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  • This video had the host, Phantom Savage, who had delighted in doing several evil actions in Fallout: New Vegas, take on a romhack by his friend, The Khold One, and was crying. It was that hard.
  • In the Whateley Universe, one of the very few things that both sides of the powered community agree on is that family is not to be brought into the matter. For villains and heroes, their life being at risk is one thing -- their kids being at risk just because of association? That's something else entirely, and people finding out about it is just about guaranteed to draw the ire of the whole community. And threatening the family of a Whateley student? The lucky ones are in jail for life. And on life support -- also for life.
  • Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog: The Doctor's response to the idea of smothering an old lady? "Do I even know you?"
    • He also responds to an e-mail from his would-be nemesis, who challenged him to a fight in a public park, by pointing out that kids play in that park.
      • Let's face it, Dr Horrible is pretty much all standards. Well, at first.
  • Ask That Guy With The Glasses, episode 44 had Bennett the Sage as a co-host to That Guy, the infamous master of Dead Baby Comedy, and Sage actually delivered so disturbing and creepy answers, that That Guy spent most of the episode watching Sage with a mix of fear and frozen horror on his face.
    • And to a lesser extent, in The Nostalgia Critic's Casper review, the now-Chaotic Evil Casper is horrified when the Critic makes a joke where the film's teenage female lead cheerfully mentions having an abortion to her father.

Casper: *looks wide-eyed*
Critic: ...Okay, that was a little disturbing--
Casper: Wow.
Critic: Okay, okay, it was just a little dark humor, I mean, it's nothing--
Casper:: Wow!
Critic: Okay, okay, let's just move on!
Casper: ...you sicken me.

    • And to an even lesser extent, That Guy's reaction to a letter stating that the writer recently discovered that he was part of the Furry Fandom.
      • Satan talks over a piece in Ask that guy with the glasses 58 saying, "Uh. Yeah, you guys better not listen to this."
    • Sage himself gets an Even Evil Has Standards when reading Cloud Mows the Lawn.
      • He has a few other such moments, such as in one anime review where it's casually mentioned that the hero raped his sister and never gets any comeuppance for it. Also, in a crossover with JesuOtaku where she reviews Master of Martial Hearts, he notes that he wouldn't be caught dead eating at a place called Moe Burger, because even he has to have some standards.
    • Douchey Mc Nitpick, a troll who loved proving The Critic wrong, decides to leave when the number one fuck up breaks him.
  • Atop the Fourth Wall has That '90s Kid, an embodiment of the Dark Age of Comics. While not evil, he loves mindless violence and "darkness", but when Superboy Prime kills a pregnant woman in Countdown to Final Crisis, well...

"Duuude, I-" * Record Needle Scratch* "Wait. Did you just vaporize a pregnant chick? That's...not cool, man. That's just not cool."

Doctor Insano: "I may be evil, but at least I'm not full of CRAP!!"

    • Don't get him wrong, Dr. Insano does enjoy the fact that the movie was about the ultimate triumph of evil and playing the innocent population for the bleeding heart saps that they are, but what irritates him is the fact that all the effort Ferris put into committing multiple felonies and driving Cameron closer to suicide was all for something so petty; a day off from school.
    • Not to mention Dr. Insano also attended school. Even evil won't skip school.
  • In the review of The Spirit by Linkara and Film Brain, Linksano reveals that- even to him- it is too much to disintegrate a kitten. There are lines that even they don't cross, apparently, and that's one of them.
  • The Cinema Snob had this reaction to A Serbian Film; while his favorite movie is apparently Caligula and he's watched some pretty disgusting movies, this is the first one that made him feel like he'd done something wrong and illegal just by sitting through it.
    • It's even deeper: That wasn't "The Snob" having that reaction, it was Brad Jones. Keep in mind, Jones created the Snob character to parody film critics who only like artistic film, but in real life he actually likes a lot of the films he makes fun of. A Serbian Film was too disgusting for even him.
  • The AI O'Malley from Red vs. Blue, who desires nothing less than to CRUSH EVERY LIVING SOUL INTO DUST draws the line at Red Bull.

O'Malley: They will all taste oblivion! Which tastes just like Red Bull... which is disgusting!

humans can suffer all day long. i lol hard at that shit.
dogs and cats..... fuck you op.

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