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  • The vast majority of Batty's dialogue.
    • "Oh! Gravity works!"
    • "Oh, Caesar, Emperor of Rome!"
    • "I have but one claw; but beware."
    • "Oh, it's Darwin's grab-bag!"
    • This gem:

Crysta: "But just think! Humans, back in the forest!"
Batty: "Yep. There goes the neighborhood."
Crysta: "Be nice, Batty!"
Batty: "First, all these trees go. Then come your highways, then come your shopping malls and parking lots and convenience stores, and then comes- (Zak slaps him to quiet him) Price check on prune juice, Bob? Price check on prune juice?"

    • "Human tales? Human's don't have tails! They have big, big bottoms that they wear with bad shorts, and they walk around going 'Hi, Helen!'"
    • This exchange:

Zak: (after being shrunk) "Am I... dead?"
Crysta: "No."
Batty: (eagerly) "We can fix that for you."

Batty: "Awesome use of the language, dude."

    • Batty hamming it up to try and convince Crysta not to go to Mt. Warning. Particularly the way Robin Williams says, "Help me, my little wings can't make it!"
  • The goanna's line after he reluctantly lets Zak go:

Goanna: Oh, man. You owe me a free dinner after this one.

  • Zak waking up to find Crysta leaning over him... while holding his penknife and passport, and mistakenly believing that he's being mugged.
  • This exchange:

Crysta: You can't eat him! He's a human!
Goanna: Uh... what's a human?
Batty: Delicious and nutritious. Tastes just like chicken!

Zak: Great! I've been shrunk by an amateur!

Batty: Nobody cares about me.
Zak: I do, Bat-Man!
Batty: You sure?
Zak: I'm positive.
Batty: Only fools are positive.
Zak: Are you sure?
Batty: I'm positive! (beat) I fell for it! I should have known!

  • More hammy Batty: "I'M BLIND!! (beat) "I can see! It's a miracle!!"