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The Fern Series (Or Ferngame series, as Mikey himself Word of God has called it.), is a series of flash Shooter games made by Mikey S 9607. Fern is taken from PBS' popular kids show, Arthur.

There are currently 5 games in this series:

  • Fern: Splapp Eliminator - Splapp-Me-Do, Yeah, the guy who made The Impossible Quiz Series, has ripped off Mikey's friend Banglaboy's ideas! Go stop Splapp! But it turns out to be Sidious from Star Wars
  • Fern: Splapp Eliminator 2 - Splapp Who was only disguised as Sidious in the first game. has returned! Stop Him... Again.
  • Fern: Eirian no Kogeki!! - An alien called Skahahut has arrived to take over the world, and has brainwashed Fern's Friends! It was Splapp all along
  • Fern: Shijo Saiko no Batoru!! - An Evil mastermind called Mr.XXX Is taking over the world! Stop him! By the way, it's Splapp in disguise.
  • Fern: Splapp no Owari - Splapp is a good guy in this one. Then Bright Heart Raccoon comes along and steals Splapp and Banglaboy96's plans for a Button Game Series and The Impossible Quiz cross-over! Guess what, Splapp was controlling Bright Heart.
  • Fern: The Finale!! is currently in development. Proof: http://mikeys9607.newgrounds.com/news/post/696420
Tropes used in Fern Game Series include: