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Future rap battle ideas, go!

Dan Bull will guest star in the series at some point.

Dan Bull is easily one of the most acclaimed Youtube rappers ever. It would be insane not cast him as Darwin, Churchill, or someone else who just so happens to be ridiculously British.

Season 2 will feature some sort of plot.

We've already seen that Hawking is some sort of Dragon to Vader. As the series continues, more connections will be made.

  • Oh, and FYI? Hitler totally survived the Rancor.
  • Seems to be Jossed for now, no obvious connections between episodes except for cameos.

The Rancor Pit had Vader's homeboy from Israel instead of an actual Rancor.

Furthermore, Vader was always planning to send Hitler to the Rancor pit. He just wanted to have some fun first.

Hitler will survive the Rancor pit, only to be subjected to worse and worse punishment every season.

Because why not, it's Hitler.

So, wait, why are these guys battling again?

  • John Lennon vs. Bill O'Reilly: John's taken offense to something Bill said about the Vietnam War. He elects to show this using the area of his expertise.
  • Adolf Hitler vs. Darth Vader, Round 1: Hitler, through some fluke, has taken over Earth. Darth Vader is sent to reclaim Earth for the Empire. Then shit gets weird.
  • Abraham Lincoln vs. Chuck Norris: Lincoln discovers the internet! At first, he is fascinated, but then a certain something drives him to go to Chuck Norris's cosmic plane and rip into him.
  • Sarah Palin vs. Lady Gaga: Palin, an established conservative, meets Lady Gaga, a supporter of homosexual rights, at a cocktail party. Shit-slinging ensues.
  • Hulk Hogan & Randy Savage vs. Kim Jong-Il: The President has been kidnapped by communists! Are Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage bad enough dudes to shame Kim Jong-Il into releasing him?
  • Justin Bieber vs. Ludwig van Beethoven: Justin Bieber's tired of being the Internet's Butt Monkey! Maybe if he challenged Beethoven to a rap battle, he could gain some respect? No, not really.
  • Albert Einstein vs. Stephen Hawking: Einstein hates cripples.
  • The Easter Bunny vs. Genghis Khan: The Easter Bunny places eggs underneath Genghis Khan's pillow, giving him a hard night's sleep. Genghis Khan catches him and curses him out, and the Easter Bunny responds in kind.
  • Napoleon vs. Napoleon: Bonaparte watches Napoleon Dynamite. He is so disgusted that he forgets he's not actually French and short, and tears a hole in reality just so he can lay into Mr. Dynamite himself. He gives his opponent the first verse, because he's cocky like that.
  • Billy Mays & Vince Offer vs. Benjamin Franklin: Benjamin finds Billy's voice to be a tremendous pain in his ears. Unfortunately, Billy's already scheduled to face down Vince, but that's okay, he can always make room for a Founding Father.
  • Gandalf vs. Dumbledore: The two old wizards decide to give the nerds a fight, just to get them to stop bitching and moaning. They're actually very good friends: Gandalf's comments about Gringotts are more vulgar jokes to somebody he knows can take it than actual attacks on Dumbledore's character.
  • William Shakespeare vs. Dr. Seuss: Shakespeare stumbles upon Dr. Seuss bringing drawings to life and mistakes him for the old witches of lore. He opts to ward him off using his version of an anti-magic charm.
  • Mr. T vs. Mr. Rogers: This is not the real Mr. Rogers, but is, in fact, an imperfect clone of the original Mr. Rogers. Mr. T recognizes this, and attempts to prove the charlatanry of the clone by whipping it out of its state of tranquility, because Mr. Rogers is always chill.
  • Christopher Columbus vs. Captain Kirk: The Enterprise gets tossed back in time to the era of colonization. Kirk takes this opportunity to voice his displeasure towards the Indian-dooming Columbus.
  • Nice Peter vs. Epic Lloyd: Nothing out of the ordinary, it's just how the two settle creative differences.
  • Adolf Hitler vs. Darth Vader, Round 2: Actually, this was already given a story.
  • Leonidas vs. Master Chief: Master Chief challenges Leonidas to show him some of that laconic wit his people are known for.
  • The Mario Bros. vs. The Wright Bros.: The Mario Bros. have gotten themselves into more time-traveling shenanigans! To get a certain MacGuffin, they have to beat the Wright Bros. in a contest of wit.
  • Michael Jackson vs. Elvis Presley: As the fabric of time unfurls and unwinds, Jackson and Presley take this opportunity to see which one of them is the better wordsmith before everything really goes to crap.
  • Cleopatra vs. Marilyn Monroe: The grandest beauty contest of all time is held! Only Cleopatra and Marilyn are left, and there's only one way to settle this score...

Beethoven will return

  • If the early bird cameos are anything to go by, Beethoven was seen with along with Master Chief and the Mario Brothers. Plus, he needs better competition.

The Announcer is a shapeshifter.

In the first ERB News, he was portrayed as a llama. In the latest, he was a bear.

Elvis "The King of Rock" Presley will rap battle Michael "The King of Pop" Jackson.

  • The Perfect match... This WILL happen at one point.
  • Epic LLYOD has been seen with a Elvis costume.
    • Confirmed.

The Season 2 Trailer implies:

  • There will be a Russian character, as per request by Vladimir Putin. Possibly Vladimir Putin himself.
  • The Mario Brothers will show up, with NicePeter as Luigi and EpicLloyd as Mario.
    • Confirmed, and they battled the Wright Brothers.
  • Socrates will show up.
  • Beethoven will return, played by NicePeter, for a better match, instead of his Curb Stomp Battle against Justin Bieber.
  • So will Ben Franklin, who also commented on the second season.
    • He will probably go up against a TV personality, hence his comment ("TV is for pussies").
  • Steve Jobs will have a battle, as his comment on the series was "pass the mic".
    • Semi-confirmed on NicePeter's channel, where he said he shaved part of his hairline to play Steve Jobs.
  • King Henry VIII will appear.
  • Master Chief will have his own battle.
    • Confirmed; he went up against Leonidas, to many a fanboy's delight.

Season 2 will end with the ever-requested "Barack Obama VS Osama Bin Laden" match.

  • Come on. It's easily the most requested match since the series began. Why not turn it into the Season Finale?
    • Probably Jossed by Nice Peter on his channel, where he said he didn't ever want to do an Obama vs. Osama fight, because he felt uncomfortable joking about Osama Bin Laden. He did, however, express interest in Obama vs. George Washington.

The ERB universe's version of Stephen Hawking is a technopath.

Which is how he manages to play Angry Birds without using his hands.

Vader and Hawking teamed up based on their shared hatred of ableist Germans.

Einstein kept slinging the cripple-jokes, and Hitler made a few shots against Vader's cyborg status.

Season Two's Russian character will be Putin himself

Makes most sense.

In the next three days; who will Steve Jobs go up against?

NicePeter revealed he'll be playing Steve Jobs, but said for no-one to assume they'd figured out the match-up, because it wasn't what they were thinking. This seems to imply that it's not Bill Gates.

    • Steve Jobs and Bill Gates might team up against someone.
      • Steve Jobs & Bill Gates vs. Thomas Edison & Nikola Tesla?