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We all scream for Eye Scream. Here, then, are the list of anime and manga examples of this trope.

  • A Certain Magical Index: Happens when the fact that some of Index's bites are apparently going for Touma's eye sockets.[please verify]
    • There is also an "ear scream" moment later (in the first story arc of the second season of the anime), when militant sisters gouge out their ears to prevent a spell that disrupts their faith. It's much worse than it sounds.
    • Shiage gouges out Mugino's eye. She gets an artificial one later.
  • Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu: Episode 6. poor, poor Yuuji. Shouko does not want Yuuji looking at other girls so she does this...three times; the only word for this is "ouch."
    • Shouko does that even on the slightest instant she suspects Yuuji to be a little sexually liberated.
  • Happens to Kaede in Mai-Chan's Daily Life. Fairly tame by comparison to, oh, everything that has happened up to that point or afterwards.
  • During one battle in Legend of the Galactic Heroes, several scenes depicting the brutality of war are shown. In one case, a man is killed by an explosion in his ship, and we are treated to a visual of his eyes boiling and subsequently bursting. Pleasant stuff.
  • Mazinger Z: In the Mazinger vs Great General of Darkness feature, Kouji shot Mazinger's drilling missiles right in the eye of a Mykene Warrior Beast. The tiny missiles drilled through its eye and exploded inside its brain, and the monster screamed in pain as it happened. Ouch. And in another episode, Sayaka blew up with her Humongous Mecha Torpedo Tits the only weak points of the Mechanical Beast Gumbina M5... its eyes. Double ouch.
  • Perfect Blue: The corpses of each murder victim are shown to have their eyes gouged out. One man is killed from being stabbed in the eye and his crotch followed by repeated stabbing all over his body.
  • In SHUFFLE!, as a child, Kaede is seen standing at the top of a flight of stairs and coldly orders Rin to pick up some writing utensils she had dropped at the bottom. Rin busies himself with the task so he doesn't notice when Kaede secretly takes out a boxcutter, stretches her arm out and (somehow) drops it directly above Rin. Rin looks up at the moment when the knife comes careening down and it slices his right eye. He gets better.
  • End of Evangelion loves this. Unit 02 takes a Lance of Longinus replica to the face, causing Asuka to have her left eye put out. Later, Shinji causes Instrumentality to fail by bursting through Lilith/Rei's eyeball with the Lance of Longinus after being absorbed through a vagina-eye in her forehead. Dead fucking serious.
  • Vicious, the Big Bad of Cowboy Bebop, lives up to his name in episode 25 when he violently takes over leadership of the Red Dragon. The way he deals with one of the three leaders of The Syndicate can be best summed up in these words: "You will shed tears of scarlet."
  • Fruits Basket: In Hatori's backstory, when he tried to get permission from Akito to marry Kana, Akito's violent disapproval ended with Hatori's left eye getting badly injured, while Kana was watching. The event traumatized Kana to the point where Hatori decided to suppress her memories of their time together so that she wouldn't be in any more pain.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam 00 has a thing for blasting out the protagonists' right eyes. It happened to Lockon and Allelujah. Extra points to the latter for removing the eye that represented that character's Super-Powered Evil Side, symbolic of that side's loss.
    • It is later revealed in episode 7 of season 2 that Allelujah didn't lost his right eye, he was actually hit in the forehead and the reason he covered his right eye was because of the blood flowing. His Alter ego is just "sleeping".
  • When confronted by Mai, Natsuki and Midori in a late My-HiME episode after Yukariko's Wounded Gazelle Gambit, local Dark Magical Girl Nao Yuuki catches a stinger right into her left eye from her own CHILD, Julia. After pulling out the stinger, she notices her hand covered in blood, and gets extremely pissed off.
  • The eponymous girls from Gunslinger Girl are extremely resilient to physical attacks, to the point that they can't be shot down by just a few bullets. Their only true weak point is their eyes, which gets addressed in a rather gruesome way in Elsa's story, when she gets fed up with her handler Lauro's extreme neglection, shoots him dead, and then commits suicide by shooting herself in an eye.
    • A fact that the professional assassin Pinocchio also seems to understand, as demonstrated when he attempts to finish his fight with Triela by shoving a key through her right eye. More incredibly, Triela counters (and kills) him by stabbing her fingers through his throat.
    • And again invoked when right before dying, Jose kills Henrietta via shooting her in the eye.
  • In D Gray Man, Road Kamelot directs several sharpened candles towards Allen. All of them miss except one, which lands straight into his left eye. Doesn't help that's the eye that detects Akuma either... It gets better, though.
    • And then we get to see his partially regrown-but-still-not-there eye-socket!
    • How he got the curse on his eye: in the backstory, when the resurrected Mana was ordered to kill Allen, he sliced up his face all around his left eye, leaving a very obvious scar and an Akuma-detecting curse that another character quickly ceases to think of as lucky for Allen when he briefly ends up sharing it.
  • In Elfen Lied, Bando, after getting his limbs mangled by Lucy's strong-enough-to-split-a-tank-in-two psychic powers, vows revenge by saying, "The next time I see you, you're dead." Being the amoral, violent sociopath she is, Lucy quickly sees a way around that...
    • Given the general dark, gory tone of Elfen Lied, he was practically Tempting Fate.
    • When she was younger, Lucy killed another girl who betrayed her by slamming two of her vectors through the girls head, with only bloody eye sockets remaining where her eyes had been.
  • During the horrific finale of the Berserk anime, Guts gets his right eye clawed out by a demon as he is held down by said demon and forced to watch as his former commander Griffith, who has become the fifth member of the Godhand Femto, rapes Casca.
    • What's worse is that Guts remaining eye gets repeatedly threatened in the following arcs.
    • Chakrams can cut eyes in half...
    • One of Bishop Mozgus' disciples uses red-hot pliers to pull eyeballs out...
    • According to the manga, a good solid punch to the head will make your eyes pop right out. Every time.
    • Also, Miura seems to have a fondness of drawing people's heads getting cut in half, right at eye level. Graphically.
    • And getting stabbed or shot in the eye with an arrow takes the eyeball with it.
    • Also, in the very beginning when Guts is fighting the Baron of Koka Castle. First, the Baron loses his left eye when Guts blows his head in half, then he loses his right eye when Guts shoots it with his crossbow during wholly unnecessary but well-deserved torture.
    • Casca stabbing one of her would-be rapists in the eye with a stick and then the same guy gets his remaining eye gouged by one of Judeau's knives a moment later (only in the anime). The guy had it coming, but still. *shudder*
    • Serpico stabs a kelpie through the head, and then next page we see its left eyeball dangling from the socket.
  • In The Prince of Tennis, what prompted Tachibana's jump from Knight Templar to The Atoner was him hitting his best friend Chitose in the eye and almost making him completely lose sight in it. We also have Ryoma getting hit in the eye with the handle of his own broken racket, and later Fuji playing almost blind against Kirihara.
  • In Deadman Wonderland, participants who lose in the Carnival Corpse matches have to play a game of roulette to determine which body part of theirs will be removed. After Senji is defeated by Ganta, his right eye is torn out in consequence for reasearch (though he gets better within a couple of chapters.)
  • In the anime series Karas, the main character gets his sword broken, and small shards of it goes into his eyes. And it all happens in a zoomed-in slow-motion shot.
  • Vice's little sister in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha gets a magical bullet in the eye, though it eventually gets better. Little Miss Badass Cinque wasn't quite as lucky. There's a reason she wears an eyepatch, and we get to see the incident when she lost her eye via flashback.
  • In a flashback in Baccano!!, Czeslaw Meyer gets stabbed in the eye with a red-hot poker. Good thing he can heal...or not.
    • Also, episode 15 finally reveals just how Nice Holystone got that eye-patch of hers first-hand. It's as hard to watch as you'd think.
      • Let's cut the chase: she played with gunpowder as a child. She hasn't learned her lesson, either - she keeps a spare bomb in her empty eye socket!
    • Also, in the light novels, Firo takes one of Huey's eyes.
      • As part of a plan orchestrated by Renee, from whom the victim takes an eye in revenge.
  • The manga version of Battle Royale has several, mostly courtesy of Kiriyama. The first comes in a flashback scene where a bullying Judo teacher made the mistake of pushing Kiriyama around, and Kiryiama simply stuck a finger into his eye, then dragged him around by the stalk for a bit before squashing the eyeball between his fingers. Later in a fight with Sugimura, Kiriyama stabs Sugi in one eye with a throwing dagger.
    • The movie version has Kiriyama walking out of a burning house with bleeding eyes... Well, those used to be his eyes, anyway.
  • In Inuyasha, the titular character has a portal that leads to his father's grave in his pupil, which Sesshomaru decides to pull out in order to use it. In the anime, this is done through magic. In the manga, on the other hand, Sesshomaru does it the good old-fashioned way by stabbing him in the eye and digging out the pupil with his fingernails (Good Thing You Can Heal).
  • A flashback in Hellsing shows a young Seras putting a fork through the eye of an assailant. Zorin Blitz, who forced her to re-experience that memory presses her eyes against her scythe's blade afterward, brutally slashing both eyes. Seras gets better.
    • There's also the scene with Jan Valentine in Ultimate Hellsing OVA 2. During his infamous "I highly recommend pissing yourselves, followed by a course of praying to your impotent God!" spiel, he places his thumb atop the eye of the decapitated head he's playing with and presses down hard causing the eyeball to burst and blood to shoot out.
    • It actually happens at least once per OVA to the point that it's become a Running Gag. Whenever Alucard shoots his opponents in the head or impales them, we're treated to a nice shot of their eyeballs flying out of the sockets.
  • Used then averted in Bleach when Kenpachi uses this against Nnoitra. He stabs his opponents eyepatch as he's going to attack, saying that the eye socket is the most vulnerable place. It turns out that Nnoitra's eyepatch is actually to cover up his complete lack of eye; where his left eye is supposed to be is his Hollow hole.
    • Kenpachi himself could qualify. He has both his eyes, but the one deliberately covered by the eyepatch has some kind of thing on the inside, with teeth, devouring Kenpachi's overflowing spiritual pressure. Developed by the 12th division, indeed.
    • At least one ability of Ulquiorra's requires him to pull out his own eye and then crush it in his hand. Made less disturbing by the fact that it grows back later.
    • And in chapter 450 of the manga, Ginjo seriosuly injures Ichigo's eyes during their fight. Lampshaded by the chapter's name "Blind Solitude". Though Ichigo gets better in the following chapters.
    • And later, during Ichigo's fight with Ulquiorra, Loly and Menoly show up again, torture Orihime, and try to kill her again. When Ichigo notices this he charges after them in anger, and Loly threatens to tear out Orihime's eye. She didn't get the chance to, but clearly wanted to, given her irrational jealousy towards the girl.
    • Played for Laughs in the Soul Society arc, when cat!Yoruichi headbutts Orihime in the eye for using her powers in the wrong moment and thus putting herself in danger.
  • New Getter Robo's Heroic Sociopath Jin Hayato deals with one of his dissenting henchmen by slashing his eyes out with his razor-sharp fingernails.
  • Cho Hakkai from Saiyuki plucked out his own eye (almost both of them) and offered it to the relative of a youkai whose eyes he had gouged out during the mass murder he committed.
    • We're not sure about the extent of the damage yet, but in the last chapter of Saiyuki Reload, Ukoku apparently had his eyes shot out.
  • Something similar to the example above happens in Saint Seiya, when Cygnus Hyoga allows/begs Kraken Isaac to hit his eye... because Isaac lost an eye because of him. And also, one of Dragon Shiryu's most famous actions is him plucking his own eyes out to defeat an enemy who has a shield that turns you into stone with a single glance.
    • And in the filler arc of Asgard, Shiryu get his eyes damaged again in his fight with Fenrir.
    • During the Galactic Tournament arc. in the anime, right before his death Black Cygnus took off the swan ornament from his helmet and crushed it to send information to his boss (a still not Heel Face Turned Ikki), remember? Well, guess what he did in the original manga...
  • In Ikki Tousen, Kakuton (Xiahou Dun) loses an eye thanks to the assassin Koushaji (Hu Che Er), when he was fighting her to protect his friend and leader Sousou (Cao Cao). Sousou goes SO apeshit at this that his Super-Powered Evil Side takes control and bloodily kills Koushaji by crushing her head against a wall.
  • Subverted at 1:26 of Azumanga Daioh's infamous "Osaka and the Knife" scene, in a possible parody of the aforementioned Un Chien Andalou.
  • Vegeta got an eye taken out in his battle with Goku in Dragon Ball Z. It got better.

