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These are recommendations made by Tropers for Fate/stay night fanfics, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page. After a few samples, you will be able to judge whether you might be interested in the 'fic, based on who recommended it. No-name recommendations will be Zapped (wiki). Nobody would back up the rec. Discussion of the recommendation is welcome on the discussion page. As such discussion is important, do remember to add the discussion page to the watchlist, if need be. You can also add to the current recommendations if you want. Refrain from posting Conversation in the Main Page though; that goes in the discussion page.

Do warn when a fanfic may head into non-canon territory. Some people just don't like it, and as we all know, Shipping is Serious Business.

Add new examples at the bottom of the section, please.

Authors and Websites

Beast's Lair Type Moon Fanworks Thread [dead link]

  • Recommended by Chaosjunction, Aokuchi, nitewind
  • As the name suggests, this is the fanworks thread over on Beast's Lair, one of the best Type-Moon fansites. Many great stories, including some of those recommended here, can by found on this thread.
    • Note that the original site was shut down by ProBoards at short notice. Many of the stories have since been put back up.
    • Note also that most threads on Beast's Lair have massive amounts of discussion and off topic posting so story-centric navigation can range anywhere from "difficult" to "flat out impossible" for authors who do not post links to chapters.

General Fics

Stories focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Pretty much anything that isn't focused on romance.

The World Without, by Lunaludus Scribex

  • Recommended by Comartemis
  • Synopsis: Follows Bad End #1. Shirou is as good as dead, but the war will go on without him. Unwilling to give up her chance at the Grail just yet, Saber seeks out the remnants of the Makiri family hoping to find a new master and finds herself enlisted by Zouken as a back-up Servant and bodyguard for Sakura.
  • Comments: Only five chapters long and it's already a highly entertaining read. Shirou fans should be warned that several scenes go into rather graphic detail of what exactly Ilya is doing to his severed head (hint: power tools are involved), and Ilya fans should be noted that the psycho moeblob is not being portrayed very sympathetically. On the other hand, Sakura fans should note that the series seems to be headed in the direction of making her Shirou's stand-in as main character and Grail War Hero(ine). Everyone else should note that this is not a Dark Fic despite Shirou being dead; while Sakura being one of the main characters means significant amounts of angst are involved, there are also flashes of humor here and there and the author has done a bang-up job of recreating the overall feel of the series.

Fate Once Again by Ayleris

  • Recommended by Walktalk
  • Synopsis: Seeking to free Archer from his deal with the world, Shirou and Rin return to Fuyuki City ten years after the UBW True End to take part in the Sixth Grail War.
  • Comments: What may well be one of the best FSN fics in the fandom, Ayleris knows his Type-Moon lore and isn't the least bit afraid to make references to the rest of Nasu's extended universe, particularly Fate/Zero and Tsukihime (which it is sort of a crossover with; be on the lookout for curry monsters with very large guns). Of special interest are the developments in the rest of the FSN canon cast; Saber and Taiga are the same as always, but Sakura... well... see for yourself.

Heaven's Failure, aka "The Emilya Saga" by Limit Break Original Webcomics and first volume Volumes 1-5

  • Recommended by Andyzero
  • Synopsis: An alternate take on the happy ending of "Heaven's Feel", since Shirou's body is full of holes, and Ilya doesn't need hers anymore, she gives him her body. (Not like that.) Thus, Emilya is born

Fuyuki High Class Reunion by sasahara17

  • Recommended by Steve the Corn Muffin
  • Synopsis: This oneshot's subject material is not what you think it is about.. Takes place during the 5th Grail War.
  • Comments: A very humorous one-shot. Saying anything else would give away too much. A must-read for the F/SN fan who likes their WTF? moments. Also contains some rather interesting backstory for the cast.

Childcare is War by St. Parasu, part 4 is here (rest of site is NSFW) and here (SFW).

  • Recommended by Cherry_Lover
  • Synopsis: Counter-Guardians are not affected by Time Paradox. When Archer is summoned by the child versions of Rin and Sakura; he discovers there's something more Gar than being a hero and more altering than the Holy Grail itself. A loving father.
  • Comments: Non-H Doujinshi. There is a fanfic continuation on the author's website. However, it is entirely in Japanese. The pictures, however, more or less say it all.

Precept of Destiny by Caradryan

  • Recommended by Person With Many Aliases
  • Synopsis: Presumably following the events of the Anime, Shiro and Rin attempt to return to a somewhat normal life, only to find themselves being caught up fighting with and against Heroes in a battle across time, to try and stop the damaged Holy Grail from destroying all history.
  • Comments: Many likable characters, old and new, return. Meshes combat, mythology, and humor very evenly, providing you with some utterly bizarre and awesome combinations that may need to be read to believe. Robin Hood as the Power Rangers.

Shattered-Heaven by tesculpture

  • Recommended by DaRandomUser.
  • Synopsis: Basically Fate/stay night: The Mirror Universe. Archer is caught up in one of Rin's magical detonations, and is sent to a universe where he should (by all standards) have a goatee.
  • Comments: Hilarious, if only for uncertain emo Shinji-esqu Gilgamesh crushing on Archer, a crazy tyrannical Saber who has no taste in food yet remains a Big Eater, the delinquent Issei who keeps trying to burn the school down, and a Tsundere red-headed Sakura who now has no sex drive whatsoever. Also has bastard Shirou as an antagonist, who is about as evil and clever as good Shirou is nice and dim.

Nine Ways Archer's Plan Went Horribly Wrong, by Mini Nephthys

  • Recommended by Animenutcase
  • Synopsis: Nine short scenarios in which Archer's plan to erase himself from existence falls completely on its ass before it even starts.
  • Comments: Simple, short, and bloody hilarious—as well as rather heartwarming in the final scenario.

Phantoms by Burnout

  • Recommended by StevetheCornMuffin
  • Synopsis: Thirty years after the Fifth War of the Holy Grail, Ichiro Tanaka, protege of Emiya Shirou and Master of Assassin, participates in the Sixth. A Psuedo-crossover with Phantom of Inferno.
  • Comments: Fate as film noir. Intriguing callbacks to both Fate/Stay Night and Fate/Hollow Ataraxia. Seems to be a Spiritual Successor to Fate/Zero in mood and tone, with an interesting lead character.

Dear [dead link] Tohsaka by tobias (Tropes page)

  • Recommended by Cherry_Lover
  • Synopsis: Set after the UBW True End, Sakura writes a letter to Rin detailing her life and feelings.
  • Comments: One chapter long, but incredibly powerful. By the end, I wanted to give Sakura a hug. This is definitely a tearjerker, but well worth the read for anyone who's played the visual novel. And Tsukihime as well, since a character from that features in this. Also has a sequel, Dear [dead link] Emiya, which is also powerful.

Chaos Theory by Moczo

  • Recommended by J the Drafter
  • Synopsis: A random act of kindness on the first night of the Grail War alters the course of the entire conflict when Shirou makes nice with Ilya.
  • Comments: First of all the writing is excellent. It's thoughtful, it conveys information without getting bogged down in it, and it's spiced with some occasional humor. The idea is clever, for its simplicity and its shear plausibility. As of October 14, 2010 there are five chapters.

Teach Us, Gil Sensei! by Verg Avesta

  • Recommended by Darkholme
  • Synopsis: After one to many indignities at the hand of Kotomine, the King of Heroes moves out on his own. After a bit of searching, he ends up as a PE teacher. Hilarity Ensues
  • Comments:An utterly hilarious work. The story is told from Gilgamesh's point of view, which means that we get to see how his pride and idiocy get him into so much trouble.

F/SN - Prismatic Chaos by Ayleris Now on Fanfiction.net!

  • Recommended by Chaosjunction
  • Synopsis: After a incident involving the Kaleidostick 5 years before the start of Fate/Stay Night, Emiya Shirou has become the female Emiya Kirika. Fast forward 5 years, and the Holy Grail War begins. Archer is summoned, along with 2 Sabers. Wait, what!?

