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A Speculative Fiction subtrope of Author Appeal, which is the deliberate creation of a future (or alternate history, or fantasy..) society in which the author's particular kink is "normal". That which is Fetish Fuel to us, is a commonplace to those in-universe.

The difference between this and basic Author Appeal is the compulsion by some authors to justify their fetish. Quentin Tarantino having a lot of Foot Focus in his movies is Author Appeal. If he made a movie that explains how in the year 2525 everyone will be a foot fetishist due to some social or technological development, that would be a Fetish Fuel Future.

Used a lot in written erotica. Also some porn movies but not as much as you'd think, given that typically porn movies are Porn Without Plot and thus don't even bother with a story to the sex.

Is sometimes used to "justify" the depiction of behavior and social structures that would otherwise push the characters over the Moral Event Horizon. (Although it can still make the world crapsack or crapsaccharine, and make some people suspect that the author actually advocates such values for real.)

Sometimes characters of a Fetish Fuel Future will consider the "normal" sexual practices of visitors to be taboo.

See also Free-Love Future.

No real life examples, please; it isn't "The Future" yet.

Examples of Fetish Fuel Future include:

Anime and Manga

  • In the works of Satoshi Urushihara, public nudity or near-nudity is often in fashion.
  • The Yaoi novel (and Animated Adaptation) Ai no Kusabi is set in a futuristic world where the population is predominantly male and the ruling caste consists of White-Haired Pretty Boys who keep lower-class youths as "Pets".
  • In the hentai Pollinic Girls Attack, allergy season has a new twist where all the pollen is anthropomorphized as boys and girls who go around publicly having sex with the poor sufferers. The public treats all this as embarrassing but otherwise as just a nuisance. The train scene is particularly amusing in this regard. There is no specific date given, so the future aspect is debatable, nor is any reason given as to why pollen is like this in this world. There are two episodes based on four short one-shot manga chapters, but a new whole volume has been published.
  • While it isn't anywhere near universal, the Dom/Sub relationships engendered by the curious piloting arrangements required by the Humongous Mecha in The Five Star Stories probably qualifies.
  • The nanotechnology in Mai-Otome is designed so that girls who are made into Otome will not be able to have sex with men, so they can resort to Girls Love to satisfy their needs instead.
  • In Simoun, all teenagers are female until they become adults and choose their gender, and the Applied Phlebotinum that the Sibyllae use is powered by loli lesbian kisses.
  • Chobits, where nearly everyone in the city has a sexy female robot as a computer.
  • Strike Witches where most, if not all the female characters do not wear pants or skirts at all.
  • Used in-story in Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan, where the main (not eponymous) character apparently becomes a pedophile in the future, as well as a genius scientist that makes it so girls never grow past twelve.

Films -- Live-Action


  • Robert A. Heinlein and nudity. "Schedule suntan" in The Puppet Masters (justified in that there was a Puppeteer Parasite invasion taking place at the time). Even the juvies are walking around in their underwear inside climate-controlled space colonies.
    • Heinlein also loved to put mainstream polyamorism into his later books. And at least the threat of spankings. And incest. (Robert, you naughty, naughty boy.) Virtually all of Heinlein's later books are packed full of this trope.
  • Citizens of Iain Banks' The Culture have the ability to change sex at will by wishing it (though the process takes several months to complete) and are also genetically engineered to have longer orgasms. Not to mention better performance and stamina during said act and perfectly shaped bodies.
  • In Alastair Reynolds' "Revelation Space" series sex change is not very common, but completely unremarkable. Particularly in "Chasm City", when Tanner Mirabel comments on Zebra's appearance—her skin is all black and white stripes, hence her nickname, -- Zebra replies: "In Canopy, we look however we want to look. I was not always female either, you know." The fact that Zebra was once a man is never mentioned again in the entire book, nor does Tanner react in any noticeable way. There is no indication he even thinks about it when he makes love to Zebra few pages further.
  • Gor has institutionalized sexual slavery (primarily of women) and goes into intimate detail about it.
  • The vanity-published smoking-fetish tome Little Smoky Stories includes several stories based on the premise that:

It was discovered in 2315 that the combination of a chemical compound now known as ts4 with a mixture of 85% hybrid tobacco, 10% cannibis (sic) sativa, and 5% spearmint leaves prevented most diseases known to humans, including heart disease, diabetes, and most kinds of blindness.

