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The 8th Diary Holder is a robot of some sort

There is no freaking way that thing is human.

  • Maybe it's some kind of birth defect?
    • What kind of birth defect causes you to have Super-Deformed proportions while simultaneously being eight feet tall?
    • Once I saw that character drawing, I knew there was no return to suspension of disbelief. I mean, its a friggin stuffed doll! However, most was lost between indescribable motorcycle transformations that 9th has.

Yuno will win the Survival Game

Once all but Yuki and Yuno are dead, she will turn the knife on him, and remake the world so she can be alone with her Yuki for eternity.

  • Confirmed, though the details are a little different than this theory. Specifically she more or less did this during the 1st game, but as it turns out she cannot bring Yuki's soul back to life, so she time leaped back and created a parallel world, which is when/where the store take place)

The 11th's Diary records the diary results of other diaries.

It's broken enough for him to be the Big Bad. It fits with the name "Watcher Diary." It explains why Nishijima (who has no diary) is able to subvert his plans. And it explains why he wants to make everyone in the city a diary holder -- nigh-omniscience!

  • This has been confirmed.

The 11th's Diary is located in his mind because he has eidetic memory.

This (and the nature of his Diary, as above) is how he knows exactly where and when the 9th will throw a grenade without looking in any visible Diary. It's also a major Game Breaker and will prevent him from being Diary-killed without taking a fatal head shot.

  • Aaaand... Jossed by the chapter one after the guesser making this guess.

If Deus is God, then Murumuru is the Devil

She's a little imp who does things for fun (as opposed to the more purpose-driven Deus), favours the psychotic Yuno and maniacal 11th, alters Deus' plans in ways that seem to anger or frustrate him, and appears to have a devil tail.

    • So she can't just be an "angel"?
    • Considering her Meaningful Name and how she's more of an assistant to Deus more than anything, she could probably just be considered a plain old demon; a mischievous troublemaker but someone whose power is not quite near the level of "the Devil".

The current Yuno is a replica Murumuru made of the original Yuno.

Murumuru made Yuno 2.0 out of mochi, just like she did the fake body that she fooled Deus with, and implanted a copy of the original Yuno's mind in its head. This was done between the decision to hand out the Diaries and their actual delivery. Once the competition boils down to Yuno vs. Yukiteru, Murumuru will possess snack-food-Yuno, kill Yukiteru, and thus steal Deus's job.

The current Yuno is Wakaba Moe, the girl Yukiteru had a crush on

She liked Yukiteru back but rejected him in case the person in the bunny suit came after her some other time. Wakaba finds out it's Yuno and confronts her, which leads to either Wakaba killing Yuno out of self-defense (and giving birth to her Yandere side) or killing her out of rage (which contributes to her already-existing yandere side). She then begins to impersonate Yuno to get closer to Yukiteru, since it would have looked awkward to go back to him as Wakaba after she rejected him publicly, and slowly develops into what she is now in case someone else tries to get in her way. The killing would have taken place soon after the initial incident (which was a year ago), and so Yuno would have plenty of time to decompose. Jossed.

When Deus jammed his hand through Minene...

  • He was trying to hide a fragment of his power somewhere that Murumuru wouldn't think to look. Minene is uninjured because the power healed her stomach. Confirmed.
  • He was planting the hallucination that surprised her into not killing Yuki.
  • Nah, he probably transferred his power to her so that she can live longer and manipulate space and time to an extent to screw up Murumuru's plans. *Written July 17th.
  • He was hiding his "core" from Murumuru. The core Murumuru has now is a fake.
  • He was looking for his car keys.

Akise is the real Yuno.

This would explain why "he" is so interested in Yukiteru, as well as his actions against Yuno; she's the impostor who took "his" place and murdered "his" family.

  • But then why would "he" fake the DNA test to have the third corpse be Yuno and not reveal that "he" was the real Yuno to drive the point home in front of Yuki while they were standing on the road?
  • It would also explain why in Paradox "he" says he's not gay - technically...
  • Jossed by latest chapter; Akise is an observer created by Deus.

When Yuno's diary said that her and Yuki would become one/be bound together...

...it meant it literally.

  • Quite probable when you think about it. Only one person can win the game, but Yuno's Yandere complex and Yuki's martyr complex make this utterly impossible. The only alternative would be.....

The current Yuno is the biological daughter of the Gasais.