Vegeta(after getting hit for the third time in the right eyesocket):"The Eye! The Eye! Why is always that goddamned eye!?"

  • Yu-Gi-Oh!! has a somewhat famous example in Maximillion Pegasus (Pegasus J. Crawford, in Japan). Throughout most of the Duelist Kingdom arc, Pegasus possesses the Millennium Eye, which takes the place of his own left eye. He wasn't born with it... the 4Kids dub removes the blood, but keeps a silhouetted introduction process, right along with Pegasus's agonized screams. At the end of Duelist Kingdom, Bakura rips the Millenium Eye out of Pegasus's head. In the manga, he gives him one of Pegasus's own replica Millenium eyes; not that it does him much good, Bakura having killed Pegasus in the process and all. The Movie later had Pegasus show Kaiba what can only be assumed to be an empty socket or the dummy eye, and we get to see Kaiba squirm in response.
  • pop*

Pegasus: AGH! That's the WRONG EYEBALL, you fool!
Bakura: Oh, sorry.

  • pop*

Pegasus: Much better.

      • Referenced yet again in the re-cap episode:

Bakura: I spy, with my little eye, something that begins with "I". Guess what? It's your eye!
Pegasus: But "eye" doesn't start with--

  • pop!*
    • And in Yu-Gi-Oh! R, Pegasus' protege Yako gets his own version. There's no apparent physical trauma, but immediately after Yako finds evidence of what happened to Pegasus, his iris seemingly melts and runs down his face. Every other time we see Yako, both of his eyes are intact, though he does have a serious case of Mad Eye going throughout the series.
    • In Yu-Gi-Oh GX, there are two examples. Jim Cook has one of his eyes replaced by the Orichalcum Eye (though it's done in a discretion shot, it is implied he smashed his original eye out falling into a river. The second one involves Yubel. When Juudai's memories of their past return, his present self hovers over Yubel as she's being worked on by whoever is managing the transformation. It's made fairly clear they're removing or changing her eyes to be the magical ones they are in the present. The viewer isn't actually shown what happens, but Juudai winces at whatever it is he sees.
  • In Afro Samurai, Brother Two is forever using a pair of digital binoculars. He dies when Afro pulls his eyes out and shoves the binoculars into his skull -- complete with one last shot of the binocular viewpoint, blood oozing over the lenses.
  • In Kaiji, the titular character at one point has to bet an eye or an ear in a card game. This is accomplished by way of a small machine with a tiny drill that attaches over the organ in question -- every time he loses, the drill point will move a little bit closer... This would be bad enough, but the animation does us the questionable favor of explaining this by graphically animating, in cross-section, how the drill would move in and destroy his eye! Perhaps unsurprisingly, Kaiji chooses to bet his ear instead. (Then we're treated to repeated graphic demonstrations of how it would destroy his ear, just in case we weren't traumatized enough yet.)
  • In the Shigurui manga, Irako Seigen gets slashed across the eyes (no spoiler because that's how he was shown in the first chapter). At first you just see a line across the bridge of his nose; then it starts to bleed, with clear fluid coming out of the cuts in his eyes. Then it gets really freaky.
  • In Hell Teacher Nube, the local Ojou is possessed by an Obake that takes the form of a monstrous eye erupting from her hand. She tries to remove it by using this trope and stabbing it out. Unfortunately, not only does it keep growing back, the monster takes over her body more and more, extending the eyes all over her.
  • Though but one of the many gruesome, horrifying things that the Mushi from Mushishi can do to your body, but the author seems to have a special love of strange things living in, feeding off, or bursting out of peoples' eyes. (Thematically, this may be linked to the fact that Mushi are Invisible to Normals.) Just be glad that they don't exist. Maybe.
    • The author admits that eye trauma freaks her out, hence the giant blob of stuff oozing out of a little girl's eyes, a blind singer's eyes crawling away! and Ginko's eye being eaten by a powerful mushi which will eventually claim the rest of him.
  • Ninja Scroll: This is the result when Jubei determines that Tessai is not quite “hard as rock all over.”
  • In The Demon Ororon, Othello decides he likes Mitsume's third eye, so he rips it out and swaps one of his own eyes with it.
  • In Gungrave Brandon Heat takes a bullet point-blank in his left eye, and is killed. He gets better... ish... when he is revived as the gunslinging techno-zombie Beyond the Grave. Although he still doesn't get his eye back.
