Fearsome Future

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Fearsome Future is an online science fiction novel set in the distant future, taking a number of influences from Victorian Gothic Horror, 50's science fiction and Silver Age comic books, along with just a dash of Kaiju.

Following a Zombie Apocalypse, human civilization has been cast down and risen back up in small but technologically advanced pockets, while the wilderness has taken back most of the land. Few of the shamblers remain today, but the so called 'wastelands' hold far more secrets. Fearing similar disasters in the future, the new world government has taken the reins, the people trading freedom for security. The NWP, as it's called, watches constantly, its rule cripplingly tight. The people simply take it, not knowing anything better.

But the shamblers aren't the only monsters hiding in the shadows, and even the most bloodthirsty among them are growing less and less satisfied with the new order. As the NWP's grip grows tighter, it brings together an unlikely group of monsters and madmen, all with different goals, but one singular desire: Freedom.

Tropes used in Fearsome Future include: