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Fight for the Lost [dead link] was a collaborative roleplaying community set in the universe of Mass Effect, specifically during the events of Mass Effect 2. The basic premise? While everyone knows about the escapades of Commander Shepard, who else knows about the other heroes who fight to make their own little corners of the galaxy safe? Who will cast the spotlight on them? Will anyone ever know their sacrifices? These are eponymous lost, the unsung forgotten and unknown. Fight for the Lost is primarily set on Omega, so you know it's not a land of sunshine and unicorns for those who have to live there.

As in most roleplays, players create characters and set up plots for them. Usually, the stories are self contained, but there will be huge story arcs that will involve the vast majority of the players.

Has a character sheet.

Tropes used in Fight for The Lost include:

Marlowe: "I'm easily a better fighter than these fine gentlemen put together. I'm easily better at tracking dead beats and the lost than your best agents and I can out-maneuver your best hackers. Someone embezzling your income and they're covering their tracks? I can find them out in five minutes. Rumours of assassination attempts? Give me a single night and I'll deliver the source to your doorstep. One of your own plotting a coup? I'll have forwarded the memo to you the moment he tries to get a secret meeting together in your own club. All of this I can do, and more. True, you could just ignore my offer and kill me. But I'd make you work at it."