  • In Rose of Versailles, André Grandier loses an eye very messily ( via having said slashed with a sword's pointy tip) midway the story while protecting Oscar. She does not take that kindly and almost kills the culprit, a local Well-Intentioned Extremist, but backs off at the last moment to not fall as low as the guy. He gets Character Development, becomes an Intrepid Reporter and marries Rosalie, Oscar's protégée.
  • In Naruto Kishimoto is a BIG fan of the trope, as well as eye transplants. To start, we have the part where Itachi uses the Tsukoyomi to simulate popping Sasuke's eye out of its socket. He freaking PLUCKED IT OUT.
    • In the anime, it¿'s not pretty either. You see Sasuke's eye slowly bulge out of its socket as Itachi removes it. Thank GOD for the Gory Discretion Shot. That said, we get the same thing with Izuna and Madara, only Sasuke gets splattered with Izuna's blood. Nice.
    • Madara Uchiha actually stabs out his own brother's eyes in order to transplant them into his own eye sockets to counteract the effects of his Deadly Upgrade.
    • In chapter 551 this is how Itachi nullifies the Rinnegan's "shared vision" ability: By throwing kunai into the eyes of Nagato's summoned creatures.
    • Kakashi Gaiden: Kakashi got his one Sharingan eye when his old, regular eye was damaged in a fight, and Obito, after getting mortally wounded and recently unlocking his Sharingan, has Rin surgically replace Kakashi's with one of his while they're both conscious.
    • Pain tried to kill Kakashi by shooting a nail into his eye. It didn't work.
    • Also, in a final act of defiance against Madara, Danzo destroyed Shisui's Sharingan eye which he had implanted to prevent Madara from using it. This was thankfully offscreen.
  • Yu Yu Hakusho has done this as well, though in a different manner. Hiei's Jagan Eye transplant, which is a Third Eye in the middle of his forehead, is described as being the most intense, excruciating pain he's ever felt in his entire life. It seems the process involves a drill like machine burrowing into the patient's forehead, then implanting the Jagan, which then proceeds to absorb an assload of the patient's energy.
    • Made even worse in the anime when the doctor, a Combat Medic demon named Shigure, claims that the patient has to be strapped to the bed to prevent them from clawing their own eyes out due to the pain. The scene cuts to outside Shigure's compound, and the viewers hear a bloodcurdling scream from Hiei.
    • Played straight with King Yomi, who during a battle in his past, had both of his eyes slashed by swords at close range. Ouch! Luckily, he managed to wound his assailant with an accidental stab, thus saving himself from death.
  • Violent fight comic Shamo is chock full of cringe-inducing, vision-averting Eye Scream moments, including how Ryo Narushima won a qualifying match, as well as how a later seen character made himself blind. The worst part? No weapons assisted in these blinding moments, just fingers and toes involved.
  • Rokudo Mukuro from Katekyo Hitman Reborn jams his finger into his right eye to activate the Fifth Path, the State of Humans. Apparently, he recovers.
    • Also, during their fight together, after Mukuro pretends that what was lunging at Tsuna was just an illusion, he quickly reveals that it was actually a stone after smashing it into Tsuna's eye area in order to catch him off guard and attempt to possess his body.
  • You want some Eye Scream? Watch Barefoot Gen, Hiroshima Destroyed. Within the first minute, a child's eyeballs MELT OUT OF HER HEAD.
  • Happens a lot in the Kara no Kyoukai film series.
    • In the fourth movie, where Shiki crushes her eyes when her mind cannot handle Eyes of Death Perception. She also tries to do it again another time, but is stopped. She got better.
    • In the fifth movie "Paradox Spiral": near the beginning, when a male character beats off a delinquent chasing him by shoving a thumb through his eye, and near the end, a scene... which probably shouldn't be described for reasons of Squick.
    • And in the seventh movie, Mikiya is attacked by Rio with a knife wound to his face, losing his left eye in the process. He got better despite losing his eye; Rio intended to kill him after all.
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
    • Jonathan Joestar gets a thumb in his eye in just the second chapter. It ends with him yelling "My eye is bleeding!" Later Dio gets his, via a rose stem.
    • There are several examples in Part 3 as well: the possessed nurse in Kakyoin's introduction arc, Silver Chariot's opening salvo on Devo, and N'Doul's incapacitation of Kakyoin.
    • In Part 2, Wham/Wam/Waam damages his own eyes so he'll take a fight more seriously. He can regenerate them, being a super-vampire, although he never gets a chance to before he's killed.
  • There is a manga adaptation of Hamlet where Ophelia swings her locket at Hamlet, catching him in the eye and leaving it horrifically bloodshot for the rest of the story. It does make for a neat bit of symbolism.
  • In the chapter 94 of Fullmetal Alchemist... well, I'll let the quote tell the story.

