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  • The Suzaku and Seiryu warriors' trip to the hot spring.
    • The twin-to-twin messages.
    • Miaka wondering where Chichiri got his special look from. "Did you get that look from your old girlfriend? The one your best friend stole from you, so you stabbed him? And Chichiri in his little corner of woe afterwards.
    • Breeding studs, that is all.
    • Mitsukake. Oh goodness, Mitsukake.
  • The scene where Hotohori is calmly looking into his mirror, apparently in deep thought. He then opens his mouth...

Hotohori: I'm so beautiful it scares me!

Hotohori's counselors: *massive facepalming and ricocheting around the room*

Tamahome: *points at Nuriko* And this guy's gay!
Nuriko: *punches Tamahome*

  • Another great one (despite the Unfortunate Implications) is when the Nyan-Nyan start healing Miaka's group in Taiitsukun's palace.

Nyan-Nyan (to Nuriko, who's quite healthy compared to the rest): I'll heal ya!
Nuriko: Oh, don't worry. I'm all right!
Nyan Nyan: I'll heal your perversion!
Nuriko: *punts Nyan Nyan into the stratosphere*

Nyan Nyan: Aiyaaaaaaa!

  • Miaka's opinion about Nakago when she sees his face for the first time.

Miaka: (thinking) Waaah! He's a beautiful blonde super-hunk!

  • Mitsukake shares his thoughts on Hotohori:
  • Nuriko tells Miaka that Tamahome has an Heroic BSOD after she returned to his world. It manifested by him acting like a Cloudcuckoolander to the point of...

Tamahome: *looks like a zombie, chewing on...*
Nuriko: Tama-chan. That's a dish.

  • Tasuki's fear of water.
  • Tasuki getting beaten up by a horse. It had boxing gloves and everything.
  • Miaka going "Superman!" when Taiitsukun used astral projection on her.

"Are you done?"
(sheepishly) "Yes".