Feminist Fairy Tales/Tear Jerker

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  • Rana's story. Sometimes love truly isn't enough.
    • To explain: the story is a mix between a genderflip of The Frog Prince and the plot of The Little Mermaid (the Andersen original), about a frog that transforms into a human named Rana and marries a prince that used to pass near her pond. But the story makes clear that despite the magic Rana is still a frog inside, as the children she has with the prince are deformed, froglike creatures that doesn't survive birth. Worse, the actions she takes to repay the faerie that transformed her are taken as she conspiring against the kingdom. Rana finally gets that her presence there is most harmful than beneficial, so she abandons her beloved husband and has the spell reverted to become a frog again.
  • The fate of the separated men and women in "How the Sexes Were Separated" is pretty upsetting to consider. Both men and women are psychologically abused by Sky God and their creator, the Great Mother, does nothing but hope that one day they'll see reason and start worshiping her again over Sky God. The situation for the men is arguably even worse - they are brainwashed into hating women and are trapped in a cycle of self-loathing as they're told it's wrong to feel sexual desire, and the Great Mother shows no interest in actually intervening to protect them from their abuser (unlike women, who the story treats as more deserving of sympathy and thus are given the power of childbirth and ancient knowledge from the Great Mother).