Roy Mustang: (to Envy) What does it feel like to have your eyeball fluids evaporate?

    • (He gets better.)
    • (Which allows Roy to do it again.)
    • Roy himself loses his sight later on.
    • In the 2003 anime he loses only one eye.
    • Also, Lan Fan tried to poke Ed's eyes out with her fingers when they fought.
    • In chapter 99, Wrath's Ultimate Eye is punched out by Ling in reaction to Fu's death. Even without it, he's still a fierce fighter.
    • In chapter 108 As Father loses control of "God" and his human body is destroyed, one of the last images of him shows one of his eyes popping out of the socket
    • In the 2003 anime Roy loses his eye due to this.
  • From the manga Dead End: (paraphrased) "Do I look okay? I have needles where my eyes are supposed to be!"
  • The manga MPD Psycho involves barcoded eyeballs.
    • And in chapter 81 or something like that, some random dude tears out one of his eyes, and then afterwards sits there smoking a cigarette with blood streaming down his face.
  • In Buso Renkin, Tokiko tries twice to gouge out her enemy's eyes with her fingers. As Watsuki says in the liner notes, "Tokiko loves to go for the eyes."
    • She even does it to Kazuki in the last chapter, when he's looking at her funny.
  • In Chrono Crusade, Jenai had his eyes sliced out during a battle with Pandaemonium. Later in the series he takes off the visor he wears over his blind eyes and reveals the badly stitched-up eye sockets, explaining how the Greeks used to put coins in the eyes of the dead to help pay for their fare on the River Styx...and then proceeds to pull out bloody coins he keeps in his eye sockets, offering to pay the heroine's way to the afterlife. It's a very, very creepy scene that establishes him firmly as a villain, although his blindness is also portrayed sympathetically in a later scene.
  • In the Code Geass spin-off Manga Suzaku of the Counterattack, Schneizel prevents Lelouch from using his Geass on him by puncturing his left eye.
  • In Project ARMS, Kei's ARMS are for her eyes. This means that when she was a child, she went through a horrible accident that involved having her eyes put out, made slightly less traumatic probably because the ARMS completely mimicked her old set of eyes (in the manga her eyes were stabbed out by a psychotic murderer and in the anime they were burned out while she and some kids tried to escape a burning building).
  • Hitagi Senjougahara from Bakemonogatari nearly stabs Koyomi Araragi in the eye with a mechanical pencil after he so much as talks about another female using her first name without an honorific.

Araragi-kun, your wounds heal very quickly, don't they? So I bet it'd be okay if I just took out an eyeball.

    • She also jabbed him in the eyes with her fingers once for referring to her as Senjougahara-chan rather than Senjougahara-sama like she wanted.
  • Tears of blood are one of the first signs that you are a victim of the virus in Emerging. It quickly progresses into blood gushing from your eye sockets, as well as your other bodily orifices. To top it off, just before your death your eyes start melting.
  • In DOGS Bullets and Carnage, one of the flashbacks show Lily reaching up to caress Giovanni's face... and then gouging both his eyes out with her thumbs.
  • Xerxes Break in Pandora Hearts has one eye. The other one was ripped out by the Will of The Abyss and put in someone else's head. In addition to witnessing this event with no detail spared, he is sometimes seen scratching at his empty eye socket in moments of extreme mental or physical stress, to the point of drawing lots of blood.
    • Vincent has a scissors and eyeballs motif going there too.
      • Usually Vincent's just stabbing stuffed animals' eyes out (along with necks, stomachs, etc.). There was that one time, however, that he decided to screw with Alice and jab his scissors into her pet cat's eyes. This eventually leads to the first example; Break's eye was meant for her cat.
  • Alluded to in Loveless when Seimei plucks out not one, but both of Ritsu's eyes.
    • It's made worse when we learn that he did it to write 'RITSUKA I'M BACK' on the wall...with the blood from the eyeballs.
  • In chapter 96 of Psyren it's revealed why Grana has the Eyepatch of Power. Miroku gouged it out in their fight as his finishing move.
  • Saiga Tatsumi of Speed Grapher has a love for photography which develops into a sexual fetishism. While investigating a secret club where rich and influent people meet to fulfill their most perverted desires, he received a kiss from Kagura and developed the ability to explode whoever and whatever he photographs - Death by Photo. When using his powers his camera gains a black aura, while his right eye (it can be either, but he aims with his right) turns blood shot and the iris bright green while large veins protrude around it. Also, during his final battle with Suitengu, he is ultimately unable to defeat Suitengu before going blind from overusing his power.
  • In Texhnolyze, Ichise gets poked in the eye in the first episode by a women who hired him for sexual services, causing him to defend himself using his fists.Unfortunately for him, that woman belongs to a major criminal organisation, which retaliates by cutting off two of his limbs.
    • Shape-ified Hal also suffers one of these when he betrays Shinji. You don't see the actual injury, but you hear it.
  • Ashitaka does this near the beginning of Princess Mononoke. When his village is threatened by a boar-demon covered in big wriggly tentacles, he at first tries to reason with it. When said demon starts charging toward his little sister, he puts an arrow directly into the monster's eye. The inhuman scream it lets out when the arrow makes contact accurately sums up the feelings of the audience.
  • In Tokyo Tribe 2, this happens to Renkon Chef in episode 6 when Jadakings bites his eye off and spits it out.
  • Eye trauma is a mainstay in the mangas by Suehiro Maruo: people are blinded (sometimes self inflicted, always bloodily) with anything from needles to katanas; eyeballs are dug out of their sockets with spoon and fork. On a more gentle side, licking of eyeballs during sexual acts is his trademark.
  • In Ga-Rei Zero, Yomi is pierced by 108 magical spikes. Not only were they targeted at every tendon and nerve cluster in her body, but two of them end up in her right eye. After the attack, there's a lingering closeup of her face...
  • In chapter 6 of Sakura Gari after Katsuragi rapes and tortures Masataka he sticks Masataka's hand into a pot of boiling tea yelling at him to "get away from Souma!" In retaliation Masataka grabs the pot of boiling tea and throws it into Katsuragi's eyes; as the other covers his burned face, Masataka manages to escape to the Saiki household. The next time we se Katsuragi, half his face is covered in bandages, including his left eye.
  • In the first volume of the yaoi manga Under Grand Hotel Sen defends himself against a rapist by poking the guy's eye out with a cross necklace he won in a checker game from Swordfish.
  • In episode 17 of the Umineko no Naku Koro ni anime Jessica blames her aunt Eva for the death of Krauss and Natsuhi, her parents. Eva gets defensive and accuses Jessica and Battler of killing her son George. Jessica gets pissed off at Eva's accusation and yells "I'll kill you! I'll kill you!" at her. Eva gets scared and fires a shot from her rifle and the fire from the discharge injures Jessica's eyes.
    • In the 4rth arc, Eva (or better said, Eva-Beatrice in her form) has a shot gun and threatens Ange with it. Then said gun blows up and destroys Eva's upper face, and she screams and rolls on the floor in utter pain as she covers her destroyed eyes and bleeds all over. Ange has to Mercy Kill her.
  • In Higurashi no Naku Koro ni there's a scene where Rena beats Rina to death with a lead pipe. We don't see the actual beating but after Rina dies the camera pans over her mutilated face to reveal that one of her eyeballs was smashed. Another scene had Rika spray Shion in the eyes with pepper spray.
    • Used in the Matsuribayashi-hen manga when a young orphan girl ( Miyo Takano's best friend Erika) gets her eye punctured by a chicken while being tortured in the Orphanage of Fear.
  • Karneval: One chapter had a Varuga that went around collecting people's eyes (i.e. ripping them out of people's heads). He tries to do the same to Nai, but the latter is saved by a sheep.
  • Boville of Gankutsuou has a glass eyeball which he cleans at one point before putting it back into his empty eye socket.
  • Iris and Anemone of Dokuhime are identical twins belonging to a group in which perfect beauty is a prized attribute. Anemone loses an eye falling from a cliff, and being no longer perfect, must be removed from the group, either voluntarily becoming an assassin or being killed. Iris, her face still perfect, is allowed to remain, but instead chooses to poke out her own eye with a glowing branch from the fire, in order to remain a reflection of Anemone.