But she did not grow up to become the 'perfect' daughter the Gasais had desired, and so they kept her locked in a cage most of her life and adopted another child who fit their 'perfect' mold better. She grew up to resent the family, and thus killed her parents and the real Yuno, therefore taking Yuno's place.

At the very least, it explains how she was able to open up the bank vault at the end of chapter 46.5.

  • Guess confirmed, explanation Jossed. The current Yuno is the Yuno from the "First" universe. She won and went into the "Second" universe to spend time with Yuki, killing the "Second" Yuno and her parents. So biologically she is the daughter of the Gasais....but not the second universe's Gasais.

The current Yuno gained an organ transplant from the real Yuno.

That's a more mundane way to explain how she got into the bank vault in 46.5. Now the question is whether she is shown to be taking pills for this is not shown.

  • Jossed, although it IS pretty much stated outright that she needs to take meds.

There is no real Yuno. That's because Gasai Yuno is actually two twins.

This is why she got into the bank vault. The dead body is her twin sister. Their parents kept her locked up to make her perfect, and kept her twin out of the cage and treated her lovingly, to have comparison and feedback. That way they'd know if their treatment worked. Yuno escapes and kills the people who treated her that badly as well as her twin who had everything while she had nothing.

Akise is a White-Haired Pretty Boy involved in some kind of conspiracy or gambit since the beginning of the story

It's obvious. He's already proved himself capable of outplaying three diary owners simultaneously. He's good at investigating and easily moves and finds stuff behind the main characters' (future predicting) backs. And he saves the 8th. He's got his schoolyard cronies together with her and he's plotting something with her and them in the latest chapter. He convinced her to take him to Deus. I predict some kind of Plan to fool the future diaries. But this may just be because he instantateously gave me flashbacks to both Kaworu and Joshua.

  • Jossed. Kind of. He was created by Deus solely to observe and protect Yuki. But Deus doesn't seem to have had any actual gambit with him.

Gasai Yuno is the winner of the game from a branching timeline

This would explain why there are two Gasai Yuno, both being shown as the real Gasai Yuno (from the body and from the bank vault). After winning the survival game, she leaped into the past (creating a parallel world; see chapter 48 for Deus's explanation), killed her past self, and took her past self's place. This would explain why she seems to know more than she should; however, her true motives are still shrouded in mystery.

  • This would explain Murumuru's memories at the end of Mirai Nikki Parodox of one Gasai Yuno standing over the murdered body of what appears to be another, identical Gasai Yuno. If Yuno became god, then went back in time with the intention of changing the past (probably in order to save her beloved Yukiteru and set him up as god) she would have had to kill her past self and take her place.
  • The "winner of the game from a branching/previous timeline" part is implied to be true by chapter 51.
  • Confirmed by chapter 53.

Deus is actually Yukiteru who turned back time when he won the game

Yukiteru in a past timeline won the game and became god, he then decided to turn back time. Turning back time probably drained him of most of his energy so he starting to deteriorate, so he had to start a new game to find a successor, thus creating a Stable Time Loop. The spin off series Mirai Nikki Paradox is a probably reset timeline that went wrong.

  • Jossed: Paradox is the timeline that started before the main series, but everything was reset in order to fix causality.
    • This is actually more plausible now that he had accused Murumuru of being Yuno, so there is at least some evidence that diary holders do change their form upon becoming God. It would also explain his obsession with Yukiteru and why he was trying to purposely keep him alive (Akise, anyone?).
      • Actually it is much more reasonable to assume that Deus grew to like Yuki but didn't want to be overtly biased. Sometimes a god needs to make hard decisions, and Deus probably knew Yuki most likely wasn't ready to make them.

Yuno's second cellphone was stolen from the dead Yuno in Paradox

  • And as an addendum, this second cellphone is the original cellphone of the original Gasai Yuno (who is also the very same Yuno that we are familiar with) who won the game in a branching timeline and became Deus. She then went back in time and assumed this timeline's Yuno's place, for reasons unknown (see the above WMG). The phone we've seen her using is the phone that was supposed to be given to this timeline's Yuno, but who was brutally murdered (by herself) before Murumuru could give it to her. Confirmed.

Murumuru has some sort of ulterior motive

She seems to know far more than she lets on, has altered causality at least once, is pulling for Gasai Yuno for reasons unknown, and is shown at the end of Paradox possibly plotting something with some sort of duplicate Yuno. She seems too cunning and powerful to just be some minor Token Loli character, the question is, what is her plan and what are her motives? Will she turn out to be a Magnificent Bastard Big Bad who was playing Xanatos Speed Chess this whole time, or the Big Good (with an Omniscient Morality License, of course), or even the real Deus?

