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  • Gakuen Alice: Mikan at times has pretty vivid fantasies about Hotaru.
    • What about the episode where Mikan rolls around in bed, hugging and kissing the pillow while repeatedly saying Hotaru's name in her sleep?! Let's face it, Mikan is basically a lesbian.
    • Even so, the author appears to steer toward a Mikan X Natsume pairing as the series progresses.
    • Yuri. How can anyone forget Yuri?
    • Luna gets a whole lot of this towards Yuka in the flashbacks.
    • Yuka and Kaoru.
    • Mostly concentrated around Narumi and his pheromone Alice. The highlight was kissing Misaki-sensei (though there were other motives for that).
    • Rui to Tsubasa or any guy who might be pretty. That is, if you don't think he's rather vague in his preferences, if at all.