    • Consequently, everyone older than seven is required to smoke. (This future is also a Mary Suetopia in which money has been abolished and all races and religions have merged.)
  • Larry Niven's Known Space universe—particularly the Ringworld subseries—features a sizable amount of "rishathra", defined as "sex outside of one's species, but within the intelligent hominids", used by a number of sentient hominid species as a means of diplomacy and birth control, with no taboos in most cultures due to a total lack of cross-species diseases and the impossibility of pregnancy.
  • Charles Stross' Accelerando features in its near-future section a world where casual sex is almost unheard of in favor of BDSM. This was a cultural practice that came about as an end-run around overpopulation. Since The Laundry Series didn't really have any overt BDSM elements, it's not clear if this is an actual fetish for him or just Stross having fun with tropes.
  • Slave World features a world where the ruling class maintains social order by having serfs transformed into Sex Slave cyborgs at first sign of dissent.
  • Neil Gaiman's short story "Changes" features a miracle cancer cure that also happens to swap your sex every time you take it. It's generally used recreationally more often than medicinally.
  • Inverted in Bujold's Vorkosigan Saga: the "Uterine Replicator" is a far safer and more convenient way for two people to have children, and it's used almost galaxy-wide. Virtually nobody has kids the biological in-your-own-belly way, thus almost completely removing the subject matter of a possible kink.
  • Sherman Alexie wrote a short story wherein Indians, being the only ones with an immunity to a particular disease, are forced to breed and have their bone marrow harvested. Even twelve-year-old boys. This doesn't explain why women in this universe have sex with so many men, though.
  • Subverted by Christopher Stasheff in his Warlock of Gramaraye series, which depict a future in which female formal wear consists of transparent dresses and beehive hairdos. Male characters complain about having to see unattractive women in such dresses and one of the female characters rebels by wearing overalls and shaving her head.
  • In Hardfought, the protagonist is captured, subjected to experiments, and sent further into the future, where her successor exterminates everything in there except for a memory device by raising her hand and pointing or something. Apparently, there are millions of clones, without ships, naked save for two bracelets, plying the stars. How the bracelets are able to measure or change their velocity or protect them from anything out there is not clear. Presumably they are all on drugs to stop the aging and boredom, and are trained to navigate by recognizing constellations. This isn't my fetish, but then again I didn't write Hardfought.

Live-Action TV

  • Most of the female costumes in Star Trek: The Original Series, catering to Gene Roddenberry. It has been claimed that the original plan was to give them trousers, but the women of the cast themselves objected. If you look in the background, you can sometimes see crew women in the trousered uniform.
    • In the movies, all women wear trousers, except for Uhura because Nichelle Nichols wanted to wear a skirt.
  • Captain Jack of Doctor Who and Torchwood comes from an "enlightened" future where Everyone Is Bi and "sex with Green-Skinned Space Babes" is a respectable career path.
  • Lexx. Two of the main characters are a sex slave and a dead handsome assassin. The other two are obsessed with the first two (depending on the season). Almost every culture they come across has at least one pervert if not an entire system based on sex. The simplest variations of this is when they simply go to a Whorehouse In Space! That's honestly about as normal as it gets.

