GEAR Fighter Dendoh

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GEAR Fighter Dendoh is a 38-episode Super Robot Anime directed and written by Mitsuo Fukuda and Chiaki Morosawa, a husband and wife team more famous in America for Gundam SEED and Gundam SEED Destiny, along with Yasuko Kobayashi of Toku fame.

Dendoh tells the story of an Alien Invasion of Earth by mechanical aliens known as the Galfa and two elementary school kids, Hokuto Kusanagi and Ginga Izumo, who are chosen to fight them by a giant kung fu robot called Dendoh. As chosen pilots of mankind's last, best superweapon, they are recruited by the organization GEAR to etc. etc. etc.

As people familiar with Super Robot anime can tell by now, Dendoh is pretty standard for the genre, and intentionally so. Where it excels is in its storytelling - not being Strictly Formula in spite of its genre conventions - and its likeable cast of characters and their relationships. And of course, tons of Shout-Outs.

A sequel was planned at one point, but when that fell through the staff released plot details, character, and mecha designs onto the Internet for all to see.

Tropes used in GEAR Fighter Dendoh include: