Fedora of Asskicking

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If adventure has a hat, it must be Indiana Jones's.
"For the heroes, even the fedora, jacket, and khakis were common attire."

For some Action Heroes, a fedora is just the kind of hat to wear while in a Fight Scene, Chase Scene, or just doing anything Badass.

In some of the adventure Film Serials, the fedora would be worn by the hero. When Indiana Jones came along, it solidified the hat as a sign of the adventurer (at least to modern audiences). It can also become an Iconic Item.

A Sub-Trope of Nice Hat.

A Sister Trope to Adventurer Outfit, Scarf of Asskicking.

Examples of Fedora of Asskicking include:

Anime And Manga

Comic Books



  • Firo from Baccano! wears a classy green fedora, and is an expert in unarmed combat and knife fighting.

Live Action TV

Video Games

  • Gennojo Hyuga from the Castle of Shikigami Bullet Hell series of games is an investigator who flies around firing arcing fireballs and transforming into a werewolf when enraged, due to having the blood of an ancient wolfgod in his veins. He wears a black suit and fedora-style hat.

Web Original

  • Although Linkara of Atop the Fourth Wall didn't start out as an action hero, the plotlines eventually made him one.

Western Animation