual girls on the team ...
    • It's also revealed (at the end of the Granddaughter Hant episode) that one of Hant's side-jobs is being a transvestite maid. He even says it's his favorite!
  • Yakuza: One of the Character Of The Day in GP 13 is played straight as a yakuza boss. And his ferocity is just... out of this world; he can scare not only the Gaiark Ministers, who are by and large main villains, off like little kids, but even objects!. Could be justified by him being an alien, though.
  • Yamato Nadeshiko: Renn is a textbook example despite being male: tall, modest, polite, gentle and overall the most mature and responsible of the Go-ongers. He is the Team Chef and likes to fuss over others to the point where his teammates call him "mother".
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