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  • Complete Monster: Hilariously subverted. On first viewing, anyone who hears gunshots after the keeper's ultimatum scene will immediately assume Rollo has just shot 5 adorable animals in cold blood. The very next scene is Rollo in his room with said animals, trying to keep them secret. As an added Pet the Dog, he even remembers them all by name.
    • Willa thinks she has overheard sextalk, and then sees a sheep coming out from Rollo's room. What is one supposed to think?
    • But that is nothing too say about Rod McCain, who is a real Complete Monster. The only thing he cares about is his stash of billions of dollars and doesn't care about his own workers or the people's business he takes over. But what makes him a Complete Monster is his horrible treatment of his own son (Vince). It gets worse when he even tries to have his own son arrested only because he stole his father's money, money that he never share with his son anyway. When Rod has his Karmic Death, the audience will definetly cheer.
  • Woolseyism: in Poland, this movie is known as "A Lemur Called Rollo".