"I am Iris's right eye." "I am Anemone's left eye."

  • In the first episode of the second season of the Black Butler anime, Alois suddenly stabs his maidservant Hannah in the left eye. With two of his fingers. Why? "A maid should never look directly at her master!" The other servants understandably have an Oh Crap moment, but are then commanded to clean up the bloody mess.
    • And at the end of episode 8 it appears that Hannah stabs out Alois's left eye as well.
    • In episode 9, a boy goes around stabbing out the eyes of several young boys.
    • In the manga, Freckles aka Doll has bangs that fall over a majority of one side of his face to cover some sort of disfigurement or scarring and a very damaged eye.
  • According to Yoshihiro Tatsumi's autobiography, A Drifting Life, his older brother never lost a fight with the local bullies, despite his crippling Tuberculosis, because he'd always go straight for their eyes.
  • In the first chapter of Highschool of the Dead Takashi saves his friend who was being attacked by one of them by slamming the thing on the top of the head so hard with his baseball bat that one of its eyes get knocked out of its head and falls to the ground.
  • In the GetBackers manga, Kazuki tears out his eye with the Stigma on it. You get a nice view of the optic nerve, too.
  • Shuu from Fist of the North Star had damaged his own eyes to save Kenshiro's life, here.

"I offer you my light."

