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  • Character Tiers ... Sort of. The varying Mechanaught part sets seem to be loosely grouped into increasingly better tiers of overall stats, and yet within each tier those sets are balanced against eachother. In some cases a less expensive part will provide better stats than a more expensive one, depending on what the player wants to do with his Mechanaught.
    • Mighty Glacier: Palamo's Hellbent Butcher. Just ... Just the Hellbent Bucher.
      • The Boomrocker and (especially) the Haskell used to be the epitomes of the Mighty Glacier, but have since been outperformed by higher-end Mechanaughts, like the HELLBENT BUTCHER.
        • The Vigilant trumped the Hellbent Butcher when it was released.
    • Fragile Speedster: A number of Mechanaughts qualify, but the most fragile of them all is the Stallion. The fastest right now appears to be the Spazmok.
      • One of the new Mechanaughts takes this to the extremes, being faster than the Spazmok, and more fragile than the Pinkette.
  • "Stop Having Fun!" Guys: Players using the SMGs are hated by these people, who call them noobs or worse. These also tend to be the type who run Last Stand games at maximum difficulty and kick anyone who isn't using a rocket launcher and rectifiers during the match. "LS5 R/R ONLY" is the Exteel pro's answer to "NO ITEMS! FOX ONLY! FINAL DESTINATION!"
  • Too Good to Last: It was shut down September 1st, 2010 due to lack of player interest and money