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  • Complete Monster: The Feng Shui universe features quite a few of these guys, in keeping with the habit of Hong Kong action villains to go much further than western sensibilities will allow.
    • Curtis Boatman, Desdemona Deathangel and many who work for the Architects.
    • Ming I is by far the cruelest of all the Monarchs.
    • Not a few of the Lotus's eunuch sorcerers are this.
    • The Hunger of the Jackal exemplify the worst aspects of the Ascended, with their fingers in all kinds of criminal and other nastiness, in addition to cruel schemes and experiments such as the Killkid Project.
    • The Urbane Psychopath villain archetype from Out For Blood.
  • Fridge Brilliance: As the game is based off of Chinese culture and Hong Kong action cinema, there are going to be plenty of subtle in-jokes that aren't explicitly stated, such as:
    • Chinese lore has the legend of the Iron Monkey. This is taken to ridiculous literal extremes with the Gorilla Fighter.
  • Moral Event Horizon: To many Dragons, Operation Killdeer was this for the Ascended.

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