  • In GaoGaiGar Final, Gai finally defeats Palpareppa by Ripping the Loud G-Stone powering him right out of his socket.
  • The manga Durarara!!, depicts Erika and Walker torturing a man by imitating a scene from Black Butler, by branding his eye. It's a very disturbing reveal of just how devoted they are to their anime and manga. In the anime, it's Played for Laughs, by just seeing comical struggling from outside the van, just barely skimming over how twisted these kids are.
  • Happens twice so far in Cage of Eden. First, the characters fall victim to poisonous berries that cause their eyes to become bloodshot, until the are swollen with blood and they burst. Squick. Later, a large bird rips out and swallows the eye of its still-living prey.
  • In Until Death Do Us Part, Mamoru was blinded when the person next to him was shot and exploded. He gets sunglasses that allow him to more-or-less see, though.
  • Kongoh Bancho: Iai Bancho cuts his eyes so he won't have to see his immodestly-dressed female opponents. It makes about as much sense in-context as it sounds, but judge for yourself.
  • One of the suggested methods for dealing with an intruder in Litchi Hikari Club was to put out his eyes. As this was highly symbolic, it was approved. Much later the reader discovers that Litchi's eyes were donated from Niko and Dafu, explaining the scar and the eyepatch respectively.
  • CLAMP seems to have a definite eye fetish for all the times characters end up losing/going blind in one eye. Depending on how dark the particular series is, the event may be a comparatively gentle loss of sight in the eye while the eye itself remains intact; in other cases, however, the eye itself may be physically damaged or even violently torn out. There's generally a "loss of innocence" or "uncomfortable revelation" motif tied to the loss of an eye, but it's also often played as a dramatic sign of devotion. This trope, along with another trope they're known for has become so prevalent in their works, in fact, that their fanbase's motto is "every time you deny a shounen-ai pairing, CLAMP put another eye out."
    • Seishirou Sakurazuka in Tokyo Babylon loses an eye while protecting his special friend Subaru, and it was implied that he would likely go blind in the other eye as a result.
    • Subsequently in X 1999, Subaru gets his eye torn out by Fuuma. Since Fuuma's gig at that time was granting people's darkest innermost wishes, it turns out that Subaru wanted to lose his eye out of a feeling of guilt for Seishirou losing his eye back in Tokyo Babylon.
    • In the manga, Fuuma finds and then gives Seishirou's good eye to Subaru after the other's death. It seems Seishirou's wish was to eliminate any mark left by another man on Subaru. By accepting the eye Subaru also accepts Seishirou's powers and title as the Sakurazukamori, AND his role as a dragon or earth. It is later revealed that he does not wish do die anymore because it would mean that Seishirou's eye would die with him.
    • Doumeki and Watanuki go back and forth over this one in ×××HOLiC. After Doumeki brushes a spiderweb off Watanuki, he starts to go blind in one eye as a result of the spider demon's vengeance. Watanuki then makes a deal to take the spider demon's vengeance on himself, resulting in him going blind in one eye. Doumeki gets pissed off when he finds out that Watanuki has done this, and strikes a deal that he will share half his eye with Watanuki, giving them both oddly colored but functional eyesight.
    • Kokuyo in Wish gives Hisui his left eye as a sign of their lovers' bond.
    • In the Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Wham! Episode, Fai uses magic openly for the first time when attempting to prevent the clone of Syaoran from losing his soul and turning evil. When he fails, the clone rips out his eye and eats it. He intended to go on and eat the other one as well, but he got interrupted.'
    • In episode 5 of Blood C, Saya fights an Elder Bairn that has an eyeball for a head, which leads to this. And in the end of Episode 12, Big Bad Fumito blasts Saya in her left eye.
  • The Digimon Tamers movie "Runaway Locomon" features a battle against several big eyed digimon. What is disturbing (but not surprising) is to see the main character impale several of them through the eye, cutting them with the tip of his lance, complete with green slimy liquid coming out of it. This aired on Disney which edited just the graphical cutting and impaling of the first monster; the others though...
  • Haguro punches his girlfriend Ryuuko in the left eye in Wolf Guy Wolfen Crest. She's later seen using an Eyepatch of Power.
  • Iris Zero, the main character, Toru is frequently beaten up because he doesn't have an Iris power in a world where 99% of kids do. In chapter 12, Houjou attempts to burn out Toru's eye with a cigarette because they are apparently useless. Luckily, Asahi is able to intervene in time.
  • Future GPX Cyber Formula: Bootsvorz lost his left eye (along with his left arm) in a serious crash during an F1 test with Osamu in their backstory. He gained a modulation eye as well as a cybernetic arm after the accident.
    • Also happens to Osamu when Smith attacked his car from behind with his helicopter missile which resulted in injuring his eye. He didn't notice the effects of it until he returned to racing -- it got to the point where he nearly went blind and retired from racing because of that incident.
  • Kau in Togainu no Chi. Arbitro's modifications of him include removing his eyeballs and voicebox.
  • Subverted in Slam Dunk. Sakuragi elbows Hanagata in the side of his head and breaks his glasses, but doesn't damage his eyes. As much, Hanagata gets a cut on his forehead.
    • Played straighter later, when Minami hits Rukawa in the head and causes him to play half-blind.
  • In the first chapter of Itsuwaribito, Gramps has his eyes slashed by Iriya.
  • In Gintama, Housen gets a cigarette holder to the eye.
  • The first chapter of One Piece. As the Redhairs are attacked by a flock of bandits, Shanks's first mate Benn Beckman calmly puts a cigarette out in the eye of a charging pirate, before proceeding to clobber the rest of them on his own.
  • In Gamaran our hero does this to Junnosuke and later Baian of the Tengen Ryuu. The elite swordmaster Gensai Kinnaki has a penchant for chopping the arms and eyes of those who get too close to him.
  • In Mirai Nikki, Yukkiteru attempts to destroy Minene's cell phone by throwing a dart, but she moves the phone away from her face, resulting in the dart meeting her eye.
    • She gets a double whammy of Eye Scream, when she is drugged by Twelfth, and unable to fight back, has her bad eye plucked out of her head. By hand.
  • Not too uncommon in Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin, especially the manga.
    • Thanks to Gohei Takeda shooting a bullet into his eye, Akakabuto's nervous system gets damaged and the bear becomes incapable of hibernating in winter. This leads to him becoming insane and somehow also causes him to grow to enormous size by the time for the final battle. Also, during said battle, Akatora sacrifices himself to put out Akakabuto's other eye.
    • Speaking of Akatora, he also loses his other eye during the final battle. In the manga, the exact reason is not shown, but in the anime, Akakabuto is the one who puts it out with a swipe of his paw.
    • The mother bear Daisuke and Gin fight gets one of the boy's arrows through her eye.
    • A flashback shows Kurotora losing his eye thanks to a hungry weasel's bite.
    • Kurojaki learns the hard way that running with a scythe in your mouth is not the best of ideas when, thanks to Gin, said scythe gets stuck in its owner's eye.
    • Kisaragi puts out Terry's eye during their battle, blinding the dog since he was missing one eye to begin with. In the anime, Kisaragi simply takes a swipe at Terry's face with his claws, but in the manga, you can actually see two of his toes go inside the eye socket.
    • In the wolf arc of the manga, Mukonga gets a bone of one his former victims stuck in his eye. He, too, only had one eye as it was and thus became blind.
  • In the climax of the Sengoku Basara anime (first season), Nobunaga performs a Neck Lift on Masamune using only his palm under Masamune's neck and threatens to jam his thumb into Masamune's remaining eye. Honda Tadakatsu interferes before he can go through with it, however.
  • Grappler Baki has a lot of attacks aimed to the eyes, but most are avoided. Early on the series, Baki fights against a giant, intelligent and vicious ape, and pops its eye with his bare hands. The beast screams... and then it completely rips the eye and eats it.
    • Inverted in a later chapter when Baki breaks someone's fingers hitting them with his own eyeballs. He was also crying blood after it, but still...
  • In an early chapter of The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service, the gang runs afoul of a crooked insurance agent who kills people with probability, and who suffers a Karmic Death from getting stabbed in the eye with a screw that fell off a passing airplane. A story arc in Volume 4 involves a parasite that infects certain species of snail mutating to infect humans as well, causing the victim's eyes to swell grotesquely and bulge out of their eye sockets.
  • In Crepuscule, Neal has had his eye ripped out by Navarus as 'punishment'. Twice.

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