The series is Deconstructing Reset Buttons.

At this point, the only thing keeping Yukiteru going is the idea that, when all is said and done, he'll be able to instantly fix everything. This will not be the case. What's more, he'll discover that this is Gasai Yuno's motivation: fixing something that didn't go the way they wanted the first time. In trying to "set things right", they've gone and broken down everything that stood in their way, and when confronted on this, will claim I Did What I Had to Do or Utopia Justifies the Means.

In the end, the "winner" of the game will face a Pyrrhic Victory, standing as God of a wrecked and broken world, robbed of all the things that once made life worthwhile and holding a power that can't simply "quick-fix" everything. They will then be faced with a choice: try and 'correct' things anyway, even after seeing how horribly that went last time and knowing that it will have countless unforeseen consequences... or live with the broken world they brought upon themselves?

Yuno's plan is to eternally repeat the survival game so she can be with Yukiteru forever

Similar to and related to the WMG above. Since returning to the past creates an alternate universe and lets the current one be doomed to destruction without a God of Causality, and it's shown that Yuno did this before, it seems Yuno would do anything to be with Yukiteru. Since they bonded during the Survival Game, it could be that she plans on going back in time to revive him and the other diary holders and start the game again to be with Yukiteru again.

Then after winning again she plans on going back in time to revive him and the other diary holders and start the game again to be with Yukiteru again.

Then after winning again she plans on going back in time to revive him and the other diary holders and start the game again to be with Yukiteru again.

Then after winning again she plans on going back in time to revive him and the other diary holders and start the game again to be with Yukiteru again.

Then after winning again she plans on going back in time to revive him and the other diary holders and start the game again to be with Yukiteru again.

Then......you get the point. Either way it's obvious that Yuno would get along brilliantly with Beatrice, Bernkastel, and Lambdadelta.

    • Confirmed.

Yuno Wasn't Always a Yandere

She's just a cutie that's been broken so many times over by winning the game. Not just once, but like the Troper above suggested, several times over... perhaps she's even gone into the hundreds by this time around.

Picture this scenario: The first time around, she and Yukki fell in love while trying desperately to survive, only for Yukki to either get killed or let Yuno win. Having won, but still grieving for her lost love, she uses her God powers to do the only thing that really makes any sense to her

I can almost hear it... "Maybe... maybe I can bring him back to me...

    • Well,if you contrast the flashback version versus the current version, you can definitely see that before, she wasn't exactly sane either. She makes a crude spear and throws it at someone for bullying Yukki for heavens sake. That said, it becomes obvious that after her first time through the game, she's lost it. So probably she was already going Yandere, but the game exacerbated an already developing illness and obsession.
    • However,it is definitely true she used to be a lot saner, and the crude-spear!Yuno is probably the same Yuno that won the previous game. However, while she's always been a stalker, the methods she used when she thought Yukiteru was going to confess to Wakaba Moe are pretty tame. Her plan is just to dress up in a bunny suit and try to stop Yukiteru from giving Wakaba Moe the confession letter, though she fails pretty badly. Let me reiterate: the undisputed queen of yanderes encounters a very real hypotenuse who she doesn't murder and even fails in her attempts to break them up. Does that really sound like the Yuno we've grown accustomed to over the course of the series? [[spoiler:The answer is no. Even more evident is the shot of Axe Crazy Yuno over the bunny-suited original!Yuno when it is revealed there were two Yunos. This proves that yandere!Yuno didn't come into the scene until after the Wakaba Moe incident. Want more evidence? Akise figured this out when he realized Yuno's diary refered to Yukiteru as "Amano", something that original!Yuno's diary did. Really the only conclusion to be drawn from this is as follows: Yuno wasn't always the yandere we know and love, originally she was just a Stalker with a Crush. However, her experiences during the first (and possibly subsequent) games warped her and turned her crazy, making her even more obsessed with Yukiteru. So she used her newfound godhood to travel back in time, kill her saner, more innocent past self, and assumed a role as Yukiteru's guardian until the end of days. How it works out remains to be seen.
      • This Troper wasn't refuting you, just pointing out that the crude-spear!Yuno calls him Amano, meaning she was the one who stalked Moe and hadn't played the game yet. She wasn't Yandere then, but the first steps had been taken. Also, she had killed her parents at this point, before the game had even started.
    • I just figured she wasn't originally a yandere, but her parents broke her into killing them (she was planning to let them out when they realized what they had done, but they never did), and then she fully lost it (I mean, she was talking to their bodies!). Losing Yukki in the Alternate Universe just broke her further and led her to do what she did in this one.

