Exclusively Evil/Analysis

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    Methods used to avoid the Unfortunate Implications usually associated with this trope

    There have been many attempts to avoid the Unfortunate Implications associated with Exclusively Evil. Here are some of the more common methods:

    • They are not born, but made, Type 1: They are a reborn into their new species or race, and the processing itself in some way makes them evil. Notable examples include the Reavers from Firefly (who are humans exposed to a drug that either makes humans comatose, or hyperviolent) and the vampires from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (who have any innate morality reversed in the process of removing the human soul and replacing it with a demon).
    • They are not born, but made, Type 2: To become a member of the Exclusively Evil race, you must first prove your evil bona-fides. Notable examples include the various Fiendish races in the Planescape Dungeons and Dragons setting (whose reproduction is too complicated to go into here).
    • They are not born, but made, Type 3: They are actually manufactured with Evil ends in mind. Notable examples include the various non-reprogrammed Terminators (who are specifically manufactured with extermination in mind).
      • They are not born, but made, Type 3.5: The evil is not intentional in the manufacture, but is merely an accidental byproduct of their components or design decisions. Notable examples include certain versions of Frankenstein's Monster, who are made with the brains of the Insane, and more than one case of A.I. Is a Crapshoot.
    • Made of Evil: The species is made of evil, or is in some way Evil because they are made of Evil parts. Notable examples include the Daemons from Warhammer 40k and Fantasy.
    • Mind Control is involved: The species/race has some tie to the Evil Overlord that allows him to indirectly control them. This one has some degree of UnfortunateImplications, but at least makes it clear why the race in question is all the enemy. Notable examples include (by strong implication) the Orcs of The Lord of the Rings (who immediately stop fighting once Sauron is killed, even though they couldn't know he was).
    • Some kind of Hive Mind: Notable examples include the Tyrannids from Warhammer 40k.

    Other kinds of justifications exist, these are just some of the obvious ones.