Furthia High

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"I'm the last known human in the world... about to face my first year at public High School. I'm scared out of my goddamn mind. please wish me luck."

Furthia High is a Furry Comic following Kale, the only human in a world very similar to our own as he enters High school. It begins as a Gag-of-the-week type affair, though more recently the comic has taken a more serious turn. Kale's friends include Bruce, an eccentric fox; Campy a seemingly narcoleptic rabbit poet, and Ashley, a strong-willed cat and the muscle of the group.

Was reset in 2007, the old canon can be found here

Tropes used in Furthia High include:

  • All There in the Manual: Background characters are randomly generated (though they do occasionally get promoted to main characters), and the first time they appear, a few details are printed at the bottom of the comic. Sometimes these are hilarious.

Tom (Dog, Male, Straight, Junior) one day hopes to become an astronaut and become the first furry to leave the solar system. Not because he wants to be famous or remembered or accomplish something great, mind you, it's just that he despises the Sun.

Ashley: You'd be suprised how brutal it gets. People have died.