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    • At the end of the Emma Story Path for Front Mission 3 The OCU and the USN are holding a press conference that will basically sweep the conspiracy that was the events of the game under the rug. Events that cost the player character (Kazuki Takemura) his father and his sister their lives, as well as countless other people. So what do our heroes do? They take a Space Shuttle into orbit and perform an orbital drop onto the grounds of the building where the press conference is held. There they mow their way through the USN Police Wanzers guarding the building and break in to reveal the truth. The Japanese Prime Minister attempts to stop you by getting into a Wanzer and opening fire but Kazuki uses his Wanzer to block the shots and, one step at a time draws closer and closer to the Prime Minister before one-punching his Wanzer into submission, thus allowing the truth to come out and the danger of the MIDAS superweapon to never be used again

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