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  • Felidae. Just picture a mystery story. With cats. And brutal, bloody murder. And a sex scene. With cats!
    • The freakiest part was the dream sequence involving a giant, insane vicar person using a sea of undead, rotting, screaming cats as his puppets and laughing... Never again... You know what makes this crazier? That man was Gregor Mendel, the founder of heredity.
    • After Francis finds out that Claudandus is the one behind the murders, he destroys the computer containing said information on the murders, subsequently causing an electrical fire. The final battle between Francis and Claudandus plays out much like Simba and Scar's final battle, only Claudandus gets clawed in the stomach. And this rips his stomach wide open, causing all of his guts to spill out.Don't eat anything while watching the scene.
    • The unfriendly deaths in the movie. This includes decapitation, and kittens being ripped out of their mother's womb. And no, there is no Gory Discretion Shot. Then again, the deaths already happened when Francis gets to them save for Claudandus.