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Remember when we were going through the Egg Corridor and everything had meaning? And now we're collecting puppies. I kinda feel like somewhere, we missed the point. Is the puppy collection necessary? Why can't you keep your eye on your own puppies?

Man, making new content is hard. Making fetchquests is EASY, though!
I've found myself transported to World of Warcraft.

Maxwell: We're gonna take this element from gameplay and turn it into a fun, real-life exercise. Ready?
pipes!: What're we doing?
Maxwell: Ferr!
Ferr: Yeah?
Maxwell: Get me a beer, it's in the fridge.
Ferr: ...Okay. (walks off) THERE'S DRAGONS IN HERE!!! AAAAAAAAH!!!
Maxwell: [...] Did you find beer in there?
Ferr: Uh, no.
Maxwell: Oh. Turns out the beer is at the liquor store, and the quest is now to go to the liquor store and get me some beer.

Ferr: Right, um-

Maxwell: I've heard rumors of a liquor store to the south.

pipes!: Wait-wait-wait-wait, how's he gonna get there? Can he drive your car?

Maxwell: He can fast-travel.

pipes!: That's like driving a car, right? Doesn't he need a key to drive the car to go to the liquor store?

Maxwell: He needs the magical Key of the Kings. It's infused with the power of Heavenly Ӕthera, Goddess of Nightmoons.

Evek: And that key is somewhere to the north.

Ferr: Forget this!

Maxwell: Just go the liquor store, it's not like the liquor store is gonna be under siege by demons and dinosaurs from another dimension.
If there's one thing we're good at, it's finding weird objects!