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  • Accidental Innuendo: When Pim first shows up at Wack Lizardi's office with the bag, Wack asks "What in Zill have you got to be excited about? Did someone invent enlarging pills?". (It's meant to be a crack at Pim's height.)
  • Anvilicious: The ending, as well as the book which is revealed to consist in its entirety of "Truth, Love and Wisdom". The Duke did not take it well.
  • Ass Pull: The Master Cylinder. Also an Anticlimax Boss owing to the Ass Pull pulled immediately after.
    • The fact that a tear from the Princess activated a machine and traveled to meet Felix is definitely one of these.
  • Complete Monster: The Duke of Zil.
    • Although his power mostly comes from his army of cylinders. The man himself is about as threatening as a schoolyard bully cosplaying as Mysterio.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: "Face to the Wind (The Princess' Song)."
    • "Who Is The Boss?" is also good. Note that the other musical numbers don't get brought up when discussing this film...
  • Cult Classic: Sure, there's a lot of problems, but it's so impressively weird that it has a small following even now.
  • Designated Evil: We're never told what the Duke of Zil originally did to be banished from the kingdom...his only "crime" that we're shown was creating the Cylinders, which he thought would revolutionize labor. He was jealous of the king, who he considered weak and backwards, but there's no indication that he was planning to take over the kingdom before he was banished. Oriana does state that he wanted the Book of Ultimate Power though, so he may have only been using the "labor robots" to plan a coup.
  • Ear Worm: The Zil national anthem. It has a terrible rhyme scheme and a huge ego, but you can't fault a villain who has a hard rock national anthem.

Who is the boss?
The Duke of Zil of course!
Who's never at a loss?
The Duke of Zil of course!