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  • A web episode of "Happy Tree Friends" plays this horrifically straight. Called "Eye Candy", Toothy the beaver gets a lollipop stuck under his eye, and in attempting to pull it out launches his eye out, where it ties itself to a high tree branch. Toothy goes to retrieve it when a woodpecker pecks it, causing him to fall down, dangling by the "strings". After an attempt to climb back up, it eventually pulls his brain out. The episodes on YouTube, should you want to watch it.
  • Survival of the Fittest has a couple of these moments. On the V3 island Bobby Jacks puts his desginated weapon (a syringe) to use by sticking it straight through the eye of Tyson Neills. Shameeca Mitchell also killed Boxer Carvalaho like this, with a customised toothbrush/dildo, by stabbing him through the eye and then smashing his head in with a wrench. (No, seriously)
    • JR Rizzolo's torture of Laeil Burbank, during which he cuts out her left eye with a sword and crushes it with his bare hand.
    • In SotF Evolution, Billy-Jay Clarke's power is of 'Ocular Luminescence' (torch beam eyes, effectively). However, the feedback loop of said power is flawed and he absorbs so much solar energy that it overloads and his eyes melt.
    • A particularly squick Eye Scream occurred recently in V4 when Maxwell Lombardi jams both his thumbs into Daniel Blessing's eye sockets... Ouch.
    • Rekka Saionji is on the receiving end twice in the same post, in the same eye, first from his opponent's elbow, then from his tooth.
  • The Tal'Vorn DragonLord, Drake Frost Heart, was hit in the face with the accumulated force of a forest condensed into a green orb of energy. End result? Lost an eye and walked away smiling.
  • The SCP Foundation is in possession of:
    • SCP-212, "The Improver", a surgical automaton. The link is safe to click, but if you are easily Squicked then don't scroll down.
    • SCP-525 is a creature made of spider-like legs that band together to seek out creatures, extract their eyes and lay eggs in their sockets.
  • From The Onion: Bush's Eyelid Accidentally Nailed To Wall.
  • Xinjao O'Reilly in Tech Infantry loses an eye to a soldering iron during a torture session after being captured by the religious fanatics of the Christian Federation.
  • Ruby Quest. So much, it's almost a central feature.
  • The short vid Spider... one of the few cases where it is well earned.
  • Gaia Online recently introduced the ability for Avatars to purchase new eyes... from the Hair Salon.

Vanessa: Doing eyes isn't too different than doing hair, I guess. Just a lot of snipping and drying and jars of blue stuff.

    • Older than that is the Oculus Mythica, an item that gives you a bunch of unique eye designs to choose from. Including empty, bleeding eye sockets. Funny, people don't approach me often when I wear that item.
  • In Mur Lafferty's podcast fiction series Heaven, a character named Daniel loses the same eye repeatedly during the course of the series.
  • In Darwin's Soldiers Kain gets his own syringe through the eye when he tries to inject Aimee.
  • One of the warning signs that Zalgo is coming is that people will suddenly have fountains of black ooze drip from their eyes.
  • In Zombie Roadkill, an undead squirrel rips a girl's eyes out and uses one to replace its own.
  • This de-motivational image.
  • The chef from Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time shoves lemons into his eyes during the Superior Smörgåscake episode.
  • Jordan Eats Normally Now, of The Fear Mythos, has an all-but-shown case with Nathan in this video. You can see Sam grab a pencil, you can hear disgusting squishes in the struggle, and you can hear Nathan shout "MY EYE!" [1]
  • My Eyes... They Took... My Eyes...
  • Fivesecondfilms made a series of films ([[Exactly What It Says on the Tin all 5 seconds long) dedicated to eyes and, more often than not, the mutilation and/or removal of them. Check it out here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M 9 z Xxrd 0 v CA&feature=B Fa&list=F Lmp K 5 e An 3_tF45jqPte7F_g&lf=mh_lolz Don't worry, it's nowhere near as horrific as it sounds.
  • The character of Galaxy from Equestria Chronicles accidentally teleported her eyeballs out as a foal.
  1. Later entries confirmed he was stabbed in the eye. He showed up later with an eyepatch, too, which was awesome.