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Yes, it's TV-14, but Family Guy STILL gets away with some things. Heck, regular Family Guy critic the Parents Television Council frequently states in its "Worst TV Show of the Week" reviews panning any given show that creator Seth MacFarlane is trying to see how much bawdy content he can get away with before being sanctioned by the FCC.

  • In "Quagmire's Dad", Family Guy actually got away with poking fun at how the French word for "seal" (phoque) sounds eerily like the English word "fuck". They proceed to use phrases like "sick phoque", "sick-twisted phoque", and "ugly phoque and bitch" ("ugly fuckin' bitch"), all uncensored. We stress again: they got away with saying this on the air.
  • Yes, an anal beads joke. Even for a TV-14 show this is impressive!
    • Actually, if crap gets past the radar, good chance Quagmire is involved.
  • In the episode "Brian Sings and Swings", Meg inadvertently joins the Lesbian Alliance Club. She discovers this from a poster, that says "See You Next Tuesday" on it.
  • Stewie mouths "fuck you" to Brian.

Stewie: I said 'vacuum'.

  • In “From Method to Madness” – it’s about a family of nudists, including a toddler. How did that get by FOX and FCC?
  • In “Screams of Silence: The Story of Brenda Q” – a squirrel gives Brian the finger.
  • In “Baby Not On Board” – Peter flips off Quagmire, who told him about a slow driver, which was Peter.
    • In the same episode, Stewie finds a “Hustler Magazine” to see what a vagina looks and shoots the magazine mini-machine gun.
  • In “I Take Thee Quagmire” – Peter was dressed as Daisy Duke with cut-off shorts included. When Peter bends down to grab a ball, his buttocks is showed to Stewie and Brian, who are grossed out from it.
  • In “Back to the Woods”, Stewie and Brian watch the infamous Brazilian web video, and then they opt to see if there’s a male version.
  • Let’s not forget “Screwed the Pooch” where Brian wasn't able to keep his natural dog senses when it came to Sea-Breeze during a dog-race off-screen!

 Meg: Oh, my God

Mr. Pewterschmidt: He's violating Seabreeze!

Peter: No, no he's just awkwardly positioning himself--oh now he's violating Seabreeze.