Akise is Joshua.

Come on! They're both WhiteHairedPrettyBoys running around and snooping into the enemy while filling the story with Ho Yay! Joshua even uses his cellphone as his psych!

The Survival Game is Sakurami's version of the Reaper's Game.

Taking the above WMG further. It's entirely possible, since the Composer makes the rules. Deus is the Composer, Murumuru is the Conductor or some other Reaper, and the diary holders are all Players. It's not a contest to become God, it's a contest to stay alive. Instead of killing Noise, they have to kill each other. Wow, Joshua's version is tame compared to this.

Conversely, Akise is Kaworu

A White-Haired Pretty Boy who isn't really human who is the Gay Option for the main character? Obviously Mirai Nikki is taking place in Instrumentality, and Amano is really Shinji.

The game ends because Chzo gets involved.

After all, we have confirmation that everything ends on July 28th.

Reisuke is related to the Houjous.

They have the same last name and are involved in disturbing murders involving Yanderes and Religions of Evil. It speaks for itself.

Yuki will follow in first!Yuno's footsteps.

Realizing that the only way to be with Yuno is to become god and go back in time to join her there, before things go wrong, he will kill her, and use his power to turn back time to the point when first!Yuno enters the second time stream, before she kills her double.

Yuki is an alternate version/reincarnation of Elwood.

Apart from the fact that they look eerily similar (down to the hair style and fondness for beanies), both use throwing knives/darts for weapons. Both have lost family members and are relying on supernatural methods to resurrect them. Both are overshadowed by stronger characters. Do the math. Just to be provocative, maybe due to a Timey Wimey Ball of some sort they are the same person and Yuki/Elwood is using his godly powers to travel bewteen realities. Why not?

It wasn't Yuno's first time.

She was lying, Yuno had actually been joined with Yuki during the first time line.

  • Doubtful. She seemed pretty surprised at the possibility when it first came up on her diary, and seemed pretty excited/modest when it actually occurred. Still, its possible. Yuno has shown signs of hiding things even from herself.
    • I'm pretty sure we can't trust Yuno's thoughts in the early chapters. She also seemed surprised when Yuki stopped ignoring her. [dead link]
      • When she was about top be raped by the cultists she said she wanted her first time to be with Yukki. But even if she had rewritten her memory, if it hadn't been her first time then Yukki should have remarked on this when/after they had sex. He didn't which shows us that she really was a virgin.

Deus is but one of 333...

People with an obsession for writing diaries get cellphones which can predict the future. A bunch of psychopaths in a battle royale, with the position of god as the prize. The universe will end when the battle is over, and the chosen god(s?) will recreate it in it's(their?) image. General weirdness in a very scary world. Akise is the Comte. You Did It.

The third-world Reisuke Houjou grows up to be Sumio Haiba

Future-telling diary? Check. Pathetic doodles of said future? Check. Our resident psychopathic little boy grew up and dyed his hair green.

Is Deus an Eva?

He looks like one.

  • Coincidence, most likely.

Reisuke's puppets are representations of his parents

He lost his parents, so, he decided to sew together two puppets that looked like his parents and make friends with them.

  • Kinda-sorta confirmed and jossed. They are meant to be representations of his parents, but his parents are actually the ones who bought him the dolls, before they died. It was actually one of the very few times the three of them looked like a happy family.

The Third became a serial killer because of Yuno

When Yuno accidentally hit The Third in the back with her makeshift spear in the omake, it caused something to snap inside of him and his repressed rage towards others spilled out and turned him into a serial killer.

The 9th has ancestral roots to Scottish demolition experts and French spies

As if it wasn't obvious enough. On one hand, she's a Mad Bomber who is very efficient with explosives. Even with just one eye. She's basically a purple-haired Japanese cyclops. Only traits she doesn't have are being a drunkard and she lost her eye not because of explosive accidents, but because Yuki took that good eye out with a dart.

On the other hand, she is quite the sophisticated Master of Disguise. She is able to easily take up the identity of someone she recently killed, like that rookie cop. Kinda sounds like a Spy with the 'Your Eternal Reward' knife. Traits she doesn't have include not being a smoker, not being a Knife Nut (that title goes to Yuno) may or may not be fluent in foreign languages and sleeping with one's parent (since she's a woman, that would be your father!).

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