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    Facepunch is a website/forum that is run by Garry Newman as a community forum for his creation, Garry's Mod.

    Since it's creation, the community of the site has grown large and (in)famous enough for many members to join on their own accord. Today, many members have never even played Garry's Mod, and joined for the sake of the community.

    The forum is so large that it is quite possible to be a well known and respected member in one thread, and be completely alienated and unknown in the next thread in the same subforum. Some simply join the community, just for a single section of the forum, where they may reside, only appearing in other forums once in a while. However, most of the regular users tend to use the same subforums such as General Discussion and Fast Threads, meaning that the respected users are tend to be well known in general. Garry himself is known to appear in threads at random, either dooming the thread or making an incoherent remark.

    Tropes used in Facepunch include:
    • A Darker Me: Facepunch users tend to associate each other as basement dwelling nerds. To not be called out as one can be seen as an achievement.
    • Gas Mask Mooks: Photos of members wearing gas masks to hide their identity, or just to look "cool" are very common.
    • GIFT: Many members tend to use their secondary accounts as an anonymous way to call out other members or even admins.
    • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: Any time Garry changes anything on the forum, someone is going to call him out on that.
    • What Do You Mean It Wasn't Made on Drugs?: The infamous OIFY.
    • Wretched Hive: There is a reason why OIFY stands for "Only I Fucked You."