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Fight-A-Base (Wayback Machine copy here) was a website cataloging pretty much every fighting video game known to man. The site was developed by an individual known as "Fenix" and has many notable contributors with quirky personalities. Some of the more prominent of which are:

Fenix: The webmaster/site guru himself. Frequently frustrated by the site's tendency to break without provocation.
ExMortis: Fenix's second-in-command, specializes in obscure PlayStation games.
*riot_iori*: Expert in various SNK Playmore and games with girls in the lead, as well as costume submission.
Pokejedservo: Seems to specialize in Licensed Games, is characterized by a cabbage-patching Mega Man avatar.
The S: Apparent man of many aliases and vocations. Runs the Fight-A-Base Facebook page, also specializes in obscure crap.
Orochi Roll: Dialogue guru that seems to have a thing for Galford's dog.
redmankilla: Fond of movelist submission.
MelvanaInChains: Prefers obscure oddball fighting games such as Battle Monsters. Is part of the MUGEN community, having made a number of things for it.
FlyingFist: All-around contributor, doesn't seem to have a specialty, but hits all aspects pretty equally.
Coola Yagami: Prominent reviewer.

Fight a Base provides examples of the following tropes: