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  • Fushigi Yuugi is full of it, from Nuriko's feelings for Hotohori to Tomo's canon homosexuality. Yuu Watase has even been rumored to have said if she were to make any of the Suzaku Seishi gay, it would be Tasuki.
  • Yuu Watase has also acknowledged Tamahome/Nakago and Tasuki/Nuriko doujinshi, lampshading and featuring the former ship herself in one chapter of the Fushigi Yuugi parody, Fushigi Akugi.
    • On the subject of the Tamahome/Nakago Foe Yay, it must also be noted how Nakago had kissed Tamahome smack on the lips and licked blood off his face. And mild though this example is, one must wonder why Nakago had chosen to slap Tamahome on his second visit to Kutou. Hmm.
  • And on the flip side, you can't help but raise eyebrows at Yui taking Miaka's supposed "betrayal" like a spurned girlfriend.
    • She's probably a Depraved Bisexual since she kind of acted like a Yandere in regards to Miaka and Tamahome.
    • Miaka glomps Yui at the top of the stairs in the manga. Resulting in a conspicuous Panty Shot of Yui, and a teacher telling them to have some modesty.
  • In the manga, there's also a chapter in which Tamahome and Tasuki, after a fierce battle, wander off to bed and take a nap draped all over each other. It's not unreasonable to think Yuu Watase might have had fun drawing the scene where they wake up all rumpled together.
    • Hell, they're not even dressed yet when they have a long emotional conversation about Tamahome's latest identity crisis, which he doesn't want Tasuki to tell anyone else about. When Miaka walks in and wants to know why they're acting so weird, Tamahome's cover story is that Tasuki can't fall asleep unless someone is "hugging" him.
    • Tamahome regularly provokes the already short-fused Tasuki, and uses Tasuki's absolute phobia of water as a particular source of torment. Meanwhile, Tasuki tends to "accidentally" set Tamahome on fire, needles him about his Money Fetish, and starts using Tamahome's hated childhood nickname as soon as he finds it out. Still, when push comes to shove it's actually Tamahome who manages to give a successful I Know You Are In There speech when Tasuki goes Brainwashed and Crazy himself, and it's the idea of betraying a friend that finally gets Tasuki to successfully fight from the inside, even attempting suicide in order to stop himself.
      • And though Tasuki professes to "not like girls" for He-Man Woman Hater reasons, fans have a lot of fun with alternate interpretations. Tasuki also cries the hardest over Nuriko's death and has a special dance with fellow bandit Kouji. Nuriko is also frequently paired with Tasuki in fanon.
  • And the infamous Suboshi-Amiboshi medicine kiss. In the manga, this is even lampshaded when Miaka looks at Suboshi holding his brother and remarks that it's like watching a love scene with the same person playing both parts.
  • And there was apparently enough Tasuki/Nuriko going on that they became the basis for one of the earliest yaoi doujinshi out of the gate.
    • It doesn't really help either that their English seiyuu are married.
  • In regards to Hotohori, it's never suggested that he reciprocates Nuriko's feelings... but then he goes and marries a woman who looks exactly like Nuriko. Interpret that however you like. Not to mention one of the Mt. Reikaku bandits was still infatuated with Hotohori after the Bridget dropping that took in the arc. Also, he flirts very convincingly with the bandits when he infiltrates Mt. Reikaku.
  • Nuriko loved to tease Tamahome in the past and once kissed him.
  • A Fushigi Akugi revolved around Koji who showed that he can't wait for Genrou Tasuki to return to Mt. Reikaku and he has pictures and even bedclothes all with Tasuki's face on it.