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Memes that originated with Futurama.

  1. In "Crimes of the Hot", Morbo says "WINDMILLS DO NOT WORK THAT WAY! GOODNIGHT!" when his co-host misunderstands their function. It has been snowcloned into every possible circumstance when someone gets something incorrect, even on this very wiki.
  2. Lrrr has this reaction in "Love and Rocket" when "wuv" is explained to him. Another popular snowclone.
  3. One of the taglines in the first "Anthology of Interest" episode. Used in a self-derogatory manner to refer to the quality of one's work and how the viewer is stuck with it anyway. Sometimes snowcloned, with "watch" replaced with something else.
  4. In "The Devil's Hands are Idle Playthings", Zoidberg says "Your music is bad and you should feel bad!" when Fry's holophonor opera takes a massive dive in quality. Another snowclone, commonly used as an insult, though sometimes affectionately.
  5. A popular Interrupting Meme.
  6. Bender says this twice after being excluded from something in "The Series Has Landed". Yet another snowclone, used when someone is excluded from or deliberately leaves something.
  7. The Professor's Catch Phrase. Highly exploitable and prone to many permutations, including in the series itself.
  8. Fry's first defeat of The Brains, in "The Day the Earth Stood Stupid", involves re-writing a story that The Big Brain is compelled to follow, but Fry is a terrible writer.
  9. Rich Little (imitating Howard Cosell) responds to a George Foreman anecdote about a previous fight between Muhammad Ali and a 100-foot tall mechanical Joe Frazier, in which the Earth may have been destroyed.
  10. Bender's Catch Phrase.
  11. Bender's Catch Phrase retooled for his downgraded form—a steam-powered machine with a wooden chassis—in "Obsoletely Fabulous".
  12. Bender's alternate universe counterpart is gold instead of silver, and so his catchphrase changes.
  13. Rhetort from one of the miniaturized Bender clones in the Season 7 episode "Benderama".
  14. The first thing Fry hears after awaking in the future. The person who said this became popular enough to obtain cameos in two later episodes.
  15. After Leela is frozen for a few minutes by an escaping Fry, the same guy (named Terry) comes in and welcomes her. This is her response.
  16. The Robot Devil's objection to Fry's opera in "The Devil's Hands are Idle Playthings".
  17. Zoidberg being excluded from everything is one of most common Running Gags in the series.
  18. The Professor tries to avert Convection, Schmonvection in "Jurassic Bark", but no-one listens to him (and the very scene plays it straight anyway). Not as exploitable as the above ones.
  19. They didn't learn their lesson.
  20. In "A Pharaoh to Remember", Bender has a massive monolith constructed in his image that repeatedly spouts this line.
  21. Fry's Buffy-Speak objection to Bender's CPU being taken in "How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back".
  22. From "The Day the Earth Stood Stupid", Farnsworth's reactions to being set on fire after The Brains make everyone stupid.
  23. Scruffy's very existence is a meme, based around his inexplicable presence and how no-one ever remembers him.
  24. When Fry and Bender enlist in the army, they're told that they have no obligation "unless, of course, war were declared". Cue siren; the guys ask the recruiter what that means, he repeats the last three words of his previous statement.
  25. The Neutral Planet from "Brannigan, Begin Again" and their blase reaction to everything is absurdly popular.
  26. Fry, Zapp and Kif's death-sentence in "Amazon Women in the Mood".
  27. Same episode, where the Amazons talk about their basketball team.
  28. As seen in "Jurassic Bark", Fry's dog Seymour did indeed wait for him. Though the aforementioned line is never said, what with Seymour being a dog and all.
  29. In A Clockwork Origin, the Professor utters this after an argument over human evolution with Dr. Banjo, a super-intelligent orangutan who believes that the story of Creation disproves evolution.
  30. In "Attack of the Killer App", Fry exclaims this when a thinly-veiled Expy of Apple unveils a new phone and a representative rattles off its faults. Fans quoting this are probably rejoicing.
  31. In "Love and Rocket", Leela chides Bender for cheating on the Planet Express Ship and toying with her emotions. Bender, being Bender, thinks she's joking, and then laughs at her anyway when he finds out she isn't.
  32. Fry picks up a woman at a bar, hands Bender some money and says the phrase.
  33. The Professor is trying to identify a mysterious and threatening space ship headed for Earth, and calls down a glass dome that seems to be related to the Angry Dome. It also has a spinning disco ball coming down from the top.
  34. Jingle of the decorative robots on the moon buggy ride in the Season 1 Episode "The Series Has Landed", telling a theory of the original moon landing.
  35. The Professor making fun of Leela's seemingly irrational belief that Fry is alive in Season 4's "The Sting".
  36. Zoidberg's escape line from an uncomfortable situation. Actually a reference to The Three Stooges.
  37. Fry urging the crew to repair the ship's engine (in spite of an incapacitated Farnsworth) in order to escape a fleet of robot guards in Season 1's "A Clone of My Own".
  38. Hermes' signature meal—inspired by the actual Manwich grocery store hamburger—of which he often loses in humorous ways.