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Speaking of frivolous lawsuits, some people have been claiming that we use subliminal messages here at Fred The *swirly screen saying, "You Love Fred The appears* But that's nonsense. Everyone LOVES Fred The, so we don't need such clever marketing ploys!

—Fred The Monkey

Fred The Monkey is a Web Animation based loosely off of Homestar Runner by JKR. (Not that one.) It centers around the title character, Fred the Monkey who Flanderized from The Fool to a Jerkass to someone who's just plain lazy, and Sceb, a semi-evil Space Chicken who once in a blue moon checks his mail.

Other characters include:

  • Cloe, an anime-obsessed The Chick and a Genius Ditz, who seems unaware that she brings Sceb down to a nervous wreck.
  • Space Chicken (Sceb's brother), resident OCD workaholic who runs the site as a whole. Played as the Straight Man against all the idiocy around him.
  • Mr. Deutsch, a partially insane teacher who puts food on the table and loves mathematics with a passion.
  • The Fish brothers, Cadberry and Nigel, the former being an annoying know-it-all and the latter actually having good ideas.
  • BDBB, the very lazy music director who likes to quote Monty Python.
  • Mitch, who shows up once in a while to make a point or to be probed by aliens.
  • Clydex. He's a platypus.

A particular part of the website involves Sceb answering questions without, you know, actually answering them.

Some of the cartoons include Easter Eggs, accessible by clicking on something at the end.

Tropes used in Fred the Monkey include: