Fatal Frame/Characters

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    This is a Character Sheet for the Fatal Frame series.

    Fatal Frame

    Fatal Frame

    Miku Hinasaki

    The protagonist of the first Fatal Frame who goes into the Himuro Mansion in order to look for her brother, Mafuyu. She finds the Camera Obscura where her brother left it, and then she must collect five pieces of a holy mirror in order to stop the ghost of Kirie gone berserker.

    She returns in Fatal Frame III, again as a playable character and still lamenting the death of her brother, Mafuyu. Such guilt haunts her dreams, and so she finds herself trapped in the Manor of Sleep, where she can't help but to follow the ghost of her loved one.

    Mafuyu Hinasaki

    Miku's older brother and only family, and the first character you'll control. He goes to the Himuro Mansion after the disappearance of his teacher, equipped with the Camera Obscura.

    Kirie Himuro

    A maiden who lived at the Himuro Mansion and was finally sacrificed at the Strangling Ritual. However, the sacrificial failed, and so the Malice got unleashed.

    Break the Cutie: her backstory combines this and Kill the Cutie.

    Fatal Frame II

    Fatal Frame II

    Mio Amakura

    The protagonist of Fatal Frame II and Mayu's younger twin. She has a weaker sixth sense, so she isn't as perceptive about the ghosts as Mayu, but this also makes her more resistant to their influence. Mio is very protective about her sister, feeling responsible for her leg wound years ago, and so she looks after her every single day.

    Mio comes back in Fatal Frame III, but not as a playable character. Still lamenting Mayu's death, she gets inflicted by the curse of the Sleep Manor, and Kei, investigating the curse, tries to rescue her.

    Mayu Amakura

    Mio's older, calm, reserved and considerate twin. She's got a very strong sixth sense, which makes her vulnerable to the influence of ghost. This leads to get being possessed by Sae, causing quite a troublesome situation as the person Mio has to rescue is at the same time the person who could mean her immediate death.

    Itsuki Tachibana

    A white-haired young boy that is mysteriously imprisoned. Mio encounters him while exploring the lost village, and he'll assist Mio in his attempt to rescue Mayu, although most of what he says will cause confusion to the player.

    Sae Kurosawa

    A twin shrine maiden who particularly had been always anxious about participating in the sacrificial ritual so she would become one with her twin sister, Yae. When Itsuki wanted to help Sae and Yae to escape the ritual, though, she apparently intentionally fell behind, hoping that Yae would return for her so they would fulfill the ritual. But Yae never came back, and so she was sentenced to do the ritual alone, which didn't go well.

    Fatal Frame III

    Fatal Frame III

    Rei Kurosawa

    A professional photographer and protagonist of Fatal Frame III. She lived together with Miku and her boyfriend, Yuu, until he died in a car accident caused by her. Because of this, she gets dragged into the Manor of Sleep, following his ghost.

    Kei Amakura

    Mio's uncle, a non-fiction writer. He was also good friends with Yuu, and writes letter to him during the game which Rei receives. These help her unravel the mystery of the Manor of Sleep.

    • Can't Catch Up: In a somewhat different way than most examples. Being the only playable man in Fatal Frame III, he's stronger than the girls and so he can move heavy objects they can't. But his sixth sense is said to be weaker than theirs, which results in his attacks being overall inferior, and that's when he has a camera to begin with.
    • Parental Substitute: He's apparently this for Mio and Mayu.
    • Hope Spot: He delivers this for Rei near the end.


    The tattooed priestess, and possibly the biggest Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds in the series. Like Kirie, she was a Virgin Sacrifice for a ritual that, because of having fallen in love with someone, ended up failing, thus unleashing the darkness from a Hell Gate.

    Fatal Frame IV

    Fatal Frame IV

    Ruka Minazuki

    The 17-year-old protagonist of Fatal Frame IV. She was the last victim of the kidnapping incident and can't remember much about her time on Rougetsu Island. When she hears about the mysterious deaths of the other victims, she decides to return to the island.

    Misaki Asou

    A strong-willed girl who was kidnapped on Rougetsu Island as a child. Hearing that the other victims are dying mysteriously, she takes Madoka to their childhood place to recover her memories.

    Madoka Tsukimori

    A reserved girl who was one of the kidnapped victims. After the deaths of her friends, Marie and Tomoe, she was dragged along by Misaki to Rougetsu Island to uncover the truth.

    Choushiro Kirishima

    Ex-police officer turned detective. He discovered the five abducted girls in a cave beneath Haibara Hospital and has been chasing the perpetrator, You Haibara, ever since.

    Sakuya Haibara

    The antagonist of Fatal Frame IV. Her father and brother tried to cure her disease by making her dance in an ancient ritual. The ceremony failed so she now wanders the island inflicting death on all who look at her.