The Twelve Days of Carenmas by Verg Avesta

  • Recommended by Steve the Corn Muffin
  • Synopsis: A Christmas fic that consists of a series of different chapters written in varying styles for maximum effect. Good, no, perfect for your Type-MOON holiday fix.
  • Comments: Also contains the excellently written bonus Mind of Steel short-story "Faker" and a preview of the upcoming fanfic "Fate/End" also written with comparable quality. Avenger x Illyavenger. The fic as a whole contains a solid mix of comedy, drama, and is recommended to any Nasuverse fan looking for a good holiday story.

Fate Retold by Kent Vonce

  • Recommended by 4seasons
  • Synopsis: This is an AU story in which none of the seven Servants were summoned and the Masters summoned seven other servants instead.
  • Comments: Trust me, this is the best AU Fate/Stay Night fanfic that I highly recommend. With FSN Servants replaced by other heroes that everyone's aware of such as Musashi Miyamoto, Achilles, Jeanne d'Arc, Morgan le Fay, and other new heroes replacing FSN canon Servants; with the exception of two, which was a certain True Assassin and a familiiar King of Heroes that we know of. The author of this amazing fanfic did the most wonderful job of combining elements of both three scenarios together. As I said before, this is a kind of AU fanfic that FSN fans would really enjoy.
    • The fanfic is already complete, but there is some recent news that the author will do a rewritten version of this fanfic, which has yet to be published. And once he finished the rewrite, he'll start the sequel, which makes it even more epic.
    • The first chapters are definitely nothing to write home about, but to be fair the story does improve considerably as it goes on.

Burning Crusade by nexusmaster

  • Recommended by 4seasons
  • Synopsis: This boy, this... Slayer of Heroes. He will begin a Crusade etched with flames, a Burning Crusade.
  • Comments: This is the most epic fanfic sequel for Fate/Stay Night. A fanfic involve with some returning characters (including some familiar characters from Fate/Hollow Ataraxia), siding with the Angels to battle against the Demons, more opposing Heroic Spirits, and the Corrupted Grail. This fanfic contains alot Funny, Heartwarming, and Awesome, even a tearjerking moment that this fanfic is definately worth reading.
    • The fanfic is already completed, although the epilogue hinted a sequel, which was never published, but the autor wrote a prequel of it, Crimson, but it happens to be on hiatus.

Fate's Game by Cloud 802

  • Recommended by nitewind
  • Synopsis: One who could give up everything to save the people he loves, an interesting man to be sure. Shirou/Saber
  • Comments: About a month after the fate route things appear to be returning to normal until Shirou when attempting to trace Archer's swords accidentally summons Saber. Unfortunately, it looks as though the Holy Grail wasn't destroyed as thoroughly as everyone hoped and a new Grail War is starting. Not only that but while Shinji may be dead Zouken Matou is still alive and plotting. Follows the fate route but incorporates much of heaven's feel. Also features UBW, Ilya goodness, Shirou, Rin, Ilya, Saber, and Avenger saving Sakura, and a whole new cast of servants (except Saber and Rider). It also appears that a sequel is in the works and will probably feature characters from Tsukihime.

The Loli Grail War by Twelveseal

  • Recommended by StevetheCornMuffin
  • Synopsis: Ten years after the previous Holy Grail War, it is once again time for the new round of mortal combat for the eldritch artifact known as the Holy Grail to resume once more. But something is...amiss. Why are there so many Servants this time? Why are they all so nightmarishly powerful? And why are they all prepubescent young girls???
  • Comments: Not only does Twelveseal have a good writing style, but the story also packs a strong mixture of action, comedy, drama, Fan Service, and even Nightmare Fuel. The story consists of individual snippets that take place anachronlogically - which is initially rather confusing for new readers - but begins making a lot more sense as the story goes on. Also notable for making use of background characters and raiding the Nasuverse for lore and information. Surprises are around every corner, which makes this one a pleasantly surprising good read.

