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    He's nicknamed "The King of Devils," really.

    Gackt Camui is a Japanese music artist who is part of the Visual Kei scene. Besides being a singer, Gackt can play multiple instruments including piano, guitar, shamisen, violin, drums, and more. Gackt joined the band Malice Mizer after their original singer left, but for reasons still hotly contested by fans, he left to pursue a solo career a few years later. He released his first single "Mizerable" as a solo artist in 1999. Since then he's released eight albums and 36 singles.

    He was a regular on the show Domoto Kyoudai (now Domoto Brothers) up until 2003, and has also acted in several movies and dramas including Moon Child, Fuurin Kazan and Mr. Brain. Recently[when?] he has been cast as a voice actor for Seishirō Kirishiki in the Shiki anime and as Nemuri Kyoshiro in a theater play, after performing his first concert tour in Europe "Attack of the YELLOW FRIED CHICKENZ".

    He has been used as the model for several characters for video games, including Genesis Rhapsodos for Final Fantasy VII Dirge of Cerberus and Lau, the protaganist of Bujingai Swordmaster.

    He is also known to speak well in Chinese.

    Acts that Gackt has performed with:

    Concert Tours:

    • MARS Sora Kara no Homonsha ~Kaisou~ (2000)
    • Requiem et Reminiscence ~Shuuen to Seijyaku~ (2001)
    • Kagen no Tsuki ~Seiya no Shirabe~ (2002)
    • Jogen no Tsuki ~Saishusho~ (2003)
    • The Sixth Day & Seventh Night (2004)
    • Diabolos ~Aien no Shi to Seiya no Namida~ (2005)
    • Gackt Training Days D.R.U.G. Party (2006-2007)
    • Requiem et Reminiscence II ~Saisei to Kaikou~ (2008-2009)
    • Yellow Fried Chickenz (2010-2011)]
    His filmography includes:

    Album discography:

    • Mizerable (1999)
    • Mars (2000)
    • Rebirth (2001)
    • Moon (2002)
    • Crescent (2003)
    • Love Letter (2005)
    • Diabolos (2005)
    • "RE:BORN" (2009)


