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Featuring Laura with an Adaptation Dye Job

Florante at Laura (lit. Florante and Laura) is a Filipino epic written by Francisco Balagtas under the name Francisco Baltazar in prison. The work is dedicated to "Selya" and is allegorical to the state of the Philippines under Spanish time as well as the state of Balagtas in prison. The work itself talks about the life of Florante, duke of the Kingdom of Albania, Aladin, prince of Persia (no, not that one), Adolfo, the evil Big Bad greedy for power, and Laura, Florante's beloved.

Florante at Laura is written in a peculiar literary form known as Awit (lit. "Song") - each stanza has four lines with 12 syllables each. There are many more guidelines, such as "each line must be/contain a figure of speech and a slight pause on every 6th syllable".

Tropes used in Florante at Laura include:
  1. "The Life of Florante and Laura in the Kingdom of Albania: Culled from a publicly-displayed "cuadro histórico" or painting which describes the events which were occurring during ancient times in the Empire of Greece, and penned by one who enjoys Tagalog verse."