I Put On My Robe And Wizard Hat by Ol'Velsper (Trope Page)

  • Recommended by nitewind
  • Synopsis: The Great Fuyuki Fire never happened, and Shirou was never orphaned. But ten years later, Grail War 5 happens anyways and sure enough, Shirou's got his Command Seals. But life as a modern teenager has given Shirou something potentially more valuable than Kiritsugu's ideals: exposure to 4chan, and the ability to successfully troll everyone and everything.

Shirou: Fuck my life!

  • Comments: Epic crackfic. Uses a lot of 4chan memes and internet humor for comedy, but uses them magnificently, particularly Archer's use of the Old Spice routine and Rin's first exposure to the internet. Also features a Shirou/Ilya pairing by way of strategic use of Teen!Ilya. Also has some onesided Shirou/Saber on Saber's behalf.

Complete. The sequel, Apostles in Leather Pants is up, focusing on the plot of Tsukihime.

Magical Vanguard Shirou by Erlkonig

  • Recommended by DaRandomUsername
  • Synopsis: The Holy Grail becomes contaminated from the very get-go, and Angra Mainyu tries to birth itself into the world. How do the original founding families deal with the Divine Spirit? By adding a little twist to the Grail System in order to combat All the Evils of the World, that's how. Now, fast forward to the 5th Holy Grail War...
  • Comments: What happens when you take Fate/stay night and throw in elements of super-sentai, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, a hint of Role-Playing games, toss in some delightfully enjoyable harem antics, mind rape and juice it up with a whole mess of hot-blooded action? You get Magical Vanguard Shirou. GAR-ness inbound.

Fate ReNight by Hopeless Romanticist

  • Recommended by Caellach Tiger Eye
  • Synopsis: "It turns out a single Excalibur is not enough to completely destroy the Grail, and Shirou's unwitting comment 'to go back' is interpreted by it as a wish to "go back" in time to the start of Fate." Shirou/Saber pairing.

From Fake Dreams by Third Fang (Tropes page)

  • Recommended by nitewind
    • Synopsis: Emiya Kiritsugu was happy living the rest of his short days. He had put his past behind him... until he began to dream of futures that had yet to be. Let it be known that the Magus Killer was not dangerous simply because he was dying and would not fight.

Escaping Fate by Arashi Leonheart

  • Recomended by nitewind
    • Synopsis: Shirou saves a young girl from a magi's experiment. With nowhere for her to go, he adopts her.
    • Comments: A brilliant take on a Post-Fate Shirou. Best read on Beast's Lair because the author includes links to music to help set the mood of each scene.

Tainted Ideals by Stormedge (Tropes page)

  • Recommended by animeorbust
  • Synopsis: In the fire that ravaged Fuyuki city, it was not Emiya Kiritsugu who saved the life of a young Shirou, but the tainted grail itself, and is then taken in by Kotomine Kirei as his adopted son. Ten years later, the Holy Grail War is about to begin, and Kotomine Shirou summons forth a kindred spirit as his Servant.
  • Comments: An interesting take on a Shirou that seems to be different and yet the same. Tsundere Rin is a nice bonus too.

Last Forge by Ricky Controversy

  • Recommended by Moczo
  • Synopsis:A Sixth Holy Grail War looms, and with it the promise of tests far more dire than any that have come before. Set seven years after Unlimited Blade Works True .
  • Comments: A re-write of an earlier work by the same author, this fic is still in the prologue but already has a lot of promise. The writing style is smooth, polished, and professional, and the plot (such as been revealed so far) has a great deal of potential. One of the only works I've seen that actually looks at the aftermath of this particular ending, it looks to be an interesting experience.

A Stolen Heart by Aladar (Beast's Lair version)

  • Recommended by The World of Fantasy
  • Synopsis: A lone detective takes it upon himself to solve the murder of a young woman, willingly diving into the dangerous web of conspiracies weaved by the feuding mafia families. But after the truth is uncovered, will that city of sin be the same ever again?
  • Comments: An AU Fate/stay night fanfic in a Noir-style Detective story, with Lancer taking the role as a Private Eye and the main character of the story. This one mystery story here is very well-written that the author deserve a round of applause. Let's not forget how this story contains a lot of surprising twists, and even has characters appeared and/or mentioned from other Type-Moon's works such as other Fate series, Kara no Kyoukai, etc. This is a kind of fanfic that I highly recommended to fans of Fate/stay night, including those who have passion for a detective story.
    • Now that the fanfic is finally complete, the author made a Spin-Off that's connected to this is called Saligia: Seven tales from the city of sins that show life through the eyes of its residents. From Pride to Wrath to Envy, seven one-shots that unveil what lurks beneath the surface- the truth behind all the facades...

Fate/Re:Trace by Aladar (Beast's Lair version) (Tropes page)

  • Recommended by The World of Fantasy
  • Synopsis: A whole world away from Fuyuki, in a city of mages, a new War threatens to break out. Seven new Masters are chosen and enter a life-changing battle, unknowingly becoming part of a War in which there are more players than the eyes can see...

The Hound and the Blacksmith by Elf [dead link]. (The beginning is also available on FF.net)

  • Recommended by nitewind
  • Pairings: Archer/Rin, Lancer/Ayako, with a side of Shirou/Sakura and unrequited Rider/Ayako
  • Synopsis: One's a Celtic demi-god with a lust for battle and the ladies, the other is a former Counter Guardian who's body is made of swords. Together they fight the forces of evil. Or something.

Remember by Golden Lark

  • Recommended by: nitewind
  • Synopsis: When Rin Tohsaka's dad proves that he is her father by wearing the Family pendant bringing CG Emiya into the 4th holy grail war.
  • Comments: Another Archer gets summoned to the 4th holy grail war, except this one is much longer than the others. Archer then proceeds to troll the participants and mess with everyone in general. A very good Fate/zero Fate/stay cross.

Njeri by Brynhilde

  • Recommended by: Rivenscryr
  • Synopsis: In the history of the Holy Grail Wars, one family has been desperate to win - more than any other. This is the story of that their successor, of the search for the catalyst of the strongest Hero. This is the story of a young girl, uncertain of her destiny. A simple tale carried to extremes - it is but a tale of humanity.

Lancer Gets Serious by Bloble

  • Recommended by: spacemonkey37, nitewind
  • Synopsis: Essentially, a version of Fate/stay night where Kotomine lets Lancer off the leash and he gets to show just how awesome he really is. For anyone who likes Lancer, this is an absolute must read.

Fate Indubitanter by Lacks Gravitas

  • Recommended by: Omega NITRO
  • Synopsis: Shirou and Rin from UBW True End use a time travel spell to return to the past. They end up at the beginning of the War... except it's not their version of it.
  • Comments: Extremely well written, the characterization is top notch, and the writer really knows his/her stuff. Any liberties taken with canon fit rather naturally, and the writer tries to retain the same kind of tone used in the visual novel while storytelling. It's on indefinite hiatus, but the beginning that is there is definitely worth a read.

The Game of Kings by The Road to Ultima Grey

  • Recommended by: lowsoman
  • Synopsis: In which: The final Fifth Holy Grail War is Fought, Every Servant summoned is a titled King, Iskander has no Master, Shirou's wish is Granted, and everyone is Well and Truly Fucked.

What If (Almost) Everybody Was Shirou's Servant by Mereo Flere

  • Recommended by: Electroninja
  • Synnopsis: At the very start of the Holy Grail War, Shirou is attacked by Ilya and Berserker before ever summoning Saber. Somehow in his panicked attempt to escape, he summons all six other Servants.
  • Comments: Easily the funniest Type Moon fic I've ever read. It starts out interesting and mildly dramatic, but quickly becomes a hilarious Crack Fic of epic proportions. Especially funny is the ways all of Shirou's Servants interact with each other.

