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From the T.V. series

  • Idiot Plot: "Chance". Everything the characters do is stupid.
    • The plot is set into motion when the titular Chance (later revealed to be not just stupid but also insane) falls for an obvious Ponzi scheme that requires him to invest $20000 in a Chinese vase under the promise that he can sell it for $45000.
    • When an antique dealer offers him only $5000, he leaves without taking the vase or the money.
    • The dealer calls him on it, Chance is enraged and attacks him. The dealer is accidentally killed. Instead of calling the police and explaining what happened or taking his money and leaving, he stays to clean the mess, but not some burning cigarette left on the scene by his Doppelganger.
    • The smoke sets off a fire alarm. Chance destroys it. A security guard calls the store and Chance answers the phone. He fails to deliver the security password required and the guard goes to the shop.
    • Despite being already night, the light out, the shop closed and the owner nowhere to be seen, the guard sort of buys that this guy that doesn't know where the switches are or what the password is is a new employee in his first day in the shop, and doesn't react until he discovers the dealer's body.
    • Chance kills him and also stays to clean the mess. The phone rings again and he answers it again. It's the dealer's wife that is waiting for him because they were supposed to start a minivacation that night and he's getting late. He pretends to be the dealer and she comes to the shop.
    • Not finding her husband, the woman... uh... takes a shower? In the shop? Oh, and Chance kills her too.
    • And so Chance goes back home with no money and since he has already killed three people, well, he kills his wife too while he is at it, and waits for the police to apprehend him. The end.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The last scene of "In Sickness and in Health" is perhaps the creepiest part of the episode, especially since Maggie Lawson did such a good job.

From the comics

  • Author's Saving Throw: Issue 7.1 is this to fans of Bucky Cap who resented the way he died in Issue 3. It's revealed that he survived Sin/Skadi's beating and has faked his death to convince Steve to become Captain America (comics) again and to return to his Winter Soldier mantle.
  • Complete Monster: The Serpent. All he wants is fear. Through death and destruction. No matter who, he must get everyone killed so he can have the power.
    • Sin/Skadi may be even worse, as she's entirely willing to go through with the plan, while the rest of the Worthy are just possessed. Adding to it that she's the daughter of a guy who's possibly the greatest Nazi comics villain ever... yeah.
      • That being said, their father/daughter interactions (ie. between The Serpent and Skadi) are strangely touching. Even Evil Has Loved Ones, after all.
        • Touching...or manipulative. Syn has well-known daddy issues and at least part of her lives on in Skadi (eg. her euphoria when she learns that the Captain America (comics) she killed was Bucky, since "she gets to kill Captain America (comics) twice); its not a stretch to imagine the Serpent is just purposely filling out that role for her for his own ends, and doesn't give a shit about her beyond that. Skadi being the actual daughter of the Serpent doesn't really undermine that.
  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: When the Avengers carry Thor's broken body to Asgard, Captain America Steve Rogers variety up and tells Odin to get to work and use his powers to heal Thor. In the process he calls Odin out on his dickish behavior and tells him to act like a real father. Odin's so shocked at being ordered around he needs a moment to process it.
    • "AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!" You know which one.
  • Like You Would Really Do It: While most people are pretty sure Thor is/will be dead (the previews for November comics even show his replacement), he's too big to stay out of the picture for long. So the real bets are on when he'll be back and how.
    • Or if there'll be proof that he's not dead, just depowered or something.
  • Replacement Scrappy: The guy who's supposed to replace Thor after this event is already getting hate, because he looks like a Nineties Anti-Hero, his appearance and Thor's death mean that there won't be interaction between Thor and Kid!Loki for awhile, he's not using Mjolnir at all, but a weird staff with a heavy head (indicating to fans that he's not worthy to be Thor anyways, since a worthy person can lift the hammer), and for not being one of the many established people who could take over for Thor, namely Beta-Ray Bill and Thunderstrike. Oh, and the fact that in the books out right now they guy he's replacing isn't even dead yet.
  • Tear Jerker: Tony, furious with Odin, yells that if they're gods, then he'll sacrifice the only thing he can give that's worth anything...and takes a big swig of alcohol... And after so long of being clean, too.
    • Fans are waiting for yet another series based on him trying to get sober again now.
  • Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds: Gravity, he got so pissed at Hardball actions in Vegas that he flies half way across the country to try to beat him up, only for their fight to accidentally set off a earthquake.
    • Nul is shaping up this way too in the aftermath/Defenders series tie-in. Simply existing in this world causes him unbearable pain.