Web Original

  • Some notable online erotic prose shared universes include the "White Slavery Act of 2001" universe and "Cannibal 4-H" universe. Both posit a plague that both makes boys extremely rare (and thus more valuable than girls) and wipes out most normal livestock, making cannibalism a necessity. As a result, women are quite literally cattle, to be used until no longer sexually titillating, then eaten. A future world where women are free to be raped and then eaten crops up in many other works of erotica.
  • Pokegirls. In an incident that took place long enough before the "present day" of most of the stories that the truth is nearly impossible to deduce (in short, it varies from author to author), a brilliant but depraved (or noble but misunderstood, depending on how closely the author identifies with pro-furry or anti-human groups) geneticist set off an apocalypse that decimated the human race and rewrote the genomes of the survivors. Boys born after the disaster grow up normally for humans, but girls have a very high chance of transforming at puberty into one of the eponymous PokeGirls. This transformation is nearly universally traumatic, and usually results in the mind and personality of the girl being rewritten according to the type of PokeGirl she transforms into. This alone would be bad enough, but all newly transformed PokeGirls also end up with incredible powers (even the weakest is capable of butchering an entire regiment of well-trained and fully equipped human soldiers with little effort); simple minds motivated only by animalistic instincts (referred to as their "feral" stage); and the ability (and, in the feral state, an irresistible desire) to mate and produce human offspring with any male human available. After the initial mating ("taming"), PokeGirls adopt a thoroughly submissive state toward their mates, though they gradually regain their lost sapience as they fight feral PokeGirls to defend their mate/master. The better stories go into depth regarding the balance between granting PokeGirls freedom and needing to keep them under control as the only means to survive an attack by a rival PokeGirl master, with the antagonists going too far in various ignoble aspects of what is essentially survival through female slavery. Of course, this being fanfiction, he stories will more often be about the furry fetish of the moment.
  • There's also the "Naked in School" Shared Universe, set Twenty Minutes Into the Future. STD Immunity and basically-perfect birth control have resulted in The Naked In School Program, wherein a handful of students in each high school must spend a week each totally naked during school hours, not so much to address the problem of concealed guns as to be a living visual aid for sex education.
  • "Blow Job Mania" involves a mind-control device created by computer geeks that causes every woman on the planet to have a strong compulsion to offer oral sex to every man she met. After a few months of this, some women found and destroyed the device, and there was much male disappointment. In a brief epilogue, a woman figured out how to reverse-engineer the device and build one that gave every man in a certain radius a strong compulsion to offer oral sex to every woman he met.
  • The Bartleby Tales, a Furry Lemon series, take place in a Fetish Fuel afterlife; a Hell run by a benevolent Devil. The fetish in question is... um... everything. Whatever you're into, there's an area in Hell where everyone else enjoys it just as much.
  • In general, any Speculative Fiction story on an erotic fiction site is likely to be set in one of these.
  • Everyone Is Bi is a common trope in science fiction-related slash. In fact, science-fiction slash is about evenly split between Everyone Is Bi and No Bisexuals with a future even more homophobic than the present.
    • The No Bisexuals and enhanced homophobia is somewhat justifiable in stories set in a situation where the population is on the brink of collapse due to war/plague/Deus Ex Machina and as much procreation needs to happen as possible, so the "waste of fluids" is outlawed. Of course this usually leads to the breeding farm / Baby Factory fetish, so it doesn't so much subvert the trope as redirect it.
  • Felarya is pretty much what you get when you take vorarephilia (a fetish for being eaten alive) and expand it into a complete fantasy world.
  • Fansadox has some stories situated in different Dystopian futures where every man can have a woman-slave-pet.
    • Birthday Gift, one Fansadox webcomic series, is set in an alternative near-futuristic universe with a "compulsory female slavery law."
  • The now-defunct webcomic Sublunary posits that Earth becomes a dystopian world when an enormous satellite falls into geosynchronous orbit and blocks out the sun. Homosexual relationships are considered normal and encouraged in order to keep the population within sustainable limits.
  • More fantastic fetishes tend to use this a lot. We don't just mean pedophilia, though pedophiles go as far as to write manifestos about it. We mean your transformation-fetishist, Furry Fandom, Mind Control, and other clearly fantastic ones.
  • The Tales Of MU universe gives us many, many examples, being a fantasy world made almost entirely out of Author Appeal and Fetish Fuel.

Web Comics

  • Collar 6: after discovering ancient Atlantean teaching, the whole world is into BDSM. It also gives superpowers.