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  • Complete Monster: The above-mentioned Arnos. By the time you get to fight him, you'll be itching to kick his ass for the things he's done. Expect him to feature several more times in this entry.
  • Fan Yay: Especially the Stripperiffic Ain MacDougal and Arby Hcszeool.
  • Goddamned Bats: Flying units like the Swarm Lich, Two-Arm Reacher, and Wyvern. Usually, you'll be powerful enough to swat them down in one hit, but they're fast and painful. May overlap with Demonic Spiders if you're underlevelled...
  • Player Punch: Starts at the opening cutscenes and gets worse from there. Also, anything involving Arnos.
  • That One Attack: Quadra Slice dammit.