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RocketMaster (talkcontribs)

I remember reading about a man in a psychiatric ward screaming about a zombie apocalypse, while a baby was crying next door to him. He then leaves and fights zombies, all the while he hears a baby crying. In what game does this happen?

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Jade Shauni (talkcontribs)

Hey, is the Simon image one that ATT won't get in trouble with the Other Trope wiki? Beady-Eyed Loser

Just asking, since I was doing some cleaning up.

Robkelk (talkcontribs)

I'd be more worried about getting into trouble with Bandai - they hold the North American copyright on that particular image - but we've already identified that image as being used under "fair use" provisions of copyright.

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Jade Shauni (talkcontribs)

Hey, I'm just letting anyone know that we're missing the Destroyer page (It currently links to an action/adventure novels) and we don't have a trope page about "The Preserver."

Link: Cosmic Forces Trio

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Jade Shauni (talkcontribs)

Hey, how am I doing with the trivia? I ask mainly about the "Hey, It's That Voice/It's That Guy!", besides grammar mistakes, I heard that the Other Tropes Wiki mishandle the "Hey, It's That..." incorrectly and not professionally. What were they doing? So, I can avoid their mistakes.

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Question: Cosmic Forces Trio

Jade Shauni (talkcontribs)

So do we have a trope to describe a character that destroys? In a Cosmic Forces Trio sense, because when I made a Laconic page for this trope, all I got was a book series that I never heard of before.

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Trope Workshop: Forgotten Character

Jade Shauni (talkcontribs)

Hey, I was trying to clean this up, so it won't sound like Tv Tropes. So, what do you think? I'm trying to type the article in my own words and try to carry over the idea. Link: Trope Workshop:Forgettable Character

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Jade Shauni (talkcontribs)
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Jade Shauni (talkcontribs)

So, how does Sandbox work and how can I utilize it. Also were can I practice my edits before I post them anywhere (i.e. Trope Workshop)?

Robkelk (talkcontribs)

Answering the second question first: You can practice your edits in Sandbox.

As to what Sandbox is and how you can use it: Sandbox is a set of pages that are deliberately kept out of the "Main" space where all the articles are kept. They're otherwise just like any other page. You shouldn't be able to break anything by playing in a Sandbox, so you can use it to try out new markup and new gadgets without affecting anything else.

Each User has his or her own Sandbox. Mine is at User:Robkelk/sandbox - I use it as a place to keep track of my ongoing projects. Yours is at User:Jade Shauni/sandbox

Jade Shauni (talkcontribs)

So, I can just post stuff there and fix whatever page. Also, where can someone help me with my grammar and other serious issues, like some idea that I found in TVT but won't work here?

GethN7 (talkcontribs)

This may require I set up a new sub-forum for help with grammar with links to resources and threads for improvement.

Looney Toons (talkcontribs)

Well, this is more geared to the fiction writer than to a wiki contributor, but there are some sections that are hard grammar -- my guide for fic writers. Maybe you can find something of use in it, Jade.

Jade Shauni (talkcontribs)

So, when I'm done practicing in the sandbox and fix whatever article that I'm doing, how do I put said article in the trope workshop, main wiki, and etc.?

Thanks for the fic guide.

Looney Toons (talkcontribs)

You're welcome.

If you've been creating a completely new page, you can just move it into the main namespace (or into the Trope Workshop namespace if it's a trope) using the "Move" command on the "More" menu in the upper right corner of the page. If you've been making changes to a copy of an existing page, you'll need to manually cut-and-paste your new page into and over the old page, through the usual edit function.

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I cannot log in!

YES, I read the message, YES, I cleaned the cookies, but nothing I do fixes this. Nothing.

I'm not very computer savvy, and I admit, I don't understand most of the instructions.

If someone can help in ANY way or forward this to someone who can, my User Name is HeneryVII and my email address is

Robkelk (talkcontribs)

Hi HeneryVII,

I can't do much from where I am, but I can confirm that your account is in good order here (i.e., there's no tempblock on it).

@GethN7, can you help?

GethN7 (talkcontribs)

I already advised to speak with Miraheze staff and provided their contact information. (talkcontribs)

Okay, exactly how can I confirm that? Like I said, I cannot log in.

Again, my user name is HeneryVII. I don't think I've had any problems with the rules. And I don't know what a tempblock is.

GethN7 (talkcontribs)

Your account remains in good standing. I personally checked. Also,I have occasionally been logged out of my own account as well, so this is not simply an issue for you.

I repeat, there are no blocks on your account.

Depending on your browser, you may want to attempt a complete purge of your cookies and web cache. Part of the issue seems to be the "do you know we use cookies" announcement that the new GDPR rules require websites to implement, and log-ins seem to have issues working if that hasn't been acknowledged, and since there is no record you have done so logged with the server, that could be the issue, as the warning would be cached.

By clearing both the cache and your cookies, you should be able to log in, and if you get the warning, click yes.

This may not work, but it seems to have mostly resolved any issues I had. (talkcontribs)

Okay, I'll confess here, I am a N00B when it comes to this sort of thing.

I appreciate the help, but your suggestions might as well be in Greek, because I haven't the faintest idea what a GDPR is. Nor do I know how to do this complete purge you speak of. I confess, I am clueless as to what cookies are or why any site needs them.

Can NO administrator simply restore my logged in status? (talkcontribs)

I have tried adding this website to something in my Settings that says "allow Cookies for this site", but still, nothing

GethN7 (talkcontribs) (talkcontribs)

Sir, please, this is getting incredibly frustrating. I try and try, but I just can't figure out what you mean. My Setting are allowing all sites, and I keep deleting the cookies but nothing works. Nothing at all. There's a page that says this was caused by "a stupid change done by me when i was hacking to get importDump to work without redis due to redis OOM frequently." Well, I didn't make the "stupid change" and it's driving me up the wall. Is there NOBODY who can help?

HeneryVII (talkcontribs)

Never mind, NOW I've got it. Thanks a million for the links, :D

Proposal: Move all Logical Fallacies from Trope to Useful Notes

Looney Toons (talkcontribs)

Or maybe their own space entirely. While they can manifest in a trope-like way, they don't really exist in the same metaphorical space, being something in between a law or formula and an audience reaction.

Robkelk (talkcontribs)

Agreed that they aren't tropes. I'm thinking they aren't audience reactions, either - like them or hate them, they're still fallacies. Laws and Formulas might be the best place for them, perhaps as a sub-category.

Looney Toons (talkcontribs)

Okay, then... They live in Useful Notes and are categorized as Laws and Formulas. Anyone against?

Looney Toons (talkcontribs)

Actually, as it happens they have their own category already, and some do not work as laws/formulas; those that do already are in that category. So I settled for just changing the page template.

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