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Everwood was a drama series that ran from 2002-06 on what was then The WB, starring Treat Williams as Dr. Andrew Brown. After the death of his wife, Brown left his prestigious position at an New York hospital, packed up his teenage son and nine-year-old daughter, and left the big city for the quiet, sleepy mountain town of Everwood, Colorado.

According to Television Without Pity, its stories were often pure cheese in concept, but executed so awesomely they could only sputter, "Damn you, Berlanti!"

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Tropes used in Everwood include:
  • Alpha Bitch - Delia's friend Brittany is a toned down, younger version
  • Badass Biker - of the granny variety: Edna
  • Beta Couple - Bright and Hannah to Amy and Ephram in season 3
  • Broken Pedestal - happens twice to poor Ephram in the second half of season one: his piano teacher has to leave town because he got one of his female students pregnant -- just weeks after Ephram found out his mother had been cheating on his father, probably right up until she died.
  • Cast Incest: Emily VanCamp dated Chris Pratt, her on-screen brother.
  • Christmas Episode
  • The City vs. the Country: The basic premise.
  • Cliff Hanger - the first season finale
  • Cloudcuckoolander - Andy Brown is frequently considered this; he's completely okay with it.

Edna: Remind me again why you're offering this thankless town free medicine?
Andy: Well, the long answer is that after fifteen years of making money off of other people's sickness, I've decided to alleviate my guilt by doing something incredibly altruistic. The short answer is: I'm nuts!

  • Coming Out Story
  • Continuity Nod - In the first episode, Andy tells Delia she'll get a pony if she's willing to move to Everwood. Then when the Andy-Linda plot rolls around:

Andy: The thing is, I promised Delia I wouldn't date her.
Edna: You also promised Delia a horse, I don't see Mr. Ed clomping around!

  • Cool Old Lady - Edna
  • Cut Short - So that the new CW could bring us yet another season of past-its-prime 7th Heaven.
  • Near-Death Clairvoyance - Sort of. Andy's deceased wife appears a few times to discuss the difficulties of parenting with him; the first few of these are actually "replays" in Andy's mind of conversations they'd had before, but the last one is completely original.
  • Deadpan Snarker - Ephram
  • Fashion Hurts - What Delia learns when wearing uncomfortable stockings.
  • First Girl Wins - Ephram and Amy.
  • Heroism Incentive - In the pilot episode, Andy tries to convince his 15-year-old son and 9-year-old daughter to move to the titular rural town in Colorado.

Andy: Now, I want this to be a democratic decision, so we're going to put this to a vote. Everyone who wants to move...
(Nobody moves).
Andy: ...And get their own horse, raise your hand.
(Delia raises her hand excitedly).



  • Screwed by the Network: see Cut Short above.
    • This was so bad that Everwood fans rented a ferris wheel outside of Dawn Ostroff's offices, attempting to help renew the show, but to no avail. Even all of the DVDs have yet to be released.
  • Shrinking Violet - Hannah in season 3
  • Teens Are Monsters - Averted brilliantly. The teenage characters could be volatile and cause the adults grief, but the adults weren't always perfect either and most of the arguments were shown from both sides, displaying real conflict rather than standards kids versus parents.
  • Their First Time - They actually go through with it.
  • Three Amigos - Bright, Amy and Colin
  • Unrequited Love Switcheroo - Throughout the first season, Ephram is in love with Amy but she's with Colin. In the second season, Ephram gets over Amy and begins a relationship with Madison around the same time that Amy realizes her feelings for Ephram. Eventually, they enter into a relationship for awhile and break up. In season four it happens again, first Ephram wants to be with Amy again but she turns him down. Afterwards, Ephram moves on and gets a new girlfriend named Stephanie which causes Amy to realize she still loves Ephram. In the end, they get back together.
    • There is also a bit of this with Bright, Hannah, and Topher
  • What the Hell, Hero? - Andy's affair with the stroke patient's wife in Season 3. Not only was it out of character, but the guilt over the first time they slept together caused him to develop an ulcer and cough up blood...and that was when he decided to make a go of the relationship as more than just a one-off? Really? It was like the story was written backwards, somehow making the logical endpoint the catalyst.