Crossover Fics

Fate: Nightmare Apatheia by HeavyValor

  • Recommended by nitewind
  • Synopsis: Welcome to Fate/Nightmare Apatheia. Welcome to the war. A deceptively simple crossover between Code Geass and Fate/stay night. The Holy Grail War becomes the deciding element in Charless and the Grail's plans for Instrumentality, leading to a guaranteed Gambit Pileup revolving around Servants and Immortals. One of each falls into the hands of two Ashford Academy students, Servant Saber for Shirou Emiya and the Immortal C.C. for Lelouch Lamperouge. With both Servants and Immortals scattered throughout the world, the Holy Grail War is escalated to a global conflict, promising a new release to Angra Mainyu, All The World's Evil.

Fate/Inertia Dawn by InsertRandomUsernameHere and AlfheimWanderer

  • Recommended by Darkholme
  • A FSN Megacrossover
  • Synopsis: Everyone knows that the Holy Grail War is a ritual where magi contend for a wish using Servants, human spirits that have ascended to near-divinity due to the legends of their deeds. But what if Avenger's contamination of the Grail in the Third War had distorted the ritual beyond what anyone thought possible. What if the Servants summoned weren't even quite those of ancient legend, but modern media?

Fictional by Dark Syaoran.

  • Recommended by Shadow AI
  • Fandoms: Harry Potter, Fate/stay night,
  • Synopsis: Author's Summary: The dictionary defined fiction as thus: something feigned, invented, or imagined; a made-up story. The act of feigning, inventing, or imagining. Yes, Harry thought, this defined him nicely.
  • Comments: This is a fic that treats the Harry Potter books as works of fiction and has Harry improperly summoned by Caster. Aside from being well-written and paced this story deals quite well with Harry's attempt to come to terms with his fictional nature, and I would recommend it even for people not too familiar with Fate/stay night. It's a bit short now but the author is updating.

FATE Holy Grail War of 2814 by Shadow Crystal Mage.

Miracle by Grunt

  • Recommended by Chel
  • Crossover with Berserk
  • Synopsis: As long as his body can grasp his sword he refuses to fade away. The title of struggler defines his existance. It is time for the black swordsman to enter another war. A war between Masters and Servants. A war for the holy grail.

Fletching by AlfheimWanderer

  • Recommended by Rivenscryr
  • Crossover with Tsukihime
  • Synopsis: In a dying world where civilization has been brought to its knees, can even a would-be hero maintain his course? Or like so many others, will he stray from it...and fail? A sidestory to Evangel Notes

The Third Magic by Deviate's Fish and AlfheimWanderer

  • Recommended by DaRandomUsername, Steve the Corn Muffin, Rivenscryr, nitewind
  • Fanfiction.Net link here.
  • Synopsis: After "succesfully" completing the Springtime Familiar ritual, Louise finds out that she is now the master of a certain white-haired homunculus. Follows the Unlimited Blade Works storyline.
  • Comments: If we're going to recommend every single good FOZ fic out there, might as well rec this. What could have been just another "What if Louise summoned X?" story, but it deviates quite nicely early on, which is nice and apparent even from early chapters. To start things off Illya is actually Myozunitonirun, NOT Gandalfr and also summons Archer!Heracles as a familiar spoiler. The very fact that the classical Void Familiar class has been changed (and therefore open to just about any other candidate) is an enticing thought. Perverted!Illya is a riot. Another thing to consider is Tiffania summoning Archerko.

Fate Deathly Poison by Eddyak

  • Recommended by Oblivionhold
  • Crossover with Tsukihime
  • Synopsis: It's a new kind of Grail War. Instead of fighting each other, they must fight a far more deadly foe: Hisui's cooking.
  • Pure, unadulterated crack. It calls back to very dramatic scenes in the original game, references mythology, and has everyone perfectly in character. Except now it's all related to cooking the world's most terrible stew.

The War Of Kings by Pale Wolf

    • Fanfiction.Net link is here.
  • Recommended by nitewind
  • Crossover with Code Geass
  • Synopsis: The Holy Grail War is taking place in Fuyuki at the same time Kallen's resistance is stealing CC. When Lelouch protected that purple-haired girl from the fighting between terrorists and Brittanians, he didn't think he will be able to seize an extraordinary opportunity. Lelouch, as Master of Lancer, will try to grasp this wish with his own hands and to destroy Britannia. And doing his level best to put some more 'war' in the Holy Grail War.

