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    "For those who seek peaceful resolution of disputes, there is no alternative to multi-party representative democracy."
    —Les Campbell, The Democracy Project

    Factionalism is an aspect of life itself. Each living cell is part of a faction - a liver cell is part of a liver, which is part of an endocrine system which is part of an organism. That organism in turn has factional interests that ally it with other organisms (like its own gut bacteria) against other organisms again. There is no escape from factions: you are made out of them.

    Factions, or parties, serve the purpose of making terminology describing issues and disputes simple enough for mass participation, and the pooling of a great number of people's ideas. A bureaucracy, which practices antifactionalism, always fails to be comprehensible to the layman, who always has the freshest perspective - thus only factions can bring the ability to compete, and other political virtues to bear.

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