    • The Sixth day single collection (2004)
    • Seventh night unplugged (2004)
    • Jūnigatsu no Love Song: Complete Box (2006)
    • 0079?0088 (2007)
    • nine* nine (2008)
    Gackt provides examples of the following tropes:
    • Backstory: His autobiographic works "Jihaku" ("Confession") and "GACKTIONARY".
    • The Band Minus the Face: Malice Mizer. Averted when Tetsu left and Gackt joined they reached the height of their popularity. Played straight when Gackt left and later Kami died, as even after replacing Gackt with Klaha the band eventually broke up.
    • Concept Album: Every non-compilation album, as well as singles. Even his concerts are designed to be visual interpretations of his albums and singles, if not a continuation of their story.
    • Concept Video: Most of Gackt's videos are these.
    • Defictionalization: Gakupo was based off voice samples from Gackt. Then Nico Nico held a Vocaloid contest hosted by Gackt were they asked him to sing the winning songs Episode.0 and Paranoid doll. The result was that Gackt not only created and released a remix of the song Episode.0. But he also created a pv that was identical to the original Episode.0 pv but with the pictures of Gakupo replaced with pictures of Gackt dressed as Gakupo. Here is the original pv of Episode 0. And here's the Gackt version featuring Gackt dressed as a character based of himself Episode 0 Gackt version
    • Development Hell: S.K.I.N played one concert and then... nothing.
    • Dual-Meaning Chorus: Many of his songs have multiple meanings, especially "Mirror".
    • Everything Is an Instrument: The song "4th" consists entirely of gun fire, radio static, explosions, helicopter noise, Gackt singing gibberish in a soprano-like falsetto, and a guitar rhythm.
    • Epic Rocking: Cube, Birdcage, Blue, Uncertain Memory, Dybukk, Secret Garden and many others.
    • Fan Nickname:
      • His fans and staff sometimes refer to him as "Maou-sama". Which is Japanese for "Devil King".
      • He is also known as "Gacchan," "Gakkun" and other such variations, particularly by his Japanese fans.
      • He has recently been given nicknames like Troll King and Troll Aniki for his habit of trolling his fans
    • Genre Shift: Gackt's early albums (and recent singles) tend to be a music version of this. A single album can have a combination of rock, pop, techno, ska, rap, r&b, metal and whatever else Gackt feels at the moment. Even singles will often have contrasting songs on them.
    • Genre Roulette: Gackt is a rock artist, but what genre of music is going to be on his albums and singles is random at best. Some songs such as Cube, Oasis, Uncertain Memory and Secret Garden don't even resemble any discernible genre. Songs like these are simply referred to by fans as Gackt rock.
    • Ham-to-Ham Combat: With Yoshiki of X-Japan.
    • I Call Him "Mister Happy": "Magnum!" *facepalm*
    • Intercourse with You: "Koukuma Heaven", "Vanilla", and "Dispar" are explicit. "Papa Lapped a Pap Lopped" and "Speed Master" are more ambiguous.
    • Meaningful Name: Gackt's name tends to sound weird to, well... people in general. But his name has an actual meaning. Gackt Camui is a modification of Kamui Gakuto which can either mean "Divine power of music" or "Divine being made of music".
    • Mr. Fanservice: Gackt's appearance in Fuurin Kazan was expected to increase young adult female viewers. What they didn't anticipate was that he also drew in 40+ female fans as well.
    • Neoclassical Punk Zydeco Rockabilly - Many of his songs, especially "Dybbuk", "Lost Angels", "Memories" and "Ghost". In recent interviews he's even talked about taking this further by combining rock, classical European, traditional Japanese and various other Asian music styles in his newer work.
    • One of Us: Gackt's fanboying is legendary. He has memorized all of the dialogue of the first Gundam series. His hairstyle for the Vanilla music video is based off of Super Saiyan Goku. The song Asrun Dream is about the characters Ash and Eiji from Banana Fish. He even once spent three days straight playing video games.
    • Rock Opera: Again, every non-compilation album and single, as well as concerts.
    • Rock Opera Plot: Mostly averted. Gackt's albums tend to be mostly about separated lovers, and love and betrayal instead of rebellion. The closest exception being "Requiem et Reminiscence II", which ends with Zero turning against the Nazi officers that created him--although even that begins with Zero joining the military to avenge his lover's death, and him being betrayed by his friend, who turns him into a cyborg due to jealousy of their friend Maria loving Zero more than him.
    • Samurai: After his appearance in Fuurin Kazan Gackt started getting cast in roles as Samurai. Since then he has been cast as a samurai in the film noir movie Bunraku and as Nemuri Kyoshiro in a theater play.
    • Saying Sound Effects Out Loud
    • Training from Hell: Back stage footage of Gackt and his band preparing for concert is nothing but this. Gackt and his back up dancers "training" includes lifting each other as weights and taking turns punching and kicking each other in the stomach over extended periods of time.
    • Vocaloid: Gackt provided the voice for Gakupo.
    • Word Salad Title: "Papa Lapped a Pap Lopped"

    Gackt's concerts provide examples of:

    • Dark Is Not Evil: The heroes of his stories are vampires, Nazi-created cyborgs and other supernatural beings.
    • Cute Kitten: U+K live always features people dressed up in cat costumes.
    • Fan Service:
      • Vanilla live is the most famous example. But Kagen no Tsuki, Jougen no Tsuki, and Drug Party had plentiful amounts of this as well.
      • Gackt's second Yellow Fried Chickenz tour has taken this to the extreme with fans encouraging him by throwing underwear, hand cuffs, and whips on stage for Gackt and his band to play with.
    • Japanese Vampire: The entire Moon Saga.
    • Kill'Em All: "Diabolos" and "Requiem et Reminiscence II" ends with all the characters dying.
    • Last Stand: His 2005 concert "Diabolos" opens with a scene showing 5 warriors riding into battle with a legion of Darts. Gackt's character wakes up as a superempowered vampire, and is the last man standing.
    • Ninja: During the song Luna he often has people dressed as these come on stage and fight him. I kid you not.
    • Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot: The stories in his music contain many of these, such as Cyborg Nazis and Vampire Knights. His concerts can also be said to be this, since they're designed to be combination's of rock concerts, movies, and musicals. This also applies to Gackt himself who is a singer, songwriter, actor, writer, fashion designer
    • Our Vampires Are Different
    • Say My Name: Some of his "Call and Response" routines during concerts consist of a legion of fans shouting his name in unison.
    • Science Is Bad: Subverted by the Ghosts, soldiers and war prisoners turned into cyborgs by Nazis to be mindless weapons of war turn against their evil creators and heroically sacrifice their lives fighting the Nazi agenda.
    • Shirtless Scene: During the Starlight Gig and Yellow Fried Chickens tour Gackt has no shirt on for half the show. Why? Does it really matter.
    • Stupid Jetpack Hitler: The Ghosts.
    • Those Wacky Nazis: "Requiem et Reminiscence", "Ghost", and more.