An Island in the Warp by Grimgor Ironhide

  • Recommended by Shinji117
  • Crossover with Warhammer 40,000
  • Synopsis: Radical Inquistors try and summon a Daemonhost, only to get the King of Knights from after the Fate route. (Avalon Huzzah!) Things get...interesting.
  • Comments: While the story is so far still quite short (Saber has yet to leave the Inquisitorial base), the crossover seems to be done well. Her interactions with the Radicals are certainly in-character, and the confusion and misunderstanding of the Radicals leads to a situation where diplomatic connections break down. And then they think she wants to possess someone, and try and give her her tortured Master as a Daemonhost. However, in the latest chapter the Inquistors and Saber seem have come to a kind of agreement, with Saber putting aside her smoldering hatred and disgust for the good of humanity. All in all, a very good fic that certainly doesn't sugarcoat anything from 40k verse and keeps Saber in-character.

Beast of the Moon, by Kieran

  • Recommended by Comartemis
  • Crossover with Final Fantasy X
  • Synopsis: In an alternate timeline Shirou's bond with Ilya led him to make a wish on a purified Grail. From that wish came Grail Works LTD, a Second Magic-powered troubleshooting agency formed on Shirou's desire for a chance to save everyone, everywhere. Now the agency faces its toughest case yet when the spirit of Bahamut enlists their aid to free Spira from Yu Yevon's cycle of death.

Herwald von Einzbern and the Philosopher's Stone, by kyugan

  • Recommended by Xamusel
  • Fandoms: Fate/stay night, Harry Potter
  • Synopsis: As from the Fanfiction.net entry: "The 5th Heaven's Feel has been averted, with no apparent victor, but for Herwald von Einzbern, recently turned eleven, a whole new adventure is about to begin in a world he left behind ten years prior."

Fate Night Sky, by Beasts lair's Fraggle

Thu'um of a Distant Utopia by Deviate's Fish (Tropes page)

Postnuptial Disagreements by Zalgo Jenkins.

  • Recommended by Mythtakesweremade
  • Fandoms: Sekirei, Fate/stay night, Fate/Zero
  • Now with a trope page: Postnuptial Disagreements
  • Synopsis: Author's Summary: Years after his parents survived Heaven's Feel, the son of Kayneth and Sola-Ui finds himself in a different sort of supernatural tournament. But can he survive superpowered alien females, scheming businessmen, and his own partner's urge to strangle him?
  • Comments: Somehow, Kayneth Archibald El-Melloi and his wife Sola-Ui survived the fourth Heaven’s Feel ritual. Their son, Meriwether, seems like a chip off the old block when he travels to Japan to research the Fourth War. Unfortunately, his short layover at Shin Tokyo takes a little longer than expected when he accidentally wings Benitsubasa and gets dragged into the Sekirei Plan. Benitsubasa soon finds to her disappointment that her Ashikabi has lived a rather...sheltered life. Not that this will stop our protagonist from making the Sekirei Plan a whole lot bloodier...

Monster Vampire by Impaled with Extreme Prejudice.

  • Recommended by AAKRON
  • Fandoms: Rosario + Vampire, Fate/stay night, Tsukihime
  • Synopsis: Author's Summary: As a punishment for running away from home, Akiha enrolls her elder brother in the Youkai Academy. Thus the kind hearted monster is admitted into the academy of monsters. More of a Nasu X Rosario than Tsukihime X Rosario.
  • Comments: Not what it sounds like. Rather than being your stereotypical "X replaces Tsukune" where the original Rosario+Vampire story is rehashed with a new leading character, this is more of a proper Crossover of Nasuverse and Rosario + Vampire with a completely new plot. It has been confirmed that Tsukune, Shiki, and Shirou will all be main characters in the story. The author is new, but seems to have a good grasp of writing already, and has good spelling and grammar (even though he doesn't seem to be from a native English speaking country). Haven spoken to the author extensively, I can safely say that the future for this story is looking very... Nasuverse. It's worth a read.

Lunatique by Moczo

  • Recommended by AQZT
  • Crossover with Tsukihime
  • Synopsis: Late one night in the Clock Tower, a frustrated Rin and a mildly amused Zelretch have a little chat. As the moon shines down, the Wizard Marshall weaves a tale for his prize pupil, of the greatest and most costly battle of his career...
  • Comments: A oneshot involving Zelretch telling Rin the story of how he defeated Brunestud of the Crimson Moon. It is absolutely awesome.

Shipping Fics

Stories focused on the romantic relationships between the cast.

Peorth by Yuurei-san

  • Recommended by Comartemis
  • Pairings: Lancer/Sakura. No, really.
  • Synopsis: While performing his recon duties several days prior to the official start of the war, Lancer happens to witness one of Sakura's... "fits"... and is compelled to lend her a hand. One thing leads to another...

Black Princesses, Crow's Wings and Hero's Broken Dreams [dead link] by Elf

  • Recommended by Comartemis
  • Pairings: Bits of Rin/Aoko and lots of Rin/Archer
  • Synopsis: Altrouge Brunstud wants a rematch with Arcueid, and nothing will stop her from getting it. Not even a Grail War veteran, a rogue sorceress, a Burial Agency executioner, and a Counter Guardian.

Dawn by CFX

  • Recommended by Spectral Time
  • Pairings: Shirou/Caster
  • Synopsis: Shirou is locked in combat with Gilgamesh at the climax of Unlimited Blade Works... or so it seems.
  • Comments: Just a one shot. The pairing is a bit odd, and only comes to the fore partway through for a nice Wham moment, but for all its borderline-Crackedness, the writer manages to make it work well, culminating in a frankly heartwarming conclusion. Part of the fun is figuring out exactly what happened to produce the circumstances of the fic. There is a lemon partway through (just look at the website it's hosted on) but, having skipped most of it, I still enjoyed it immensely.

Into the Rain by Radiant Beam.

  • Recommended by Grant
  • Pairings: Rin/Sakura
  • Synopsis: Tohsaka Rin has always had a habit of ruining plans, including her own. However, even she couldn't have imagined how things would end that night in the rain, when she found Sakura instead of Shirou. ::HF-based, slight AU:

Wiggling by Fatuous One

  • Recommended by DaRandomUsername
  • Pairings: Sakura/Shinji
  • Synopsis: The worms.....they are hungry. They are ALWAYS HUNGRY.
  • Comments: Hey there everyone! Tired of good, old fashioned, happy pairings? Feel up for pushing out of your comfort zone more than you'd care to? Wanna REALLY squick yourself out? If you want something erotically disturbing, or disturbingly erotic, look no further than Wiggling. Heaven's Feel spoilers inbound.

That Ever Illusive Utopia by Elf [dead link]. (The beginning is also available on FF.net)

  • Recommended by Hymn of Ragnarok
  • Pairings: Archer/Saber, with a side of Shirou/Sakura and a touch of one-sided Archer/Rider
  • Synopsis: She was a king who gave everything to serve her people, he was a man who desperately wanted to save everyone. They thought they had failed both in life and in death, but together they may find that they had succeeded far better than they thought.
  • Comments: A very interesting take on a Post-HF story where Saber and Archer are resurrected alongside Shirou. Saber's recovery from the events of HF are very well done, and the budding relationship between Saber and Archer alternates between touching, d'awwww, and that lemon scent Elf is famous for. It's got action and drama as well, and the plot finally is coming to a head.

All From a Hospital Bed by Names Are Hard To Come Up With

  • Recommended by Gigle
  • Pairings: Shirou/ Ayako
  • Synopsis: Shirou visits Ayako at the hospital in the middle of an alternate Heaven's Feel.
  • Comments: You slowly piece together the plot from each of Shirou's visits and it gradually gives a grim picture. An interesting exploration of someone who stays on the sidelines and has a decent ending.